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Chapter 39: Choi Guild

After hearing Moon Jung Man-Young thought for a while if it would be a good to leave or not. At first, he was against the idea but after some time of contemplating his eyes fell on his daughter. He knew if someone were to come again, he didn't have the power to protect her.

"Alright." Said Man-young after some time of contemplation.

"Go prepare the car." After hearing Man-Young's reply, Moon Jung said to Ku Chin-Mae.

"Yes sir." Said Ku Chin-Mae and left bring the car. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After some time, the Yi family eft with Moon Jung.


Right when Yeo Shin was about to attack his family, Kang-Ho had already arrived at his house. At first, he wanted to defend the attack but after he noticed the bodyguards moving, he stopped. There was no need for him to intervene the bodyguards were enough to take care of that pest. Kang-Ho had already noticed there was another pest hiding as he watched the situation unfolded. Right now, all Kang-Ho felt was rage, he knew who it could have been who made the attack. He should have finished the Choi Guild earlier, he decided to kill every one of them with no exception.

The one hiding and looking after situation wanted to run away at that moment, but Kang-Ho had long been aware of his location. When Yeo Shik started running away from Yi family house Kang-Ho followed him. Yeo Shik knew he didn't have any chance of killing the Yi family, he just witnessed his brother die in front of his eyes. Yeo Shik was extremely angry but he knew what he had to do. he wanted to go to the guild and inform their member of what happened here, he knew the guild would send extra support to wipe out everyone present here.

Right when Yeo Shik thought he escaped the place, he was kicked in his back by someone, which made him loose balance and fall to the ground. Yeo shick was surprised as he didn't feel anyone coming from his back to attack him. If there was really someone, he could have felt them before they could get close to him. Yeo Shik didn't have time to think as he was kicked again this time to make him turn around. When Yeo Shik saw the person, who had kicked him he was horrified.

Yeo Shik felt like being stared at by an ancient being, he was too afraid to look at Kang-HO's eyes, which was burning with rage. This made Yeo Shik very uncomfortable as he had never felt so much fear, but after feeling Kang-Ho's killing intent, he knew there will be no tomorrow for him no matter how much he begged or cry. Drops of tears started forming on the eyes of Yeo Shik. Seeing this Kang-Ho was disgusted, he killed Yeo Shik with one swing of his dagger.

After he was done killing him, Kang-Ho returned towards his home. When he arrived there, he saw his family and Moon Jung leaving on his car. Kang-Ho didn't stop them, he had many things to do right now it would be safe if his family stayed with Moon Jung for some time today. He decided to visit them after he was done with all the works. After they left the house, Kang-Ho went to take a shower. He planned to make a visit to the Choi Guild after the shower.


Meanwhile, inside the Choi Guild headquarter, one person was running towards the guild master's office like his life depended on it. The person knew the guild master would kill him if he was a little late with this big information.



The man knocked at the door after reaching the front door of the guild master's office.

"Come in." someone said with a solemn voice from inside the office. After that the man entered the office. After entering he bpwed to the guild master.

"Master Yeo Shin was captured by a group of hunters before he could kill the Yi Family. From what the civilians said they didn't know where Yeo Shik was but Yeo shin was pinned to a wall by a hunter when he tried to attack Yi family." Said the man while still bowing. He didn't have the courage to look up.

"Did you try to contact Yeo Shik?" asked the guild master.

"No sir." Said the man.

"Did he try to contact you?" asked guild master.

"No sir, my guess is that he ran away after seeing his brother couldn't defeat them." Said the man.

The guild master turned his chair around and started lighting up a cigarette. He was contemplating somethings while he did so. He wondered who the person that ruined his plan.

"Tell the second division commander and core members, and some other members chosen by you, to be ready. I have a very important mission for them. Make sure they kill all the hunters present there and along with that kill the Yi family as well. Make sure to tell them I will reward anyone who can bring me the head of Yi family members. That should keep them motivated." Said the guild master. While he smoked.

"But sir if we send so many troops to the slum, we would be found out by the hunter association, we might not survive being pursued by the association." Said the man with grave concern.

"F**K the Hunter Association I want the Yi family dead, no matter what. And as for the association I have an escape plan." Said the guild master while he smiled evilly.

Even after hearing what the guild master had to say the man was not too happy with the decision, but he still had a little hope. After hearing that he didn't stick around there for long, he made his way towards the second division meeting room. Today the second division had the plan to enter a dungeon.


After some time, the man finally reached the meeting room. The second division were making a plan of action for the raid. They were discussing about the members they should take with them to the raid. After the man entered the room, they all went silent.

"We are cancelling today's raid." Said the man.

"But this raid is very important for the guild, we need to do it." Said one of the men in the room. Everyone started chattering.

"Silence! We have more important things than dungeon in our hand right now. we have to kill some people before they become threat to us. Guild master is also rewarding the person who brings heads of some civilians." Said the man.

At first everyone was against the man's idea, but after hearing of the rewards, they all changed their mind. They were intrigued by the thought of the reward.

"Choose as many core and normal members of guild as you want but you need to kill them all, don't be distracted because of the reward." Said the man.

"What are the specifics of the mission?" asked one of the members.

"This is the Yi family, you need to kill them all and there are some 5-10 hunters protecting them, you have to kill them all." Said the man while he took out the photo of the Yi family members.

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