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Chapter 25: Clash

Jo Ji Dak entered the smoking room with his guard up. He tried to see the opponent's face but he couldn't decern who it was because of the dark.

Kang-ho took his daggers out which he kept in his ring, and looked straight to his uncle.

"We meet again after a long time Uncle, how have you been?" he asked in a voice that was devoid of emotion.

"YOU…?" Jo Ji dak was shocked to say the least, even if he didn't see the face, he could never forget Kang-Ho's voice. He hated him to the core, he was going to inherit all the wealth the family had after his father. He hated Kang-Ho from deep in his heart.




After hearing Kang-Ho's voice he became extremely angry, he couldn't control his anger anymore. He dashed towards Kang-Ho in extreme speed. He made a leap, in just 2 seconds Ji dak bridged their gap, seeing this even kang-Ho was surprised. But he didn't have any time to think, as Ji dak launched an attack towards his chest area. He tried to dodge the attack by backing down, but still he was a little late. The sword managed to make a small cut in his chest, blood started to flow from the cut.

'So that was his skill. I need to be more careful from next time.' Thought kang-Ho as he sensed mana surrounding Ji dak.

"Don't expect me to go easy on you just because you are my nephew. I am going to kill you today." Said Ji dak.

Kang-Ho didn't reply, he just pounced towards him.



Kang-Ho made his attack towards Jo Ji dak's chest, but he wasn't able to defend himself from the sudden attack from Kang-Ho. There was a dent and a little hole left in the armour. After seeing that shiver ran through Ji dak's body, it was a close call.

Kang-Ho didn't wait for his reaction he just went for next attack. But this time Ji dak was better prepared so he parried one of the daggers but he couldn't defend against the other dagger which attacked the same spot. The dagger managed to make the little hole a little bigger.

They clashed for some more time, the entire time Kang-Ho didn't attack Ji dak's vital spot even if he had the chance. He just kept attacking the same spot on Ji dak's chest.

After a barrage of attacks Kang-ho managed to cut the armour in half. When the armour couldn't hold on anymore Ji dak threw the armour away. After he was facing Kang Ho bare body, Kang-Ho made a fist and punched Ji dak's chest on the same area.

All the while this transpired Ji dak couldn't believe what was going on, he was being played by a classless guy. This was like a true nightmare for him.

Kang-Ho continued to hit the guy on the same spot until dozens of his ribs were broken. At this point after having half of his ribs broken Jo Ji dak's body became limb. All he could feel was now pain. Even moving his arms and breathing for him was now a very difficult task. From this Kang-Ho understood one thing after levelling up, not only does the strength of a human increases, but the entire human body changes. If it was a normal person in place of Ji dak, he would be long dead by now. But he was still alive even after all the beating.

Kang-Ho afterwards grabbed Ji dak by his neck with one hand, he kept one of his daggers inside the ring. He pinned Ji dak to the wall. Then he slowly made a vertical cut in the middle of Ji dak's chest. The cut was only enough to expose the bone.

"I wonder why humans could be so vicious. Starting with their own relatives? Perhaps you could answer me? Dear uncle." Said Kang-Ho, while he grabbed the exposed bone and started to pull it out.

"AHHHHHHHH" Yelled Ji dak with all the strength he had left in his body.

After he pulled out the ribs, he threw the lifeless body of his uncle to the ground.

He turned towards the corpse of his uncle and took his id out. He wanted the access to his office. He wanted to see if he had some weapon.

He made his way towards the 10th floor. After entering the tenth floor he went straight to the storage room. Inside the storage room there were only trash weapons without any value and some potions. He took the potions and stored in his ring.

After he was done, he wanted to leave but he noticed there was a bathroom on the floor. He was covered in blood he didn't like the feeling. He didn't want to return looking like this to his house. He opened one healing potion and drank it. All the minor injuries he suffered during the battle of today healed back.

After the shower he took out one of his spare cloth he kept in his ring and wore it. He started to explore the area to find any useful things, but he didn't find any. Everything here was trash. He didn't expect anything from a trash guild but still he hoped for something.

At the end he gave up and destroyed all the recording of the night. When he was about to get out of the room, he noticed that the sun was slowly about to rise.

'I need some sleep' thought Kang-Ho.

When he came down, he wore the mask and made his way out. He saw the assistant standing there. When the assistant saw him, she fell to her knees and started begging.

"Please, don't kill me." Begged the assistant.

Kang-Ho had achieved what he came here for. He would never kill a normal person. He just ignored her and went his way.

After some walk, he came to a secluded area and opened his mask. Then he went to his house.


"Sir, I found out the details about the person you were looking for." Said a man in a hurried tone.

The other man had a smile on his face but, rage and killing intent could clearly be seen on the man's face. This was the moment he had been waiting for.

"Finally, I can avenge my son. I will kill the bastard who killed my precious son." Said the man happily.

"Speak" said the man.

"His name is Kang-Ho. And here are all the details about him that we managed to gather." Said the other man.

"Hahahahahah, I finally found you." Laughed the man like a maniac. The pain of losing his son made him this way. He only had one son who he loved very dearly.

"Give the information to everyone in the guild, I want this guy In front of me as soon as possible. I want to kill him personally." Said the man.

"Yes sir, right away." Said the other man and left the room.


Kang-Ho was unaware of this latest development. He just returned home. This time around he wasn't so lucky.

"Where did you go to late at night?" asked his mother who was standing In front of him. She was currently fuming with anger.

"Ahh...." Kang-Ho didn't have any answer, he was caught off guard, he was never a good liar. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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