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Chapter 32: Class

Kang-Ho reached near the soldier started swinging his dagger.





Kang-Ho continued his assault for a while, swinging his daggers non-stop. The skeleton just managed to block some of the attacks, but was unable to stop most of the attacks. Kang-Ho used his full force in the attacks. The skeleton was pushed back a little, not expecting the attacks to come so fast.

The skeleton tried to back off a little, but Kang-Ho was determined to keep the upper hand of the battle. After failing the first time, the skeleton gave up on retreating. The skeleton also started to get on the offensive.

The fight continued for some time more, the skeleton was enraged, it just wanted to kill Kang-Ho. The skeleton used its shield to push Kang-Ho back. Kang-ho was pushed back a little. After there was a little space between them, the skeleton once again swung his sword.

This time Kang-Ho quickly balanced his body, he didn't let himself fall. After getting the footing, Kang-Ho quickly dodged the attack to the side. He didn't want to repeat the same mistake as last time. The skill that the skeleton used was truly horrifying.

Kang-Ho was successful to dodge the attack made by the skeleton. The skeleton was enraged after seeing his attack miss the target, it ran towards Knag-Ho right after. They clashed for some time, Kang-Ho kept attacking the skeleton non-stop, he knew that was the only way to kill the damn thing.

In the process Kang-Ho also suffered some injuries, fighting so close to the skeleton who had the same speed as his, he couldn't dodge all the attacks. But he managed to dodge or block all the attacks which were aimed at his vital points. He had small injuries all over his body, though most of them were not too life threatening, but there were still some wounds that was deep. He was covered with his own blood at this point.

If anyone saw his upfront, people would think, how is he alive. But this was nothing for Kang-Ho, he had seen many bloody life and death matches, so this could only count as a warm up match for him. The condition of the skeleton on the other hand, there were cracks on most of its bones. The skeleton wasn't in a very good condition.

Both once again started their attacks, neither wanted to lose. After some time of clash, the skeleton was in very bad condition. It seemed like it would crumble at any time. The skeleton turned around and tried to run away from Kang-Ho.

Kang-Ho couldn't let the skeleton go, he jumped towards the skeleton, and swung his daggers down towards the skeleton's skull.





The skeleton just wanted to run away this time, it didn't notice that Kang-Ho launched an attack from above. When it finally realized what was Kang-Ho doing, it was too late. The skeleton tried to dodge the daggers, but couldn't dodge in time, the daggers hit its skull in full force. The daggers went straight through the skeleton's skull and half of the skull was destroyed. The skeleton fell to the ground, then Kang-Ho finally heard the sound of the notification.




He managed to level up 5 times this time around. He was finally level 50.

[Congratulation for reaching level 50]

[You have met all the conditions to acquire an SSS rank class. Which rank class do you want to choose?]

"I will take the SSS rank class." Said Kang-Ho.

[You acquire the class "Spectre Assassin"]

[Spectre Assassin

Class Skills:

1) Void walk: Mana cost= 12/min

Description: Can erase your entire presence, while activated. If you are not seen by others no one will be able to detect you. Detection tool is also rendered useless against you when activated. This is the most superior skill one assassin can use.

2) Locked

3) Locked

4) …..


Passive Skills:

1) All Seeing Eyes: Mana cost= 0 Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Description: Can see through names, age, level of all people.

2) Locked

3) .....

Acquired Skills:


Perks of SSS rank class:

1) Can have 1 acquired skill after every major breakthrough of level.

2) Strength: 15/level

3) Agility: 20/level

4) Mana: 15/level

5) Dex: 15/level

6) Def: 15/level

7) Health: 100/level

8) Stamina: 100/level

9) The class skills and passive skills will be unlocked whenever the requirement is reached.

10) Can use all the skills related to assassin class, plus can also use most of the skills of other classes depending on the weapon you use.

Spectre assassin is the most superior assassin class one could get. Having this class means you could go and come from anywhere like a ghost, no one can detect you unless you decided to show yourself.]

Kang-Ho was dumb folded after seeing the description of the class, he never thought he would geta bonus stats growth because of the class change. The void walk was best for him, he could use the skill if he was in trouble or to do some reconnaissance. This class was the best, he could never wish for other. And the bonus all seeing eye, was a cherry on the top. He wondered what kind of skills he could unlock after these skills these skills were already too overpowered.

And the bonus was he could use other classes' skills too. This was also a huge benefit for him. Now he urgently wanted to enter the mass dungeon to get himself a skill as soon as possible.

'I should probably buy the entry permit for mass dungeon from black market as soon as possible.' Kang-Ho thought.

He was extremely happy with the outcome. He could use the void walk skill for about 20-21 minutes for now. He wanted to know the conditions for him to unlock the locked skills, but seeing that was not possible.

"Status." Said Kang-Ho, he wanted to check if the class bonus was added to his initial stats or not.

[Name: Yi Kang-Ho

Age: 20

Level: 50

Class: Spectre Assassin


Strength: 255 Dexterity: 255

Agility:255 Defence: 255

Mana: 255

Attack: (1,275+50)

Magic attack: 1,275


Health: 2,550

Stamina: 2,550]

Unfortunately, the class bonus was not added on his level for now, it seemed that the bonus would be added after he levels up from now. He was still happy.


While Kang-Ho was here happy, outside the dungeon there the entire place was already evacuated. There were only people from black-market and the hunter's association gathered there. Some of them were well equipped with their gears. They were ready for the battle to come.

But the black-market manager was pacing one place to other worrying about the outcome of the battle. She wanted the dungeon to open up soon so that the troops could go in before the dungeon breaks. If the dungeon break happens, even with this many people around there were still some chances of monster escaping and causing havoc in the populated area.

If that happened, she would be blamed for the life lost there and the damaged caused. She didn't want that. She was praying so that this matter could be resolved before the dungeon breaks. On the other hand, the hunters who were geared up were also thinking along the same line.

Rish_madara Rish_madara

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