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Chapter 7: Dire Wolf King

He was transported again; he opened his eyes and saw the same scenery as in the modes before nothing really changed. He made his way through the path after a short while he encountered a pack of wolf. This time there were 5 dire wolf and one more wolf that looked much bigger then the others.

[Dire wolf

Level: 10

Health: 2000

Dire wolf are easily provoked, they have strong offensive ability with their sharp claws they can cut through steel.]

The dire wolf were the same but.

[Dire wolf lord

Level: 15

Health: 5000

These wolfs are leader of one pack of Dire Wolf. They can manage 5 dire wolves on their packs.]

Kang-Ho was very surprised, when he saw that the dire wolf lord was level 15 as far as he knew from what the receptionist told him was monsters were divided into different class.

Class 0 monster- lvl 0-10

Class 1 monster- lvl 11-50

Class 2 monster- lvl 51-100

Class 3 monster- lvl 101-150

Class 4 monster- lvl 151-200


He was told that class 1 monster never appears on tutorial mode. So, he was just surprised, not afraid though. No wonder it was called Purgatory Mode.

After he was done looking through the information of the dire wolf lord, he just pounced at them.




He swung his daggers in quick succession and three of the wolves were injured.

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The dire wolf lord was enraged and attacked Kang-ho but before the claw of the wolf could hit him, he dodged and went to the back of the two injured wolves, he then jumped towards their back of the neck and drove his daggers through the back of their necks. They couldn't react in time they died instantly with the daggers coming out of their mouths.





Before, Kang-Ho could regain his footing was attacked from all sides he took his daggers out of the dead were wolves' neck and tried to block the attack which created metallic sounds. He was successful to push back the pouncing dire wolves, they fell to the ground.

Kang-ho didn't give them time to get on there feet he ran towards them immediately.



He swung his daggers in a quick succession and made 10 very deep wounds on two dire wolves' body. he was extremely fast and accurate. There was no chance the wolves could have escaped. Their bodies fell lifelessly on the ground.

This time, the wolf lord was quick to his feet. He was up on his feet and pounced at Kang-Ho this time he didn't dodge the attack he faced that head on.






He blocked the attack, and pushed the wolf lord, he followed the direction at which the dire wolf went, and with a slash a he cut the paws off. The wolf was in pain he was enraged at Kang-Ho he just wanted to kill him. And take revenge for he had done to him, so he just pounced at Kang-Ho.

Kang-ho took advantage of the situation and slashed at the openings the wolf had in his stance. He swung his daggers 10 times in succession and dodged right after, the wolf lord fell to the ground with many deep life-threatening wounds in his body. Kang-ho still didn't take the chance, so he attacked the neck of the wolf lord and sliced his neck off cleanly.

After killing the wolf lord, it didn't take very long to kill the last remaining wolf he killed the wolf in an instant with a rain of slashed and turned the wolf into minced meat.




He levelled up three times this time.

He stood up and got rid of the blood on the dagger with a swing. And started going along the path of the dungeon. After some time of walking he once again came across a pack of wolves with 2 lords and 10 dire wolfs. It just took a little time to kill them all, after he saw them, he went directly for the lords, because he knew they were the only ones who could hurt him. He made a quick work out of them, they fell to the ground with a thud in just some moments, after he was done with the lords, he turned back to the wolfs. It was like a massacre, the wolfs couldn't even make a single move against Kang-Ho, they died one by one without any resistance or so it seemed with Kang-Ho's quick movement dire wolf couldn't land even a single hit on him.

He just levelled up twice.

After killing all the wolfs he once again started to go deeper within the dungeon. Not after too long he started walking he again came across one another wolf pack but something was different this time this time there was one huge wolf at least double the size of a normal dire wolf.

'Well this is troublesome' Kang-Ho thought.

There were 2 dire wolf lord and 110 dire wolfs and one dire wolf king.

[Dire wolf king

Level: 25

Health: 10000

Dire Wolf king rules over multiple packs of dire wolfs. They can rule up to 5 packs of dire wolfs.]

He sat there for a while to recuperate from earlier fights, he knew this was going to be dangerous, but still it didn't bother him in any way. After living in hell for 400 years his mentality had changed in some ways, like no matter how strong the foe was he never felt fear, he would never fear any foe this change came after he was faced with countless life and death situations. this came in handy because, if u are afraid you wont be able to process things properly you are bound to make dumb mistakes if you are afraid. So, he never was afraid of strong foe he would well come them with his daggers.

After, he was done he ran towards the wolfs and started attacking the two lords. He knew if he wanted to kill this king, he had to get rid of the pests first.




He was successful to make multiple deep wounds in the bodies of the lords before he had to dodge the claw of the king. He was successful in dodging the claw the claw landed on a boulder with a BOOM the huge boulder was destroyed with just one hit.

Kang-Ho was surprised with the strength of the king but he still didn't dally he jumped behind the king and started his assault once more.






This time the lords were ready and enraged they attacked kang-ho in an coordinated manner but still it was of no use at the end of the clash one leg od one of the lord was cut off cleanly. Kang-Ho was short on time he knew the king would attack once more so he didn't waste a single second and attacked the lord's eyes, he pierced the wolf's eye and he didn't stop thrusting he penetrated the brain of the wolf and twisted his dagger after the twist he pulled the dagger out and the wolf's lifeless body fell.



The king attack again but he wasn't so lucky this time when he tried to escape the claws of the king scratched him a little. He made his way and escaped the encirclement of the wolfs by pushing them with brute force. After he was out, he looked towards his arm to se the damage but he found out that it was just a little scratch but blood was flowing a lot. He knew he had to finish the fight very quickly.

Blood was falling through his shoulder to his hand and it was dropping drops by drops he clutched the dagger and started his next attack.

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