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71.83% The Hunter That Returned From Hell / Chapter 51: Ha Ji-Won

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Chapter 51: Ha Ji-Won

The girl had jumped off the fat man's back, after the girl came off the headless body fell to the ground with a thud. The girl was standing there looking towards the corpse of the man, she wasn't horrified she wasn't not happy she just seemed like she was dead inside. She just had the will and desire to live. She didn't have emotion, but her eyes told everything that she was feeling.

She had a fierce look in her eyes, it revealed that she would kill anyone who would want to harm her. The girl had blood on her cheek, she used her other hand which was holding the dagger to remove the blood. After killing the man, she was still dazed so she didn't runaway right away.

One of the bodyguards turned around to check on the situation but right when he did, he turned around, he saw the fat man's headless body falling to the ground. He was enraged.

"F**K" the bodyguard yelled. Other bodyguards were busy to control the situation, so they didn't care about the bodyguard. The Bodyguard didn't say anything else and charged towards the girl right away. He was totally enraged; his mind was clouded by anger.

When the man acme running towards her the girl finally came to reality. He wasn't afraid seeing the bodyguard run towards her. She prepared herself to fight the man. She threw the head away and maintained a fighting position. She knew in this situation she had only one option that was to fight, she would kill anyone that came in her way.

After the man made it to the girl, he directly started the battle with a swing of his sword. he was the weakest among the group, but he had the confidence to take the girl down in just one swing. he didn't believe that a girl that was being sold on market could be better than him. after all he was level 15.

'A sewage rat dares to point a dagger at me? I will show you what hell feels like. HUHUHUHU, I think I will spare you for us to enjoy tonight. The fatty paid 1 million for you after all can't let that go to waste.' The man thought while he attacked the girl. Even he was lusting over the girl's unparalleled beauty. He was too focused on the girl's thigh rather than focusing on the fight. He was too conceited; this would be the cause of his doom.

The man swung his sword sideways, the girl was focusing on every move that the man was making so it wasn't hard for her to duck and avoid the attack.

The girl didn't stop there, she used her bended legs to give herself a push. That little push gave her a little momentum she was aiming for the man's throat. With the momentum, the girl attacked the man with the dagger.

The man was initially not focused at the battle at all but when the girl avoided his attack, he was jolted awake. He had chills running down his body, when he saw the girl attacking from below. He wanted to move out of the way of the dagger, but the girl attacked so fast that the man didn't even have time to react to the attack.

The dagger that came towards the man managed to pierced the man's neck, after the dagger entered the man's body through his neck, his sword fell from the man's hand. To him it felt like he had lost all the strength in his body. He couldn't do anything, all he could do was look the girl in the eyes as she repeatedly penetrated his neck with her dagger, with a face which showed no emotion.

'Demon' that was the last thought of the man before he died in the hands of the girl. After he died the finally let the body of the man go, the body fell to the ground with a thud.

On the other side after the man left his position, it became impossible to control the crowd. The masses finally broke through, they directly went to the dead body of the fat man. They were all elated that the man was already dead and they just needed to pick the valuables up and run away.

The bodyguards finally turned around to protect the fat guy but when they turned around, they say the corpse of both the people and the girl carrying bloody dagger.

"B**CH I will kill you!" yelled the leader of the bodyguards. He was totally enraged after all they did to protect the fat man. The girl killed him even after all their effort to keep him safe. In addition, he had also killed their brother.

The man's eyes became red with a anger and he pounced towards the girl he wanted just kill the girl.

When the man, pounced towards her she could feel by his speed he was way stronger than her. But she still didn't run away with fear she stood her ground.


Few days ago,

"Ha Ji-Won I told you becoming a hunter is very dangerous. You should just work with us in the store. Even if we don't earn much, we can still earn enough to feed the three of us. We don't need anything we just need you to be safe." Said a middle-aged woman to a girl of age 20. The girl was the same from the market, but she looked very pretty. She could give a model run for her money.

"No, mom I heard that a high-level potion, could easily heal injuries like father has." The girl said with enthusiasm, as she pointed towards her father who was sitting on a wheelchair.

Her father met with an accident before the dungeon started appearing, ever since the accident her father's legs had become useless. He could only move around with the help of wheelchair. Ji-Won really wanted to change this she wanted her father to walk again and move around like past. That's the reason why she wanted to go to a dungeon and risk her life. She could do anything to see her father walk again.

"I am happy as I am, I just want our family to be together safe and happy. That's all I want, don't go to risk your life in a dungeon, just stay with us." Her father said while he pushed his wheelchair towards the mom and daughter. He didn't want to see his daughter suffer, he knew how dangerous the dungeons were, the dungeons had taken many lives of the people who went in. he didn't want his daughter to be the next victim of that da**ed thing.

They tried their best to convince the girl, but it was like their pleads were going to a deaf ear. Ji-Won was determined to become a hunter. She didn't care about the risks all she cared about was that she could some day heal her father's leg.

Next day Ji-Won went to the tutorial dungeon, even after all the warnings her parents gave her. She registered and entered the dungeon, she managed to clear the dungeon in the first try. She entered the dungeon again after and this time she wanted to challenge the hard mode. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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