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Chapter 28: Hidden Dungeon

After they finished a bottle of that wine, Moon Jung started talking.

"So, the date we decided to enter the Mass dungeon is after one week. I am so excited I even bought a new set of armour." Said Moon Jung while being drunk.

Kang-Ho just listened to him and made his mind to buy the access of the dungeon when he visited the black market again.

On the other hand, the wine was so nice that he wanted to drink more. But he controlled himself. He didn't want to go to his house while being drunk.

They chatted about many things, when they were drinking. After they finished the second bottle, they both had had enough. Moon Jung, called someone to drive for him.

"Let's meet again for some drinks." Moon Jung said while being extremely drunk.

"Alright." Kang-Ho said.

They parted their ways. After some time, Kang-Ho arrived at home and slept for the rest of the night.

Early morning, Kang-Ho planned to leave for the dungeon he cooked yesterday.

"Mom, I am going out." Kang-ho said.

��No, you don't, breakfast first. I am already done cooking, just come here and have some first." Said his mom.

Kang-Ho was feeling hungry so he stopped and went to the kitchen, where his father and mother were cooking and his sister was playing.

"Big-Brother my candies are finished. I want more." Said his sister.

"Alright, I will bring you some when I come back." said Kang-Ho.

"Don't spoil her too much, she has had a lot of candies." Said his mom angrily.

"I want candies." His sister started crying.

"Alright, but only a little, ok?" Said his dad.

"Alright" his sister smiled again.

Kang-Ho patted her head and sat to eat.

"By the way I saw some people working on the restaurant reconstruction. Was it you?" asked his father.

"Yes, I went to them and told them to fix it." Kang-ho said.

"Why do you have to spend your money? I had a little left anyway." Said his father, he didn't want his son to waste his hard-earned money.

"Let him eat in peace." His mom defended him.

After hearing his mom, his father didn't say anything. He knew making her angry wasn't a good decision.

They ate their breakfast an awkward silence. After he was done eating, Kang-ho started heading towards the dungeon, he booked yesterday.

He wore the mask in a secluded area, then after sometime he arrived at the area. There were two masked women standing in front of the dungeon. he moved forward, and gave them his black-market card for their inspection. The woman started the inspection.

"Thank you, sir you may enter the dungeon." she said as she handed the card back to him.

After hearing that Kang-Ho went inside the portal. He wanted to complete the dungeon fast.

When Kang-Ho entered the dungeon the Dungeon's portal, unbeknownst to him the size of the portal increased it became 6 meters from 5 meters.

"Mam!" one of the women in front of the black-market shouted.

"What is it? Why are you shouting?" the other woman yelled angrily.

"The size of the dungeon increased; it was 5 meters at first but after that person entered it became 6 meters." She said nervously, she had never witnessed something like this before. This was the first time she saw something like this. She never heard any dungeon changing shapes after someone enter the dungeon.

"What? Why did it have to be this dungeon? this dungeon will break in 1 day. If that guy does not clear the dungeon in time it will be huge problem in our hands." The other women said, even she was feeling nervous. It was hard to contain a dungeon which broke, because all the monsters would come out instantly. They would need at least 20, level 50+ hunters to contain the situation in those situations.

"We can't get that many level 50 hunters in 1 day, not in a place like Busan at least. We would need to contact a high-level branch for support. Go contact the black-market higher ups. I will contact the Hunter Association." The woman said while she took her communication device out. Although 20 may seem small number but in a place like Busan it was truly difficult to find that many level 50 hunters. Those with a class most of them deflect to high level guilds. There were no high-level guilds in Busan so all of them had no options but to move.

"Yes mam." Said the woman and took her communication device out.



"Yes, what do you need?" spoke a voice from other side of the communication device.

"I need to speak to the black-market branch manager. It's very important." Said the woman she didn't want to waste time.

"Alright wait a minute, I will connect you to her." Said the other voice. The voice didn't argue, he knew if they were looking for the manager it meant a trouble was upon them. The voice quickly connected the woman to the manager.

"Hello, what is it?" asked the manager, after picking up.

"When we were supervising dungeon no. 800628, the dungeon's size increased to 6 meters, after a person entered the dungeon. The supervisor said the dungeon will break in 1 day." said the woman.

"How many people entered to clear the dungeon?" asked the manager.

"Just one." Said the woman.

"Fuck, alright is the supervisor contacting the Hunter's association?" asked the manager. There were black lines visible on her forehead. This situation was bad. If only one person entered the dungeon it was impossible for that person to clear the dungeon only if the person was level 100+ was it possible, but in a place like Busan it was unlikely.

"Yes, she is." Said the woman.

"Good, I will be coming there personally after I finish my work. This situation is bad." She said as she hung up the phone.

After hanging up, her work wasn't done she had more work to do. She made one more call.

"Good m….." a voice was going to greet her from the phone but she interrupted.

"Make an emergency mission available on the black-market. We found a Hidden dungeon; the dungeon no. is 800628. It's a level 2 hidden dungeon." said the manager after interrupting the person on the phone.

"Yes mam, right away." Said the voice.


"Hunter's association speaking." Someone answered the phone.

"It's an emergency, there is a hidden dungeon which will break in 1 day. I need to talk to the Busan Hunter association's branch manager." Said the woman. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Yes, right away." The voice understanding the gravity of the situation replied immediately. Then connected the phone.

"We need support for a possible level 2 hidden dungeon break. The dungeon no. is 800628." Without waiting for the manager to speak the woman said.

"Alright" said the manager and hung up the phone.

The woman didn't think it was a rude behaviour, on the contrary she thought it was the right behaviour. In an emergency situation like this, asking many questions would only waste the time of both the sided.

After both these calls were made, both the black-market and the hunter association were in a turmoil.

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Hey sorry was a little busy yestursay so couldn'd upload yesturday. hope you like the chapter, if you do vote with your powerstone.

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