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Chapter 42: Illegal Market (2)

After seeing their friend die in front of them the experienced hunters were angry but no one dared to take the first step, after seeing one of their own die in front of their eyes they realised that they couldn't take on Kang-Ho single-handedly they needed to attack him at the same time so that they could restrict his movement. Kang-Ho's movement speed was too fast for them to beat him in speed, in a close quarter combat the speed played a very important role. They all knew they didn't stand a chance against Kang-Ho in terms of speed but they could overpower him if they attacked at once. More importantly they believed that if they were with Won-Soo they could never lose a fight.

While the second division members were thinking about, how strong Won-Soo was, Won-Soo himself had cold sweat pouring out of his forehead. He was wondering how he could block the attacks from Kang-Ho, his attacks were almost unavoidable. Right then a brilliant idea came to his mind.

"Gather around second division." After thinking of the plan Won-Soo called his teammates, he wanted to tell them about the plan. After hearing his call everyone came towards Won-Soo they broke the formation but at the moment they didn't care if Kang-Ho ran away, if they didn't have a good plan, they might not even be able to complete the mission. So, the most important thing right now was to have a plan of action, so they all followed the command of their commander. Only the level 50+ members gathered around Won-Soo the remaining members were still surrounding Kang-Ho.

Right now, Kang-Ho could make an escape and no one would be able to stop him but he didn't do so, because he would have to kill them anyway so, he let them have their time to discuss. Kang-Ho was standing there waiting for them to finish their talks.

"Everyone listen up this is going to be a very hard fight our opponent is faster than any of us we will need to be careful while dealing with him. We will use the low-level members as shield they would be at the frontline, we will make sneak attacks towards him. make sure no one of you fight him one on one." Won-Soo said in a grave tone. We will need to kill this bastard even if it means sacrificing some of the unwanted guild members." Said Won-Soo. After a lot of thoughts this was the best idea he came up with. This way they could cause damage to Kang-Ho while they avoided the direct attacks from Kang-Ho.

"But…." One of the members wated to say something but Won-Soo didn't let him speak as he started talking again.

"Remember even I can't say that I would be able to dodge that guy's attacks. He is too fast for even me to follow. I know that the hunters present here are part of our guild and they have been a huge help to the guild but right now, if we rush in to attack him head on, we have 50% chance of losing the battle. After we return to the guild, we will send their family compensation, this is for the greater good of the guild." said Won-Soo with a serious expression. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

When everyone present there saw the face of Won-Soo they finally realize the gravity of the situation, at first, they thought they could win against Kang-Ho easily, but after seeing the uncertainty on the face of Won-Soo they lost their previous confidence. They too became wary of the situation.

"Be ready to attack, make sure you do as much as damage to him as you can. And also make sure you don't get in the path of his attacks. With all of our strength I don't believe he won't die." Said Won-Soo as he wanted to cheer them up.

After talk everyone scattered in the circle, they all hid behind the low-level members. Seeing this some of the members felt afraid, as they had seen what Kang-Ho did to one of the high-ranking members, but even if they felt unfair, they didn't voice their concerns as they knew even if Kang-Ho didn't kill them, the high-ranking members would surely kill them. There were also some who thought they won't be harmed until there was Won-Soo.

Seeing this new development Kang-Ho was amused, he didn't think they would swoop so low to use low level member as a meat shield. Kang-Ho didn't care about whatever tactics the high-level members used, in the end the result would be the same. He had to kill them all anyway so he just gripped his daggers and prepared himself for the attacks that were going to be aimed at him.

"Attack!" yelled Won-Soo after everyone were in their positions. Everyone started to charge at Kang-Ho while he stood at the same place with his guards up, he knew he couldn't be careless with the situation as you could never underestimate your opponent.







Everyone closed in on Kang-ho leaving him no space to make an escape, every one of them attacked Kang-Ho which he managed to dodge perfectly as all of the attacks were from the low-level members, in his eyes the attack was too slow. After dodging the attacks Kang-Ho made his move, he started to swing his dagger relentlessly, he wanted to clear all the low-level members as soon as possible. with each of his strikes he managed to take down at least one of the hunters. Even after seeing this the hunters didn't stop their attack as they hoped that the high-level hunters would take care of the situation. right then Won-Soo's speed increased incredibly, he suddenly came close to where Kang-Ho was and swung his sword, Won-Soo swung his sword towards Kang-Ho, Kang-Ho on the other hand tried to dodge the attack, but the sword still managed to make a small cut in the arm of Kang-Ho. From the looks of it Won-Soo used a skill, the cut didn't bother Kang-Ho as it wasn't too deep, the wound was too shallow. Won-Soo on the other hand, was sure he could at least injure Kang-Ho's vital point, he just used his trump card but all it did was create a small wound in Kang-Ho's arm.

Won-Soo right now wanted to kill himself for underestimating his opponent. He didn't believe at first that this guy who just recently became hunter could be his opponent. Even when he was in his prime, he took a lot of time to grow strong. But Kang-Ho's growth speed was unheard of.

"Monster" muttered Won-Soo in a low voice as that was the most suiting word to describe a person like Kang-Ho. Right now, Won-Soo wished he never came to this damn place to hunt this monster. All he wanted to now was to run away, but he rejected the thought immediately, he knew there was no place he could go if he betrayed the Choi guild, he also knew this monster wouldn't let him escape easily either. The best option or him now was to keep the attack going. Won-Soo backed up a little to take some breather and think of a strategy.

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