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Chapter 43: Illegal Market (3)

After he took a few steps back, Won-Soo realized the mistake that he made just now. All the members from second division started to panic, they didn't know what to do after seeing their leader getting scared. They didn't know what to do next, do they retreat or keep going. They felt insecure after seeing Won-Soo losing confidence in the battle. So, Won-Soo decided to join in the battle once again, in an effort to boost the morale of the guild members. Losing the morale to fight in this situation, where enemy's strength is unknown is suicidal.

"What are you thinking, this is a battle of life and death don't lose your focus from the enemy." Won-Soo said in an effort to boost the morale.

"Yes sir" replied the hunters while they continued their assault on Kang-Ho. Even though Won-Soo portrayed confidence from his words, you could see in his eyed he had already lost all hope after his trump card just made a scratch on Kang-Ho's body.

The battle continued for some time in just some time Kang-Ho managed to eliminate all the low-level hunters present there. By this time everyone presents there were well aware that there was no chance of escaping Kang-Ho. But they still continued the fight. Most of the level 50 hunters were severely injured by now even Won-Soo was injured badly.




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One of the severely injured hunters attacked Kang-Ho, he was too slow Kang-Ho dodged the attack very easily, after dodging the attack Kang-Ho swung his dagger towards the attacker, in just a swing he managed to behead the hunter. After killing the hunter Kang-Ho didn't stop there, he continued to attack all the present hunters without giving them a chance to regroup themselves. Kang-ho was getting bored here he still had to make a visit to Choi guild headquarter. So, he planned to finish this battle as soon as possible. all of the hunters present there were severely exhausted, mentally drained and gravely injured, so Kang-Ho didn't need much of an effort to kill them. He just had to swing his dagger once and their body fell to the ground lifelessly. Seeing Won-Soo was horrified, he could never have thought his decision to come here today would turn out to be so disastrous. All he could do now was to hope that this was just a nightmare and he would wake up from the nightmare soon. seeing his men fall to the ground lifelessly one by one under the attacks of Kang-Ho's dagger, he realized how insignificant and helpless he was in front of true power.

Kang-Ho took care of all the present level 50 hunters there in just under a minute, now the only two standing there were Kang-Ho and Won-Soo. Won-Soo was already on his knees, he was mumbling something to himself, Kang-Ho couldn't hear what Won-Soo was mumbling. But when Kang-Ho made his way towards Won-Soo, he was suddenly jolted awake.

"Please don't kill me, please don't kill me, I will tell you everything I know about the Choi guild please don't kill me." Begged Won-Soo.

"Speak" Kang-Ho said he didn't know much about the Choi guild; he needs to get as much information of Choi guild as possible. The only thing he knew about them was their leader was around level 80 that's all nothing else.

"If you really want to hurt the Choi guild you will have to attack the illegal markets that the Choi guild owns. Half of the Choi guild's forces protects the market from any danger. Choi guild rules over 4 city's underground business. If that is damaged, Choi guild will have nothing to fall back on. Destroying the illegal businesses means destroying the guild." Won-Soo said.

"Illegal business? What about the hunter's association? Have they done nothing to them?" Kang-Ho asked.

"You think hunter's association can afford to fight all the guilds that has illegal businesses? If they start to stop the illegal businesses from running, they will all come together against them and a civil war will start, so both the partied decided to make an agreement between each other to bring peace. the businesses decided not to harm the normal citizens and the hunter association decided to turn a blind eye to them. That's one of the reason why the people aren't out there killing each other for no reason, before the agreement there was a very big war between the parties which resulted in heavy causalities and loss on both sides many normal people suffered because of the conflict so in order to bring stability the illegal business were given an agreement." Said Won-Soo.

Kang-Ho listen to him carefully, this was a new piece of information for him, he didn't know how two organization like hunter association that represented light and illegal business that represented darkness work together. It seemed if in a place where both the party contained an equal amount of power and significance, they could come to an agreement. Kang-Ho didn't know how much life were lost during the war between the both parties but he could guess it was a lot, because for them to come to an equal term there must have been something huge that happened. Kang-Ho then decided when he has time, he needed to know what happened in those 2 years. He still felt like he didn't know this world. He wanted to research what happened on internet but decided to do that later as he still had very important things to do.

After saying that Won-Soo continued on to describe about the business ran by the Choi guild, most of the income of the guild came from the illegal businesses. Some of the business they ran was prostitution, illegal gambling, drugs trafficking, etc. They were the kings who ruled almost all of the underground business of 4 cities around Busan. there were two bases on the outskirts of Busan, which were located in secluded area.

"Remember if you attack the illegal market, it's not just Choi guild that you are attacking, all the small guilds that are affiliated to Choi guild would become your enemy. To put it simply you will have most of the Busan as your enemy. Most of the guilds present in Busan somehow has a very close relationship with the illegal market ran by Choi Guild. So, if you really attack be prepared to face the wrath of the entire Busan. But if you don't attack the market ad just kill some no body like me it wouldn't even matter to the guild as for them, I am only a pawn. The big fishes are located in the illegal market." Said Won-Soo with a straight face, but inside his heard he prayed that Kang-Ho attacked the illegal market. Right now, what Won-Soo was trying to do was to throw a bait in front of Kang-Ho, at the same time making his claims believable by admitting that he would incur the wrath of Kang-Ho. On top of all he was provoking Kang-Ho, so that he would bite the bait. Won-Soo didn't believe Kang-Ho could face the entire Busan singlehandedly. He thought if Kang-Ho really attacked the market he would be singing his own death contact.

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