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Chapter 41: Illegal Market

Kang-Ho didn't answer to his provocation but you could see the killing intent present in Kang-Ho's eyes. After Won-Soo said that everyone started laughing.

In response to the mockery Kang-Ho decided to go on offense rather than defense. At first Kang-Ho just wanted to check the strength of the group first but after hearing that he didn't care of their powers, he just wanted to kill all of them.

Kang-Ho moved swiftly, in just a matter of seconds he was in front of one of the level 50 guild member that came along with Won-Soo. All the laughs stopped after seeing Kang-Ho move so fast, even Won-Soo himself was dumbfolded after seeing Kang-Ho's speed he was extremely fast. If he compared his own speed to Kang-Ho's speed he would loose by a large margin, when he looked at Kang-Ho's footwork he couldn't understand how could a human move so quickly and fast. Won-Soo was fascinated by the footwork of Kang-Ho. He was a very experienced hunter before coming here, he used to be in a guild located in Seoul. He was a very prominent figure when the dungeons first started appearing. He was part of a very huge guild back in the days but that was 2 years ago, he was one of the very powerful hunters at that time. Back then the hunters weren't that powerful.

When Won-Soo rose to a high status, just level 40 hunter were considered the most powerful hunters. So, he was praised and revered by many, back in the days. Back then he learned many things which the people of places like Busan weren't aware of, that was in a battle the stats rarely mattered. If you have the martial arts, techniques, etc you could beat a more powerful opponent. If you were skilled enough in fighting the stats rarely mattered if the opponent was a few levels higher than you. But that isn't always true because if your opponent was 10-20 level higher than you, he or she could just overpower you in that cases your techniques won't work.

From what he had seen from how Kang-Ho fought it seemed like he was born to kill, his attacks were always aimed at the vitals of the opponents, he would always attack the unguarded areas of the opponent. From a viewer's perspective, all the attacks Kang-Ho made was calculated before execution and there was no chance of blocking the lethal attacks of Kang-Ho. The low-level people always forget about the fact that to quickly and swiftly kill a person; they would need to hit the vital points of the opponents. Many low-level hunters still thought that if they attack quickly, they could kill an opponent fast, and in that process, they don't give much attention on the places they attack. Most of the hunters would hit the opponents in the hands shoulder to decrease the opponent's HP. This was a very big mistake a person could make while fighting a hunter, if one hunter does not hit the vital spot and continue on hitting the non-vital parts like legs and hands, they wouldn't be able to kill an opponent quickly.

That was the main factor lacking in every rookie hunter, but when he saw Kang-Ho he was dumbfolded. Won-Soo had beads of cold sweats in his forehead he couldn't believe what he was seeing, he didn't like the fact that when he imagined himself trying to block the attacks and the dodge the attack, he was unable to do so. He didn't think he had a chance to defend against those attack. he had many powerful people of them fight when he was in his prime no one could manage to fight like Kang-Ho does he was on a different level. It was like Kang-Ho was a killing machine no one could stop, if Kang-Ho desired to kill someone he would be dead.

For a while Won-Soo wondered if Kang-Ho belonged to a top-level guild, but that was impossible. If he really was a member of top-level guild there would be guards guarding him at all times. Most of the top-level guilds always sent someone to protect a promising member in case they are in danger. After remembering the top-level guilds, he remembered his old days when he was one of the strongest, that was the time when he provoked someone, he shouldn't have he still regret the fact that he provoked that person. Because of that incident he was casted out of his guild and sent out in Busan. his guild in exchange of his life managed to send him to Busan where he could spend his life without worrying about that person. His guild at least didn't let that person kill him but in the end after coming to Busan for a year he never got a chance to go to a dungeon, he always felt like he was being watched. In just that one year all the people got ahead him he could never hope to catch up to them. After he finally got the chance to go to a dungeon he never felt as motivated as before. He gave up on his dream of being a strong hunter in that time.

Now he was just a scum doing dirty jobs of the Choi guild. he managed the second hunting team along with that he managed all the illegal business that the Choi guild had. He was one of the man responsible to oversee the illegal business he made sure they were out of trouble. Won-Soo loved his life now better than he had back then. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.




While Won-Soo was filled with different thoughts, Kang-Ho Swung dagger at the man the man managed to block one attack and dodge the other but when he tried to block the next attack the man wasn't able to make it on time as he was still not in a very good position to defend himself after dodging an attack, the man was hit by the dagger straight in his eye. Kang-Ho drove his dagger straight through that man's eye.

"AHHHHHHHH" the man yelled with agony as the pain from the attack was too great. Kang-Ho was little annoyed by the sound that man created by yelling. He hated loud noises.


With a last slash Kang-Ho slight the man's throat, the man started choking on his own blood, he fell to the ground after losing the strength on his legs. Seeing this the entire area was silent no one dared to make a single sound. Kang-Ho just now killed a level 50 hunter like it was nothing, the hunter couldn't even make a scratch on his body. As there were many rookie hunters present in the scene, this was the most horrifying scene they had seen in their life. They couldn't even believe their eyes, seeing a level 50 hunter die like that infront of their eyes, they knew they had no chance against Kang-Ho. Some of them started having second thoughts on if they should stick around or run away.

But the experienced hunters present at the location weren't affected by what transpired just now, they had seen many scary things in life to be afraid of this thing. They were unfazed.

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