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Chapter 31: Intense Battle

Kang-Ho finally arrived at the end of the dungeon, and from what he saw he was dumb folded.

'Wasn't it supposed to be a level 1 dungeon?' he thought to himself.

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Level: 60

Hp: 35000

A fallen soldier revived by necromancy.]

There's no way there could have been a class 2 monster inside a level 1 dungeon. It seemed there was some kind of problem with the dungeon. Kang-Ho didn't care about that. There were 4 bears surrounding the soldier. This fight was going to be a tough one.

Kang-Ho planned to first take out the bears and then fight the soldier. But first he wanted to check the power and speed of the skeleton. Kang-Ho ran towards the skeleton soldier. The soldier was a carrying a sword and a shield. Kang-Ho gapped the distance, the soldier realized that they were being attacked first. After discovering Kang-Ho was running to wards them, the soldier started running towards Kang-Ho.





Kang-Ho came close to the skeleton, and swung his daggers. The skeleton also swung his sword with one hand and tried to defend against one of the daggers using its shield. The skeleton managed to block both the daggers. This made Kang-Ho surprised. This was the first time someone could match him at speed. What made Kang-Ho worried was, the skeleton managed to push him back using his strength. This made Knag-Ho a little wary of the opponent. He had never faced an opponent who could match his speed and had more strength than him, after coming back to earth.

Knag-Ho had to get serious when fighting this opponent. This fight will be a little hard. One mistake of his could determine the outcome of the match, if he was too careless. During the 400 years in the Hell, Kang-Ho had faced countless creatures who were stronger than him. So, he didn't have any problem with the soldier. The soldier was only a road block for him, he just had to destroy it. Kang-Ho would never back down in a fight with strong opponents. He loved battles; he had a smile after realising the strength of the soldier.

After being pushed back, Kang-Ho didn't let himself loose his footing. Losing your footing was the worst mistake you could make while facing a strong opponent. The skeleton didn't stop his attack after the initial push, it wanted to finish the fight as soon as possible. The soldier swung its sword, but Kang-Ho was quick on his feet, he dodged the sword before it could hit him. After dodging, Knag-Ho pulled himself back.

Kang-Ho was a little away from the soldier, the soldier didn't chase after him. Kang-Ho after assessing the situation came to a decision, if he wanted to fight the soldier and win, he had to get rid of the bears first.

Kang-Ho ran towards the nearby bears, the soldier wasn't just watching him it also chased after Kang-Ho.





Kang-Ho launched an attack towards the bear's skull, the bear tried to escape the danger. But the try was futile. Kang-Ho was faster than the speed of the bear. His dagger landed on the skull of the bear with a boom. Knag-ho managed to deal a significant damage to the bear, soldier came to the behind of Kang-ho and swung its sword. Kang-Ho knew about the attack, it wasn't a surprise for him. He kept his eyes on the soldier even when he hunted the bear. Kang-Ho knew that the soldier was the only thing that could cause him trouble, so he could never take his eyes over him.

Kang-Ho dodged the attack attempt made by the skeleton soldier, he didn't want to defend against the soldier's attack. After knowing the strength of the skeleton, defending against it would be stupid. Last time Kang-Ho managed to come out of the stand-off unharmed, but he could never too careful.

The skeleton lost its target, the sword didn't hit Kang-Ho. The skeleton wasn't so lucky, after missing the target skeleton lost control of its movement. Kang-Ho didn't miss the golden opportunity, he turned his body and slashed towards the skeleton.

The skeleton couldn't stabilize its body fast enough. Kang-Ho's dagger managed to hit the skeleton on its ribs. After realizing its mistake of the skeleton, the skeleton also moved back. the skeleton too became wary of Kang-Ho.

Kang-ho didn't waste any more of his time on the skeleton, instead he changed his attention backed to bears again.

Kang-Ho started his nonstop barrage of attacks, the bears weren't that fast do there was no way that the bear could run away from the attacks. They had to endure the attacks, until the soldier showed up and attacked Kang-Ho. Kang-Ho on the other hand kept attacking the bear, and chipping their life off with each strike he made.

Kang-Ho kept attacking the bears, while running away from the soldier's attack. He finally managed to kill the bears, after some struggles. He was a little hurt on top of that. It wasn't something serious, he just lost about 300 Hp on the process. This proved that if he didn't get rid of the bears, the fight with the soldier would be more difficult.

The skeleton was very angry, you could tell because the skeleton was using all the strength and the speed it had to hurt Kang-Ho. Kang-Ho on the other hand kept dodging the attacks, he wanted to find a right opportunity to strike the enemy. While dodging, Kang-Ho was distracted for a short moment from a light, which was coming off of the shield that the skeleton was using. The shield started to glow red. Kang-Ho at that moment made the worst mistake of being distracted, while he was distracted by the sudden glow, Soldier slashed his sword towards Kang-Ho. The skeleton was a little far away from Kang-Ho so he didn't think the sword could reach him, but what happened next jolted Kang-Ho awake. A dark colour line was headed his way, right after seeing that Kang-Ho could confirm one thing, this was the skill of the skeleton.

From what he knew about skills, a class 2 monster could wield 1 skill. A normal person could get 1 skill after awakening their class, the skills they could use was depended on the class they acquired. And other than that, you could also acquire skills by other means too, but that was also depended upon the class you acquired. So, all in all a high-level class was very important for a hunter to be successful. Skills were the main components, that decided the outcome of the battle.

Kang-Ho tried to dodge the attack but was a little late, the black line landed near his chest. The experience was painful, but he was immune to any pain by now, even so he was pissed at himself for being too careless just because the enemy was weak. The wound that the black line created wasn't life threatening, he just lost about 500 Hp. He had made a worst mistake he could make in a battle.

Kang-Ho was now pissed, he wanted to kill the skeleton as fast as possible. So, he ran towards the skeleton soldier.

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