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Chapter 24: Jo Ji-Dak

Park Gyu ran towards Kan-Ho, he had heard all he needed to know. He now just wanted to kill Kang-Ho.



Park-Gyu swung his sword towards Kang-Ho, but later just deflected the attack. Park gyu couldn't believe his attack could be blocked by this kid. He two steps back unconsciously.

Kang-Ho on the other hand finally finished his cigarette, he threw it away. He climbed off the table. He was finally in moonlight, Park-Gyu could finally see Kang-Ho's entire body. His clothes were drenched with blood. Seeing that it was not his blood rather his guild member's blood, Park gyu lost reasoning and once again attacked Kang-Ho.




"AHHHHHH" yelled Park gyu in horror.

Once again, his attempt failed. Kang-Ho once again blocked Park Gyu's attack, but this time he didn't let Park Gyu off that easily, he came closer after deflecting his sword and with a slash he cut off Park Gyu's freehand. After seeing his hand fall to the floor, Park Gyu panicked.

"How is this possible?" Park Gyu asked. He couldn't believe that this classless kid could cut off his arm so easily. It felt like a dream to him, he was horrified.



While Park Gyu was distracted kang-Ho moved again, this time he targeted his other hand. He was successful in doing so. In a fight you could never be distracted, no matter the situation. If you are distracted the enemy would surely take advantage of the situation. While Park Gyu was horrified seeing one of his arms cut off, he let his guard down. Which was his worst mistake.

Once more Park Gyu was mortified when he saw his other hand being cut off. he never thought that he would ever see this kind of day.

He was helpless against a boy who was 25 years younger than him. But he could do nothing in this situation. He had to protect his own life, so he tried to runaway this time. He turned around and tried to escape from Kang-Ho.



But to his horror he couldn't even make it to the door before he heard a slash from behind, and next moment he fell to the ground. To his horror Kang-ho, cut his leg off. All he wanted now was to wake up from this dream.

Kang-Ho normally didn't like to make his enemy suffer but this was park Gyu, he betrayed his father, threatened his family and tried to kill them. He couldn't let him die peacefully.

"Please don't kill me. Everything was Jo JI Dak's idea." Begged Park Gyu, but his begging fell to a deaf ear, as Kang-Ho didn't care about his reasoning. He would kill this guy anyway. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Kang-Ho started to get annoyed by the voice of Park Gyu. So, he cut his tongue off. all you could now see in Park gyu's face was regret. He wanted to live but he knew his life was over.

Kang-Ho watched him, as he slowly, he lost all his blood from his body and died.


The assistant came out of the building. She was still traumatised from what she saw in there. She could never recover from this kind of traumatising event.

After she got a hold of herself, she made a call.



Jo JI-Dak was sleeping when he was disturbed by the ringing of the phone. he woke up and picked his phone up.

"It better be important, if it's not important I will kill you." Yelled Jo JI-Dak he was extremely angry. He hated it when people disturbed him during his sleep.

"Sir, the second division and the hunting team for today were killed by a masked man, I received report that that man attacked the HQ. when we arrived here, on the sixth floor, there was blood everywhere. Advisor Park gyu told me to head down and call you, but he went inside the building." Said the assistant.

Jo Ji-dak's colour of the face changed. He started wreaking his brain thinking which guild attacked his guild. But he couldn't get to any answer. He never provoked anyone more powerful than himself. He was a cautious man; he would never make a move until he knows he could win. Even when he was working under his brother, he never showed his teeth until he became a hunter. Only after becoming a hunter did he attack Yi Man-Young.

You could imagine with that just how cautious of a man he was.

"Which guild is it that made the attack?" asked Jo Ji-dak.

"Right now, it's not clear which guild it is but all we know is, someone wearing a mask is causing all this trouble." Said the assistant.

Ji-Dak knew if someone was killing all the important members of the guild, the enemy was someone who had a deep grudge against him. It's just been 1 year since he created this guild. He never fought with any guild for supremacy in this region. His guild was always low key.

You could see the rage in his eyes was burning. He felt like he was being wronged. Even after remaining neutral all this time this is the way the other guilds treated him. He was really angry, he wanted to kill whoever was behind it.

"Have you heard anything from Park-Gyu?" asked Ji-Dak.

"No, there has been no contact whatsoever." Replied the assistant.

"Alright wait there I will be there is 30 minutes." Said Ji-Dak.

After saying that Ji-Dak hung up the phone. He got off the bed, went for his sword. He wore his favourite armour. He prepared himself for the worst battle.


After he was done preparing, he went to his car and started driving. After driving for about half an hour he finally arrived at the HQ. he got off the car.

"Has Park Gyu contacted you?" asked Ji-Dak.

"No sir" said the assistant while bowing to him.

Ji Dak gripped his sword and made his way towards the elevator. He somehow felt that Park Gyu wasn't alive anymore, it was a weird feeling for him. They worked together when planning to throw his brother away, they planned together to build the guild. They had made some kind of brotherly bond in these 2 years.

He was fuming with rage at this moment, everything he worked for was gone now. He just wanted to kill the culprit.

He finally arrived at the 6th floor where the assistant said they saw blood, he came out of the elevator and witnessed it himself. Seeing this added more rage into him. He made his way to the office area. When he entered the office area, he saw all the corpses, after confirming that they were his guild members, he moved towards the smoking area, the door was fully open and he could see Park Gyu. Park-Gyu's body lied lifelessly, without arms and legs. He seemed to have died because of blood loss.

From the office area he could even see someone sitting in the desk while looking at him. He figured that he was the culprit.

After coming to the office area, he confirmed one thing, that the culprit was classless, so he was not worried of any kind of attack from the person inside the smoking area. He saw a classless person as a kid, no matter what trick they used they could never bridge the gap of power.

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