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Chapter 38: Killing Intent

While the commander was contemplating what to report to the young master he suddenly froze. He had cold sweat running down his forehead. All the bodyguards around him were less aware of the situation but, they also felt a little strange because for them it somehow felt like someone was choking them. They couldn't breathe properly, at first, they didn't understand what was going on but after looking at their commander's face they became wary. Even their fearless commander showed fear. If someone said to them that their commander was scared of something, they would laugh it up, it was the first time of him showing any kind of fear. They had been with their commander for a long time they had even heard the story of the brave commander who saved thousands of people.

Commander Ku Chin-Mae was famous for preventing major catastrophic event that took place 1 year ago, he was well renounced for his action. Seeing him scare was a major mental blow to all the bodyguards present there. It felt as if they were having a bad dream, that was how they thought of the situation, they couldn't accept the reality. Everyone thought this was the end of their life after seeing the commander in that situation.

Ku Chin-Mae himself was in a really weird situation right now. He clearly felt a killing intent that was not directed towards him, but still he could feel the pure rage, anger, destruction it carried. Although he had felt killing intents in the past, but this was very different from that. He couldn't even compare the difference between the two, he was never affected by any killing intents in past. So, this was a completely new experience for him. After recovering from the initial shock, the only thing that he thought of was to escape this hell hole as soon as possible. If possible, he didn't even want to know where the killing intent came from. He didn't want to offend the person responsible for the killing intent.

'It felt as if I was caged in with an ancient monster with no escape, the only this I can do is to see myself be killed by the monster. I need to escape this place before we offend the monster. I need to immediately inform the Hunter Association on the situation.' thought Ku Chin-Mae. He didn't know who the person was, for him it was better not to know about the person, because sometimes knowing too much can also take your life. So, he decided to go and talk to the young master.

The killing intent was only there for about 2 seconds before it suddenly disappeared without leaving a trace. After the killing intent disappeared, it almost felt as if a really heavy weight was lifted from them. Still, they couldn't forget the feeling they had just a moment ago. There was silence for some moment no one dared to talk, but after 2 seconds they all turned towards their commander thinking he would have some answers. But to their disappointment even their commander looked clueless about the matter.

"What are you looking at go clean up the mess fast we need to move out of here and take young master to the safety as soon as possible. Don't just stand there like some dumb person." Yelled Ku Chin-Mae, he was having a tornado of thoughts in his head but he couldn't afford to dwindle upon it as their main priority was safety of their Young master, nothing else matter right now.

Ku Chin-Mae made his way towards Kang-Ho's house after yelling at his subordinate. This sudden change in the behaviour of Commander worried all the bodyguard present there. Normally Ku Chin-Mae was a very easy-going person, this was the first time for them to see him being serious. This went to show the severity of the situation. Right after he left all the bodyguards started moving and doing their works, there was a tense situation among them nobody had the courage to make a single sound.

Ku Chin-Mae quickly entered the house.

"Young Master!" Said Ku Chin-Mae solemnly.

"What is it?" asked Moon Jung with a serious expression, after seeing Ku Chin-Mae covered with sweat he had a bad feeling.

"The situation is taken care of, but we need to immediately leave the vicinity." Ku Chin-Mae said with a serious tone.

"What happened?" Moon Jung wanted to know what was going on.

"After we killed the person responsible for the situation today, I suddenly felt enormous amount of killing intent. The killing intent was so intense and destructive I can't even explain. Although the killing intent wasn't directed towards us, I don't feel it would be wise to stay here any longer. We would be inviting trouble for ourselves if we do." said Ku Chin-Mae, although he didn't have the time, he had to explain everything to Moon Jung to let him know the severity of the situation. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Moon Jung fell in a deep thought, he didn't want to leave yet as the people from earlier might come back. he thought of taking the Yi family until the situation was cooled down. He also wanted to know about the identity of the attackers. He wanted to know which guild or which person had the audacity to do such a thing, you could clearly see the rage and killing intent in the eyes of Moon Jung. He wanted to kill the culprits with his own hands.

"Did you find out who was responsible for the situation?" Asked Moon Jung with an evil smile on his face. Moon Jung was full of expectations, he wanted to kill the culprits himself.

'Its been very long since the last time I went on a slaughter spree.' Though Moon Jung with an evil smile on his face.

"Big Brother Moon is creepy…." Said the little girl, while hiding behind her mother. After her father returned and the situation was resolved she was happy.



Everyone present in the room tried to control their laugh but couldn't control it and started laughing. On the other hand, Moon Jung almost spurted blood.

"We couldn't get the information, I told them to restrain but, in the end, it turned out the assassin was just too weak, he died in just one strike." Said Ku Chin-Mae with embarrassment, he was too ashamed with his subordinate.

"What?" Yelled Moon Jung, he was too angry at them for failing on a basic mission.

"We will need to have a nice chat when the situation is calmed down." Said Moon Jung with a very angry face. He didn't lash out at Ku Chin-Mae because they didn't have much time left in their hand anymore. Moon Jung turned towards the Yi family after saying that.

"Uncle, Aunt why don't you three come with me to the hunter association? It would be much safer for you to be around there than here. The people might come back if you stay here." Said Moon Jung with grave concerns, he genuinely felt a fart of this family as they were so close from childhood. Moon Jung always saw Kang-Ho as his own brother from childhood, so his parents were like his own to him.

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