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Chapter 16: Mass Dungeon

"What is that?" Asked Kang-Ho, this was the first time he heard that.

"Mass dungeons are different from other normal dungeons; the area of mass Dungeon is larger than normal dungeon. The dungeon's size may vary, if it's a low-level mass dungeon the size could be up to a size of a medium size city, but High-level mass dungeon's size could be comparable to a country's size." Said Moon Jung in a hushed tone.

"What if the hunters couldn't clear the dungeon in time?" Kang-ho asked.

"A mass dungeon stays up until 1 month. It does not matter if you clear it or not it will disappear after 1 months." Said Moon Jung.

"What?" Kang-Ho was really very surprised by the revelation.

"Yes, it surprised me when I first heard too. There will be monsters scattered all around the dungeon. If you are lucky enough you might come across some kind of treasure or skill inheritance." Said Moon Jung.

"What is a skill inheritance?" Asked Kang-Ho.

"You don't even know about Skill inheritance? Have you been living under a rock for 2 years?" asked Moon Jung.

"Skill inheritance is the most important part of a hunter." Said Moon Jung.

"Oh, ok and what's that?" asked Kang-Ho.

"By skill inheritance you can get skills relevant to your class. If your skill is powerful, skill is all it will take for a life and death situation to be decided." Said Moon Jung in a serious tone.

"How can one get skill?" asked Kang-Ho.

"You can get a skill when you get your class. But after that, there are only two ways that I know of one is skill scroll, skill scroll is as name suggest you will get a scroll with the skill described on it you will have to tear the scroll, to learn the skill that is present inside the scroll. And the other one is different its trial skill inheritance, like the name suggest there will be a trial to see if you are worthy enough to wield the skill. The trial will take place inside a dungeon like area where you will have to face many kinds of difficulties and if you can overcome all you will get the skill." Said Moon Jung.

"You mean there will be a dungeon inside a dungeon?" asked Kang-Ho.

"Yes, but they are only found I rare cases, but if you managed to get your hands on one your power will be multiplied. Aldo don't underestimate the power of the weapons that comes out of the mass dungeons. Just one high level weapon cause destruction of a single city in just one strike. You can also find top-class low-level weapons and armours people are willing to pay millions for a single weapon." Said Moon Jung.

"That's interesting." Kang-Ho mumbled while thinking of something.

'I should visit the black-market to know if they sell pass to the Mass dungeons.' thought Kang-Ho.

"What level is the mass dungeon you are going in?" asked Kang-Ho.

"Oh, it's just a level 3 Dungeon, my friend has prepared everything so we should be ok. If luck is on my side, I can even get my first skill." Said Moon Jung.

"Call me when you get your class, I will help you get into a mass dungeon." Said Moon Jung.

"Alright" said Kang-Ho.

"Anyway, when did the dungeon appear?" Asked Kang-Ho.

"It's just been 3-4 days, there's still a lot of time till it closes." Said Moon Jung.

"When are you going to raid the dungeon?" Asked Kang-Ho.

"We still don't know the exact time, maybe in 10-20 days we are still negotiating with a guild to co-operate with us during the raid.

They talked for a little while more. It was refreshing for Kan-Ho to meet his old friend as well. So, he didn't mind talking with him, they were good friends before he moved after all.

They enjoyed drinks and the food. They exchanged their contacts before parting ways. They decided to meet again to have some drinks. Kang-ho thought he could get some good information through the guy. So, he didn't mind sharing his contact no. Anyway, it was nice to have one or two drinking buddies.

It was 6 pm so Kang-Ho decided to head towards home because his mother had told him to visit the restaurant for dinner.


"Hey boss look doesn't that kid look same as in the picture that boss gave us to find?" asked one short man.

"Have you gone crazy shorty you think we can just find that guy in one day? Boss hasn't even bought the information yet, how do you think we can find this guy with only a sketch? It's like searching for a needle in a hay stack." Said the man angrily while fondling a beauty. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"But boss look at him first and judge for yourself." Said the shorty.

The man stood up from his seat and went to the balcony where shorty was. When he finally came to the balcony, he finally saw the guy that shorty was talking about. Right then many emotions flashed through his eyes, first it was killing intent, then happiness, and lastly greed. The man he was looking at was none other than Kang-Ho.

"Boss, wait I will report to the HQ right away they will surely reward us handsomely." Said the shorty while he was going toward the phone.

The man suddenly turned around, then he suddenly attacked the shorty from behind. The shorty fell to the ground.


"Aouch, boss why did you hit me?" asked the shorty making an expression which seemed that he was being wronged.

"You F**king moron this is the reason why you are still just a lackey. You have no brain to think." Said the man to the shorty.

"What do you mean boss I thought we can tell the HQ and get some rewards in return what's the problem with that?" asked the shorty again.

"What's the problem you are the problem. Your brainlessness is a problem. Just think what if we handed this guy directly to the HQ, what kind of reward would we get then? I heard he killed the young master. Even the guild leader might come to meet us directly to reward us. I Naam Sook might even get the chance to enter the second hunting team if I am lucky enough." Said Nam Sook.

"Boss you are the best. You are genius sorry for doubting your intelligence." Said the shorty.

"Alright shut up, now go and gall the whole team up we are following this kid. I will go ahead and start following the kid you bring take the team and follow me immediately." Said Nam sook.

"Yes boss, I will immediately get into do that." Said shorty as he made his way to call the team.

"Hahahahaha, today is a very lucky day for me." said Nam sook while laughing.


Meanwhile, Kang-Ho had already sensed the killing intent, so he waited for the person to come to him. After making sure that the guy was following him, he started to continue on the road again.

Kang-Ho wondered who it was, he thought he would question the guy before killing him. He can't let anyone with killing intent towards him live.

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