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Chapter 20: Massacre (2)

Kang-Ho was standing in front of a Night club. According the locations provided by the Black-market 12 high ranking members of the second hunting team were at this night club.

Kang-Ho went inside the night club. After searching for a while, he finally saw two guys with the same emblem on their chest, the emblem was same Unholy brothers from earlier used.

He made his way towards them. It seemed like they were guarding the door behind them.

"Stop right there, if you move closer, we will have to attack you." Said one of the guards from the unholy brothers to Kang-Ho, while gripping his sword.

Kang-Ho didn't care about what they said he still continued advancing towards the door. As he did so both of the guards gripped their weapons and attacked Kang-Ho.






Both of them swung their weapons one of them was using a huge hammer other one was using a sword. As their weapons approached Kang-Ho, he just side stepped and dodged the incoming attack. They were both stupefied they never thought anyone could dodge their attack. After Kang-Ho dodged the attack the hammer hit the ground in full force which created a huge sound. The hammer carrying man was not in position to defend himself after his hammer hit the ground, Kang-Ho didn't let him get the time to recuperate he just with a swing of his dagger cut the man's head off.

The other guy was terrified to see his friend's head roll off lifelessly. He went mad he attacked Kang-Ho.




That guy swung his sword without any stop, he just wanted to kill Kang-Ho right now. But Kang-Ho in response just blocked his sword with one hand. With the other hand he pierced the man's heart in effort to kill the guy.

After killing that guy Kang-Ho took his dagger out of the man's chest. Then swung his dagger to get rid of the blood. Right then the door that the guys were guarding opened.

"Who is causing commotion? Do you people want to die?" one guy came out of the room while shouting these words.

"Who is causing the como....." before he could finish his sentence, he saw the two lifeless bodied of his guild. And Kang-Ho who was carrying bloodied daggers.

"Hey, guys someone is looking to die today. Come out." said the man looking towards the room behind him.


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"Who is that guy? Does he think he can do whatever he likes?' said one of the guys in the bar.

"He will die today for sure; he shouldn't have provoked the unholy brothers." Said the other man.

"Should I call the hunter's association?" asked one of the men.

"Shut the f**k up! Do you have a death wish? It's a fight between hunters. Don't even think about calling them." Said the other man.

"Let's go home." Said one man.

"Fuck off coward I am going to watch how hunters fight. Next time I will surely clear the tutorial dungeon." said the other man.

"Yeah right. You clearing the tutorial dungeon is impossible forget it." Said one of the men sarcastically.

"Shut up! Now let's watch how Unholy Brothers skins that mask wearing guy alive." Said one of the men.


"What is it? What happened now?" someone asked while he made his way out of the door. Many people came out following that man.

"You son of a bi**h! You are go..." one guy was trying to talk but Kang-Ho killed him swiftly. Kang-Ho pounced towards him before he could react, he swung his dagger. His head fell to the ground. He was angrier now.

"Fu**!" yelled one of the men, after watching his team mate die so easily.

"Who are you? Which guild sent you?" asked one of the men.

Kang-Ho didn't stop for anything. He pounced towards another person.

He continued the same way for some more time. He managed to kill everyone from unholy brothers.

After he was done killing, he made his way out of the Night club. He started heading towards his next target. His next target.


"How could this be? He just killed the entire second hunting division of unholy brothers all alone. How is this possible? I can't believe this." One of the earlier guys commented.

"Who is he? Which guild did the unholy brothers provoke now that this kind of monster was sent to take care of them?" asked the other man.

"Humph, he won't live for long. If the guild master of unholy brothers was here that guy would be long dead." Said one of the men.



"Yes, come in" one guy who was sitting in a chair enjoying the view of the city from the 9Th floor of a building said. He had a name plate on his desk which wrote, Park gyu.

"Sir we can't seem to come in contact with the hunting team which went for a hunt today." Said a woman after entering the room.

"Do you think they died in the dungeon?" asked Park gyu.

"No, sir we lost contact with them before they could enter the dungeon." said the woman.


"Were they f**king drunk? I remember instructing them not to drink today." said Park gyu while he slapped the desk.

This dungeon was very important for the guild. If they messed up this hunt the guild was going to be in trouble. Park gyu knew that if the guild master knew about this, he would kill him. He had to do something.

"Don't call the guild master it's too late at night, you go bring the car outside we are going to the portal to check the entire situation." Said Park gyu.

"And also call the second division, tell them they might have to enter the dungeon." said park gyu.

"Yes sir" said the woman, and went to make the call.

After some try.

"Sir they are not picking the phone either." Said the woman.

"where did they f**king disappear to. Go immediately bring the car we will head towards the portal." Said Park gyu.


Park gyu and his assistant left the building, and right after they left Kang-Ho came in front of the Unholy brother's HQ. it was a 10-floor building. It had some guards guarding the entrances and exits.

Kang-Ho didn't care how many guards there were, he just kept walking towards the building.

"Wait right there. What work do you have in the unholy brothers guild's HQ? do you have an appointment?" asked one of the security guard.

Kang-Ho didn't answer he just took his daggers out, and dashed towards them. It didn't take long for him to dispose of them.

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