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30.98% The Hunter That Returned From Hell / Chapter 22: Massacre (4)

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Chapter 22: Massacre (4)

"What? Are you sure? I will kill you if it's just a joke." Park gyu couldn't take it anymore, he went insane after hearing the second piece of news. It was like someone dropped an atom bomb on his head. He was sweating profoundly. He didn't know what to do next.

Who was this masked man and what grudge did he have with the guild? He just killed half of the pillars who were supporting the Unholy Brothers. If he could get the masked man in front of him right now, he would surely kill that bastard. All the hard work he put into building this guild was washed away by some masked man, the worse part was he couldn't do anything to stop it.

Park gyu knew that if he didn't find out the identity of this masked man, he would be the next person to die. He started to think of every possible enemy he might have who could do this much damage in a single day. Even after working his brain nonstop he couldn't figure out who the culprit was.

"Sir?" his assistant called out in a low voice. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"SIR?" shouted the assistant after hearing no response from Park gyu on the first time.

"Ah-what?" Park gyu finally snapped out of his thinking state and asked his assistant.

"Should I call the guild master and inform him of the situation?" asked the assistant.

"You have a death wish? If guild master finds out that half of our strength has been chipped off and I still don't know the perpetrator, he would skin me and you alive without hearing our side of the story. Shut your mouth if you don't have any good suggestions." Said Park gyu, he knew guild master the best. If he really found out about this, he would surely kill them he wasn't joking around.

"Yes sir, sorry." After that the assistant shut herself up.

"We won't figure anything out by just standing here, let's go to the black market and see if they have any information on the guild who hired this person." Said Park gyu. He couldn't believe that this was done by a single person with grudge with the guild. He believed that this was planned attack by some of their rival guilds to weaken them.

"Yes sir" said the assistant.

They went to the car and started heading to the black market, Park gyu hoped he could find the information.


Inside the HQ of the of Unholy brothers, the intense fight was still going on.




The captain swung his sword his sword towards Kang-ho but later blocked the attack with both of the daggers. After blocking Kang-Ho pushed away captain, captain fell to the ground because of the push. Unfortunately, Kang-Ho couldn't take advantage of the situation at that moment, there were a lot of attacks heading his way, so he decided not to follow with a fatal attack to the captain.

On that moment, an axe was heading his way, he pulled one of the people near him and made him hid shield. The axe landed on the man's back, it penetrated deep into his back, but still that person was not dead Kang-Ho stabbed the man's heart and threw the man towards the crowd.

He managed to make a lot of people stumble by that move. He pounced towards the people who got affected by that, and started slashing his daggers nonstop. He managed to kill 8 of the enemies at that attack. It didn't take too much to kill these people.

After being overpowered by Kang-Ho, the captain began to rethink his strategy.

'I can't face this monster head on. I would have died just now if it was a one on one. I need to be careful.' Thought the captain.

"Everyone attack at once. He is dangerous, don't face him on one on one battle. Regroup, and surround this bastard." Yelled the captain.

Kang-Ho didn't care if they surrounded him or attacked him at once. He just let them do whatever that planned to do.

"ATTACK" yelled the captain. He with the members of the first division and the other high-ranking members attacked Kang-ho at once. He managed to dodge some but he could not dodge some as they made some cuts on the body of Kang-Ho, the injuries were not that serious. He didn't stop because of some minor injuries.

Kang-Ho started to get more aggressive, he didn't have more time to waste on them. So, he started to swing his daggers nonstop. He attacked, defended from incoming attacks. His fighting style was perfect, now he didn't get any injuries. With every two swings of his daggers one per son fell lifelessly.

After some time, they were only about 50 or so people left. The guild members were extremely fatigued.

Kang-ho now finally focused on the captain. he pounced towards the captain, swung his dagger.





The captain managed to block the attack with his shield, and as a counter attacked, he swung his sword as well. But, Kang-Ho bended a little and dodged the attack, and with a slash of his dagger he managed to cut captain's hand off.

"AAAHHHHH….NOOOOOO" yelled the captain in pain. He couldn't believe he lost an arm.

After cutting the arm off, Kang-Ho didn't stop with his attack. He pounced towards the captain once again.



This time he went straight for the neck, and he managed to cleanly behead the captain, after which his body fell lifelessly to the ground.




"Pick the da*n phone on bi*ch." Yelled Park gyu at his assistant.

"Sorry sir." Said the assistant, as she was not a hunter, she could only take the insults.

The assistant picked the phone up, and wanted to ask something but her complexion suddenly changed. Her body went cold. After hearing the phone, she put the phone down. Shifted her gaze towards Park gyu.

"Sir, the HQ is under attack by a mask wearing man. By the description it seems the same man who killed the second division and the others." Said the assistant sternly.

"What how many people are there?" asked Park gyu, the colour of his skin turned grey, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. This was his worst nightmare.

"Fortunately, only one. And he is been surrounded by 300 of our man now the first division included." Said the assistant.

"That's a f**king relief, did he really think he is immortal? He would surely die this time." Park gyu's face finally gained back some of its lost colour. He was happy that it was just one person attacking the guild.

"Turn the car over we are heading to the HQ. we can ask that F**ker which guild hired him to target us." Said Park gyu as he breathed sigh of relief.


After sometime they finally arrived at the HQ; they made their way to the 6th floor as they were told that was where they were fighting the intruder.

They had just managed to exit the elevator, as they felt a strong odour of blood hitting their nose. When they felt the floor was more slippery than usual, they both glanced down at the floor. What they saw pulled the living soul out of their body. The floor was filled with blood. It was like they were in an actual horror movie scene.

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