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Chapter 5: Monster Core

Next morning,

Kang-ho woke up at 8:00am, he took bath, had breakfast with family, now he was getting ready to go to the tutorial dungeon.

"Be careful" said his mother again, she was still anxious.

"Don't worry mom" Kang-ho consoled her.

"Oppa, bring a lot of candy for me" said his sister.

"Alright, oppa will bring a lot of candy for Hwa-young." Said Kang-ho.

"hehehehehe" she was very happy.

Kang-ho bid everyone farewell and went towards the tutorial dungeon which was located in Busan took him about 2 hours to arrive there. The area was very lively you could see many people in many types of armour he made his way through the crowd to the receptionist. He had to make a request to identify himself as a hunter before he could enter the dungeon.

After a while he found the reception. No one was there so he had to ring the bell.

"Yes, coming" said a female voice coming from inside.

She arrived in front of the reception immediately and greeted Kang-Ho. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Good morning sir, I am Min Ryung how may I be of help to you today?" asked the receptionist.

"I would like to resister as a hunter." said Kang-Ho.

"Alright, may I know your name, age, and can I see your civilian provided by hunter's association or government id?" asked the receptionist.

"Name Yi Kang-Ho, Age 20" said Kang-ho as he took the government id out, he didn't have civilian Id.

"Thankyou, please give me a moment to check the authenticity of the documents." said the receptionist as she started doing her work.

It took a little while for her to finish her work but after it was done, she came to Kang-Ho, and handed everything back with a smile.

"Thank you, for the patience and sorry for the wait. We are done doing the identity check so, now we can move on to next process of entering the dungeon and completing the test of the dungeon. Let me explain to you the process of dungeon" said the receptionist and started her explanation. Kang-Ho listened to her attentively because he might need this information.

"One must enter tutorial alone. When you enter the dungeon, you are given a weapon of your choice you can choose any weapon you want from that list. Tutorial Dungeon's difficulty is divided into three modes easy mode, normal mode, hard mode. On easy mode you will only encounter around 5 slimes they don't have offensive ability, so many new people wanting to become hunter go there to test their skills. We don't approve one to become hunter if they clear only easy mode one must at least clear normal mode. In the normal mode you will encounter 20 vampiric bats, they suck their prey's blood so be careful and don't let them surround you. On hard mode you will encounter one level 10 dire wolf, for new aspiring to be hunter like you I would recommend not to enter hard zone, even among experienced hunters their survival rate is 10% sometimes it's even lower.

There is a function inside the dungeon that asks you if you want to publicize your results, you will need to publicize your results for us to know if you passed the perimeter to become a hunter or not. Also, if you have a good outcome on the hunt and publish it you might be scouted by some guilds or even the hunter's association can scout you if you have exceptional outcome.

The fastest someone completed the normal trial is 20 minutes. The average time is 30 minutes to pass and become a hunter you will have to complete the dungeon within an hour.

One more thing, you won't find any dungeon cores and energy stones in this tutorial dungeon they are only found on level 1 or higher dungeons. The only way of income in this dungeon is through the monster core that is given only in hard mode you can find the monster core inside the monster you kill on hard level. You get level 0 monster core from killing the dire wolf, a level 0 monster core only sells for 1000 Dollar so hunting on tutorial level for money is not worth it." Said the receptionist.

He listened everything afterward asked some questions that were bugging him. He discovered that after getting hunter's official id you can make any kind of money transaction using that, and for civilians they can use civilian id that the hunter association provided.

To book a dungeon one had to use new smartphone that the hunter association created they can book dungeons from mobile, it wasn't too hard to book a dungeon there are a lot of dungeons spawning every day you can get one or tow dungeons daily if you have decent clear rates.

Only if you have a decent clear rate then can you get steady number of dungeons to clear.

The hunter's association maintains and controls the dungeons and they are the ones who distributes the dungeons. This was implemented because huge guilds had wars over monopoly of the dungeons, and the ones who got affected by the wars are the civilians. From then on Hunter's association took control of distribution of the dungeons. If anyone guild disagreed on this matter and tried to monopolised the dungeon, they felt the wrath of the hunter's association.

As a commission of maintaining the dungeon the hunter's association has the right over 5% of the loot that you get from the dungeon as a tax.

After he was done talking, the receptionist was done registering him and they made their way to the entrance of the tutorial dungeon. The portal was not similar to the portal through which he went to the other dimension, this portal is oval in shape it has the size of 5 meters and the colour of the portal is sky blue , but the portal he in that mountain was 20 meter in height and the colour was also different it was light grey but the same was same oval.

This portal was in middle of the road and the place was barricaded with huge walls and there were people watching him probably the scouts.

"This is the portal from where you can enter the dungeon, you just need to touch it you will enter the dungeon immediately" the receptionist said.

Kang-ho did exactly what the receptionist said and immediately he was transferred inside the dungeon. The feeling he got from entering this portal was different from the one he got from the portal in the mountain this time he didn't feel any difficulty or pain.

After a second or so he was inside the dungeon.


[Welcome Yi Kang-Ho]

[Name: Yi Kang-Ho

Age: 20

Level: 1

Class: None


Strength: 10 Dexterity: 10

Agility:10 Deffense:10


Attack: 50*

Magic attack:50*




A attribute window appeared before him.

[Please choose A weapon of your preference]

[Caution: The class you receive on level 50 class change will highly depend on the weapon you choose, so choose wisely]

After that notification he saw a window filled with different kinds of weapons he took some time carefully looking through the weapons there were staffs, knifes, swords, broad swords, rapiers, caws, magic books, nature staffs, etc. he carefully looked through the weapons and chose a pair of daggers.

[ Are you sure you want to choose daggers]

"Yes" he said.

The reason why he chose daggers was because he was most efficient with daggers in his hands, he fought for 400 years in the Hell so he was most proficient with using the daggers.

*Note: Attack= (strength*5)

Magic attack= (mana*5)

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