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Chapter 17: Monster

Kang-Ho was in no hurry to go to his house so he just kept walking around the market, he was still searching for some good items that he could buy. He didn't find any good item even today. He was a little disappointed.

After he was done, he saw the group following him increase in numbers. He wasn't worried, he just wondered who these people were. He waited some more time to check if there were more people.


"Boss, we are back. I bought 10 level 15 and 5 level 20 guys with me. What's the level of that guy? Do I need to bring some more guys just in case?" asked shorty.

"No need, from what I heard he is just a Rookie. He just completed the tutorial dungeon." Said Nam Sook.

"Hahahaha, seems we don't have to even work and we are going to get rewarded." Said the shorty.

"Shut up, young master was 30 from what I heard but he still died. Someone must be protecting him from shadow don't get too cocky just yet. I just hope the one protecting him isn't more than level 45." Said Nam Sook.

"Sorry boss." Said the shorty.


After some waiting when no body joined the group, Kang-Ho started moving. He didn't waste anymore time, he had to visit the restaurant too so he just started his search for a secluded area.

After he found one, he entered the area. He was still walking there.


"Boss, should we attack now? Don't you think it's the best option to attack now? We can't find more suitable place than this to do our job right?" asked the shorty.

"No" said Nam Sook.

"Why? Do you think the person behind him found out and is leading was to a trap?" asked the shorty.

"Doesn't matter even if he found out we will still kidnap the kid. I am just waiting for him to lead us to his house. We can get more reward if we find his house, boss will take pleasure in killing them." Said Nam Sook.

"You are genius boss." Said the shorty.


After some time, when the guys from the shadow didn't show up, he stopped and turned back.

"Are you guys coming out or what?" asked Kang-Ho as he took his daggers out.

"Cocky, aren't you? Hahahahaha" said Nam Sook as he walked towards Kang-ho.

"Alright kid surrender to us right now we don't kill you if you surrender, I promise. But if you show any intent on fighting back this here is our boss Nam Sook and he is Level 45. If he gets angry n one can protect you then." Said shorty.

Kang-Ho didn't care what he said. He suddenly disappears from the location. It was a dark alley the view wasn't clear, so they thought Kang-Ho disappeared.


"AAAAKKKKKK" Someone from the back shouted.


After the shout, a sound of something falling to the ground came. Nam sook turned back; he was stupefied from what he saw. He saw a lifeless body of his team member falling to the ground after his head was cleanly cut off. He finally saw kang-ho in front of the dead guy.

'What the Fu*k! Wasn't this guy supposed to be a rookie hunter who just completed the tutorial dungeon? Did the boss fu*king lie to us?' thought Nam Sook.


Nam sook gulped seeing his men dying like that.

"You fucker I will kill you." Yelled Naam Sook. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Nam sook grabbed his battle axe, which he was carrying in his back. he ran towards Kang-Ho to attack him. He wanted chop off Kang-Ho's arm.

"Ahhhhh…." Shouted Nam sook as he tried to attack Kang-Ho.

But unfortunately, his attack didn't land on Kang-Ho he dodged the attacked and ran towards his other targets.

"You Fu**ing rat come here and face me." Shouted Nam sook, he didn't want to see his teammates die in front of his eyes.

Kang-Ho didn't stop at Nam Sook's provocation he continued what he was doing. Kang-Ho wanted to take care of slam fires first so that they wouldn't run away when he fought with Nam Sook. It would be a nuisance if someone ran away.

Kang-Ho kept attacking the ones with low level. Only shorty and Nam sook were left. After killing all the small fries, he turned his head towards Nam Sook who was attacking him. This time he didn't dodge, he faced his attack head on.



He pushed Nam sook back, Nam sook couldn't land properly with his heavy battle axe in his axe, he stumbled a little.

"Just how…" Nam sook was surprised; he couldn't imagine he could be pushed back by Kang-Ho.

Nam sook was worried now, you could clearly see sweat dropping from his forehead. He thought this job would be easy. He regretted his decision of following behind Kang-Ho.

"Wait-wait, we could talk about this. There is no need for violence. I hate violence." Said Nam Sook.

Kang-ho didn't stop, he continued with his attack, he swung his dagger. He would never spare his enemy even if they begged.

Kang-ho didn't put much pressure on his dagger while swinging at Nam sook, even so he couldn't dodge the attack there was a cut on his chest now. The cut was not that deep but it was enough to make Nam sook scream.

"Ahhhhhhh.... You Fu**er, I will kill you." Yelled Nam sook in pain.

While all this was going on, shorty decided to run from the location. He didn't want to die.

Just when shorty attempted to run, Kang-threw a dagger towards him.

The dagger penetrated his knees, so he fell to the ground screaming.


Kang-ho turned his attention to Nam sook who was still screaming.

"Please don't kill me" Nam Sook begged.



Kang-ho didn't take pleasure in other's misery so he killed Nam sook swiftly.

He now walked towards shorty. He was still screaming while crying.

"Who is behind you? Why did you want to kill me?" Asked Kang-ho.

"I….It's Choi guild. You killed the son of the guild master so he ordered us to go and kill you. The guild master is level 80. He will kill you." Shorty said trying to intimidate Kang-ho.

"Where is Choi guild located?" asked Kang-ho.

Shorty told him where it was. Shorty didn't have any choice he thought if he answered Kang-Ho honestly, he wouldn't kill him.

After hearing Shorty Kang-Ho came to a conclusion that he had to get rid of the Choi guild. But before that he needed to get his first class. After hearing everything he killed shorty wit one swing of his dagger.

He left the area. He made his way towards his parent's restaurant.

When he was little away from the restaurant, he saw the restaurant burning. He was panicked, he started running towards the restaurant.

When he came in front of the restaurant, he saw his mom and sister crying while his father was consoling them. At this moment Kang ho felt like his world turned upside down. It felt like his heart fell to his stomach. Seeing his little sister and mother cry.

At this moment all he felt was endless rage which he had kept in check inside of him. The rage after finding out his uncle had threatened his sister's life, the rage he felt when he saw his family living inside a cottage, the rage after seeing his mother's burned hands, the rage after seeing his sister wearing ragged clothes, because they didn't have enough money to buy new clothes. Everything came rushing to his head now.

Kang-Ho had locked away a monster inside of him, after finally seeing his family. It was the monstrous side of him who always craved blood, the monster that took shape while living in that hell like world. This monster didn't let him have peace until he took lives of thousands of creatures. The monster didn't care what creature it was, his only desire was to kill. Kang ho felt that monster finally break free.

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