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Chapter 37: Next Target

After getting the order from Yeo shin couldn't say anything, he somehow had a very bad feeling about this. He was feeling very uncomfortable with the decision, but he couldn't voice them in front of his brother. Yeo Shin knew yeo Shik would laugh off his concerns as nothing. All he could now do was head in and hope for the best. He gripped his sword and slowly made his way closer to the crowd that was surrounding Kang-Ho's house.

Yeo Shin wanted to mix into the crowd before attacking sneakily, he was having a very bad feeling so he couldn't afford to be careless. Once he was blended inside the crowd, he looked back towards Yeo Shik who was closely observing the situation. He was also in a ready position to strike if any interference happened.

Their mission was to kill the entire family and not to leave any evidence that it was done by hunter. Even though the targets were non hunters the mission was still difficult, they couldn't afford any single mistakes. After he was in Yeo Shin signalled the crowd to make it more violent.


Moon Jung was very confused right now. Seeing the situation. From the looks of it this conflict looked staged for him the crowd had no apparent reason to attack the Yi family. Moon Jung wondered who it was, there was only one enemy of Yi family and he was already dead. Moon Jung pondered who could it be.

Right then Moon Jung spotted one person inside the crowd, on the first glance he already knew that the person was a hunter. He was trying his best to blend in the crowd, but unfortunately was unsuccessful.

Moon Jung immediately turned towards his body guards then signalled. He didn't want to take the chance and face the enemy himself, he knew his power was a little lacking, he didn't know what level the enemy was he had to protect the family from harm, so he thought it was better if he let his bodyguard handle the situation. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After getting the signal all the bodyguards that were hiding around the place started appearing. They came to a place where they could have a better place to attack from. They were in ready position to strike; they had already spotted their enemy.

Moon Jung then turned around with Man-Young, they were heading towards the inside of the house. Moon Jung knew after his body guard appears no one inside Busan could lay a finger on him.

When Yeo Shin saw Moon Jung leaving, he was surprised, he knew this was the perfect moment to strike, he turned around towards Yeo Shik once, after getting a green signal from him, Yeo Shin took his weapon out and started running towards the duo. He was just a little far from the duo, when he felt a hand grab him by the neck.

Yeo Shin's body started going cold, it was like his nightmare coming true. He knew from the start that this mission was not good. The worse part for Yeo Shin was he couldn't even move or get himself free from the hand, he was being carried like a ragdoll by the hand. All he could do was hope for them to sphere him.

Yeo Shin started to pray for himself. But unfortunately for him the other person was in no mood of having talk. The man took Yeo Shin by the neck and rammed him to the nearest wall with a very strong force.


The noise from the attack was very loud. Everyone in the crowd turned towards the noise, they were horrified from what they saw. The person who paid for them to come here was pinned to a wall the wall was coloued in red by the blood from the man's body. From far away the man looked lifeless to the people.

"Wa…wasn't he supposed to be a hunter? Ho…how could this even be possible." said one of the men from the crowd. He was so scared by what he saw he couldn't even speak properly.

"Ye..yes he is a hunter. We shouldn't waste our time here we should run away. I don't want to die this ear…ly." Said another man, he started crying while talking.

Everyone gathered there only had one thought in their head right now, run away. They knew their life was already forfeited when they decided to come to this place for the money but...….

They still didn't want to die. If the person who was pinning Yeo Shin to the wall was generous enough, he could let them live. They were too scared, they started running from the place. They loved their life more than money. It was like a night mare for the people.


"Mom what was that? Let me go outside and check." Said Hwa-Young and tried to run towards the door. She was very anxious as her father was still outside. she didn't want her father to get hurt like last time. Although she tried to hide her fear, and tried to act normal she couldn't control her tears. She was very worried about her father.

"No! Everything will be ok." Yelled her mother took her in her arms and consoled her. There was no way she could let the little girl go outside in the middle of a fight. She didn't want her to get hurt.

"Where is Oppa? Oppa will save us, right?" Finally, the little girl couldn't put up a brave front anymore and broke down in tears. She knew in a moment like this her oppa would save them like last time.

"Oppa will be back soon and he will send all the bad people away." Said her mom trying to console little girl.

Right then Moon Jung and Man-Young came inside, Man-Young knew where the sound came from, even so all he wanted to do now was to be with his family and make sure they were okay.

After entering the room Man-Young hugged the little girl and tried to calm her down. He didn't want to see his little daughter cry that hurt him the most.


"Should I go after them sir?" Asked one of the bodyguards asked the other one.

"No, leave them they must have been paid by them, to make the crime look like it was done by civilians. We won't find anything from them." Said the man as he turned around and headed towards the wall where Yeo Shin was pinned.

After the man came close to the wall. He facepalmed himself, he was very frustrated by the performance of his subordinate. He now hoped to dig a hole for himself, and burry himself under it. This was too embarrassing for him.

"I FU**ING TOLD YOU TO USE SOME FU**ING RESTRAINT. WHAT SHOULD I SAY TO YOUNG MASTER NOW? ARE YOU FU**ING DUMB?" the man was very angry at his subordinate he yelled with all his strength.

"Sir, I restrained myself a lot didn't know that the man was this weak. Though if he decided to attack young master, he should at least be stronger than him." Said the man like he was being wronged.

"" the commander was speechless after hearing his subordinate's reply.

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