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Chapter 15: Old Friend

After Kang-ho left the short man came back.

"You moron, why do you have to run your mouth all the time?" asked the tall man angrily.

"Sorry, he came out so fast and he had blood all over his body. So, I thought that he was seriously injured while inside the dungeon." Said the short man nervously.

"From next time, just shut your mouth." Said the tall man.

"Yes" said the short man.

Meanwhile, Kang-ho arrived at home he entered the house made sure no one woke up. He took a bath, then took the dirty clothes out and threw it in a dumpster a little far from his house. He didn't want his family to see that bloodied clothes. From now he planned to take extra pair of cloth with him on a hunt.

After he was done with everything, he went to his house and slept on the sofa.

Kang-ho woke up at 8:00 am in the morning. after having breakfast, he got ready. He was about to head outside.

"Kang-Ho come to the restaurant today we will be having our dinner at the restaurant." Said Ha-Neul.

"Alright mom." Said Kang-ho.

"Don't be late" she said.

Kang-Ho started heading towards the black market.

After some time, he came was near the black market so he went to a secluded area and wore the mask. He didn't have any business in the market area of the black market so he directly went to the headquarters.

"Welcome sir how may I help you" asked one of the staff in the black market.

"Yesterday, I cleared two dungeons and assigned the miners to bring the energy cores here." Said Kang-Ho.

"Can I have your id to check the staff who was assigned to you for the transaction?" asked the masked man.

Kang-Ho handed him over the card and waited. After some time, the woman from last time came.

"Welcome sir, please follow me." Said the woman.

They went to a private room, Kang-ho went inside and sat on a sofa.

"Would you like to have something sir?" asked the woman.

"No" said Kang-ho.

"Would you like to sell the energy stone to black market or take the energy stones with you?" Asked the woman.

"I will sell" said Kang-ho.

"Please wait a moment I will bring all the stones." Said the woman.

"Alright" said Kang-ho.

After some time, the woman came with ring in her hand.

"The miners got 2,345 class 1 energy stones from both dungeons so after deducting the hunter's association's tax and black-market tax you get 2,157.4 energy stones. After converting it to money you get 215,740$. Please check the contains of the ring to verify the number of stones yourself." Said the woman.

Kang-Ho did what the woman told him and after confirming that what she said was truth he took out all the monster cores and kept it In front of the lady.

"I want to sell these too" said Kang-ho.

The woman checked the contains of the pouch and found out that it was 23 class 1 monster cores. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"This will be 230,000$ and after the black-market tax it will be 227,700$. All together you get 443,170$. Please hand me your black-market card so that I can complete the transaction." Said the woman.

Kang-ho gave her the card. After the transaction was done, Kang-ho left the black-market he didn't have anything else to do here so he decided to roam around the market today. He came to a secluded area and opened the mask. After he was done, he headed towards the city area.

Kang ho didn't have much to do today so he decided to roam the market to look at the items that was being sold there.


Inside a 10-floor building there was a man sitting on a chair. His eyes were red.

There was another man kneeling on the ground.

"Did you find out who killed my son? Where is that bitch? Did she talk?" Asked the man.

"Yes, guild leader we found out that this guy killed young master choi." The man handed him over a sketch of Kang-ho with beard and long hair.

"Good, Good buy information about him from black-market and kill the son of a bitch and his entire family." Said the angry man.

"Yes, we are on it guild master." Said the man kneeling on the ground.

"You can go now." Said the man.


The kneeling man came out of the room and went to a room where there were many people gathered.

"This is the person who killed young master find out who he is and kill him." Said the man.

"Yes, sir" said the people in the room.


Kang-Ho was unaware of these kinds of developments. He was currently searching the market in search for a good worthwhile item but to his disappointment he didn't find one.

He was about to leave.

"Kang-Ho" someone shouted from behind him.

Kang-Ho turned around to checkout who it was. It was his old friend from school, his name was moon jung. He was his best friend when they were in school. He came from wealthy family, but his family moved to capital 2 years. Kang-Ho wondered what he was doing here again.

"Hey long time no see how have you been." Asked Moon Jung.

"I am good. What about you, didn't you move to the capital?" asked Kang-Ho.

"I came to help a friend with his guild." Said Moon Jung.

"Oh" said Kang-Ho.

"Hey let's go and have some drinks, after all we meet after so long." Said moon jung.

"Ok" replied Kang-ho as he didn't have a good reason to turn him down.

They went to a nearby restaurant and ordered meat and some soju and started drinking.

"Hey, I became a hunter and I am level 90 right now. I am a warrior. Did you go to the tutorial dungeon yet?" asked Moon jung.

"Yes, I am a level 10 hunter." Kang-ho lied even if they were best friend that was in the past.

"Oh, nice do you want to join a guild? I can recommend you to the guild I am in right now. Although I am here temporarily, the guild leader is a very good friend of mine so he will take you in no problem." Said Moon Jung.

"Thanks, but sorry I don't want to join any guilds." Said kang-ho.

"Alright if you change your mind just ask me, I will introduce you to him." Said moon jung.

"Hey so I heard your Uncle took over your father's company. Do you want me to tell my father about it and make him pressure your uncle in giving the company back?" asked moon jung. Of course, he wasn't joking even before the dungeon came to be his father was top tier tycoon of the country.

"No, it's ok I think they are doing fine right now." Kang-ho didn't want to owe anyone favour so he rejected the offer. Even so he was going to kill his uncle anyway and as for property he can earn a lot by hunting. Its just a mater of time he would be rich by hunting anyway.

"So, what's your purpose for you to visit Busan?" asked Kang-ho.

"Mass dungeon." Said Moon Jung in a very low voice he didn't want any other customer to hear him.

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