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Chapter 23: Park Gyu

Even horror movie scene would not truly describe the scene they were seeing in front of their eyes. The blood was all over the floor, and the odour of blood was unbearable. Park gyu's face became like someone who had see ghost. He was mortified.

'Didn't the call say it was just one guy? How is there so much blood here?' thought Park Gyu.


His assistant couldn't take it anymore, she started vomiting right there.

"You go down and call the guild master, the situation is out of hand now." Said Park Gyu in a stern voice.

After hearing that she felt relief, she couldn't stay there longer it was too unbearable. She got into the elevator, and went down to get some fresh air.

The assistant was off the hook, but Park Gyu had to go in to check the situation inside the office. He just prayed for the blood to be enemy forces. Cold sweats were dripping down his fore head. His life depended on this. He made his resolve and started walking through the blood slowly. He was already prepared for any sneak attack. He had gripped his sword tightly.

He walked very slowly, as he was cautious of any sneak attacks. The last this he wanted was to get caught off guard.

He finally made it to the office area, the scene he saw could give any ordinary person heart attack. The fright he felt when he entered the area was indescribable. His face lost all its lively colours, it turned as white as paper.

The entire area was filled with dead bodies, he could clearly see they were all his men. The corpses were all over the room. Park Gyu stumbled when he saw one particular corpse, he sat the corpse of the first division captain. All the hope he had were gone, everything was hopeless all the important pillars of the guild were gone, all the hard work he put into this guild was gone.

Now all he could feel was rage extreme rage. He wanted to know which guild did this to him. He wanted to kill everyone involved in this.

Right then his eyed fell on a slightly open door of a room, the room lights were off. That room was a large smoking area, some smokes were coming out of that open door. That meant someone was in there. He gripped his sword, and walked towards the door cautiously. With small steps he made it to the door.

When he opened the door, he just saw one person sitting on a desk, looking towards him while he smoked. The room was dark so de couldn't see the face of the man but he could see a mask which he placed by his side. After seeing something that resembled mask, Park gyu's anger exploded, he knew he was the culprit who did all this. Right now, it didn't matter to him that he would win a fight with this guy or not, he just wanted to kill this guy anyhow.

But he controlled his anger for now, he wanted to know who hired this guy. He had never offended any individual, who was this powerful who could wipe the entire guild out.

"Who are you? How did our guild offend you? Or did some guild hire you to do this? If so tell me how much they gave you I will give you the double to kill them." Said Park Gyu.

"Park Gyu, we meet again. How have you been?" said Kang-Ho as he smoked. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'He knows me? Who is he?' thought Park Gyu.

After seeing the corpses outside, Park Gyu was only 50% sure he could defeat the guy. Only a person closest to getting a class or a person who had a class could do that. He couldn't sense any skills being used in the office so he guessed that the opponent was match to his level. He Park Gyu was a level 49 hunter he was just one step away from getting class. He could feel the mana in the surrounding. All that was needed for him to get a class was enlightenment. If he could just get an enlightenment inside a dungeon while fighting, only then could he get a class.

Getting enlightenment on the fighting style they used was the only way one could acquire a class. And what kind of enlightenment you get would determine the rank of the class you acquire. Getting a class wasn't a small feat, the power difference between a hunter with a class and one without a class was like comparing a child with a sworn and an adult with a sword. It was a whole different level of power.

Once a person acquires a class, they would get a skill which would advance their strength by two-fold. The skill power of their skills would depend on the rank of their class.

After knowing that the opponent was classless, he was a little delighted, at first, he thought he would rather die fighting than turning away. He had given away his life when he entered the 6th floor of the building. But now everything was different he could defeat this person if he fought seriously, was what he thought.

"What do you mean? Have we ever met?" asked Park Gyu, he wasn't in hurry to fight he first had to gather all the information about this person as he could, before killing him. So, he continued to talk to him.

"Oh, you forgot about me? That's not nice, remember you used to take me to school, when I was little." Said Kang-Ho, as he bended backwards, where there was moonlight shining. The light shone his face, Park Gyu finally could see the culprit's face.

Even after accomplishing his goal Park gyu wasn't happy, on the contrary he was shocked, he took 2 steps backward unconsciously.

"How is this possible we thought you died 2 years ago?" Park gyu was too shocked, after seeing Kang-Ho's face he couldn't believe his own eyes. He could recognize that face even if he was drunk.

"My father was good to you, he never treated you baldly when you were our driver, did he? In the end even you betrayed him, huh? Seems like he was just too nice to you." Said Kang-Ho without any emotion on his face. It wasn't that he wanted to talk to the guy he just wanted to finish the cigarette before he fought again. He was in no rush at all, the main culprit was yet to come. Kang-Ho figured now that Park gyu was here he would be here soon.

Park gyu used to be his father's personal driver before he disappeared. His father always treated Park gyu as his family. He never mistreated him. He worked for his father for almost 10 years.

"Hump, what would a brat like you know? So, is that it you want revenge for what we did to your father? You will die today kid, oh and trust me it won't be painless. I will torture you to death." Said Park gyu with a smirk on his face. As he said that he gripped his sword tightly.

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