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Chapter 30: Plot

Kang-Ho didn't let the bear stabilize itself. He made his second round of attacks. This time he didn't let the bear have a moment of peace he continuously attacked the bear at the same point of its skull.

After having his share of fun fighting the bear, Kang-Ho finally killed the bear. He managed to gain 3 level this time around. He wondered what kind of threat he would face deep inside the dungeon. Kang-Ho slowly made his way towards deep inside the dungeon.


Outside it had already been 2 hours since Kang-Ho entered the dungeon. Kang-Ho took a lot of time defeating the monsters. Kang-Ho was in no hurry so he took his time. But outside the portal, the hunter's guild had started the evacuation of surrounding area. People left their houses, without asking any questions. They knew how horrifying it became once a dungeon break happened. They had experienced it many time, millions of people died because of dungeon break in these 2 years. So, they knew the horror and the threat, that the dungeon break possessed.

The evacuation was on full swing, the evacuation was done by the members of the hunter's association and the black-market jointly, so the people were assured that the dungeon break won't cause much damage to their houses. They were the symbol pf untouchable powers that rose up when there was no system governing the world. It was because of them and some of the high-level guilds, the country was in some what order. Although they didn't ensure the law and order of the country, but they ensured that no hunter would kill any non-hunter.

The world was not peaceful, but they made sure that the common civilians wont die, because of hunters. The world was F**ked up place, but they managed to get some peace for the civilians.


A car stopped Infront of the portal, one female with mask on came out of the car. The people from the Black-market went Infront of her and bowed.

"Mam, you are here. We already have gathered the forces needed to clear the dungeon break, with the help of the hunter association." A woman wearing mask came in front of the crowd and answered, after seeing the manager waving at her.

"Good, how many people did you managed to gather?" asked the manager.

"Around 10 for now, but the Hunter association said around 25 hunters are on their way here, they will be here in 5 hours." Said the woman.

"Alright, make sure the evacuation is done fast. We can't waste too much time. How much time has been since that person entered the dungeon?" asked the manager.

"It's been 2 hours." Said the woman.

"You think he is still alive?" asked the manager.

"The dungeon is still locked, I guess he managed to survive till this time. Though I don't think he can survive anymore time. He should be hiding somewhere after encountering a powerful enemy." Said the woman.

"I guess so." The manager waved her hand, signalling her to go. After the woman left the manager started to contemplate something.

Right then, she saw a man carrying a book and a staff walk towards her with a smile.

"Jin Kyu so I heard you managed to gather 25, level 50+ hunters. Please tell me if it's just a joke I don't want this city to suffer because of you" said the manager.

"Your mind has also become old with your age, hasn't it? Of course, I am telling the truth. Why would I lie in a serious situation like this?" said Jin kyu, although he looked like someone of 50 years age, he still made fun of manager's age. The manager didn't mind coz they knew each other.

"You think I will believe you that easily? You think hunters grow on tree? It was hard enough for me to find 10 level 50+ hunters in a place like this. You think you have more power than me here in Busan?" said the woman.

"Your age is really getting up to you. Who said the hunters are from Busan. Come here let me tell you a secret." Said the man, the manager went to him.

"There seems to be a very important person visiting Busan. So, my request was approved directly no questions asked." Said the man in a hushed tone.

"You think that's a news to me? How naïve you still are huhuhuhu." The woman said and laughed evilly.

"F**k You, old hag." Said the man and went his way he was angry at his stupidity. He thought he could give her a shock, but instead of giving her a shock, that witch gave him a shock instead. He found out about this matter just now but, the old hag seemed to have known about this matter for quite some time now.

The manager laughed inwardly seeing the naivety of the fellow. She was very happy after humiliating him. She made her way towards the hunters gathered there for the fight.

After coming close, she noticed half of them didn't have any proper armour. this was a serious issue. Many people every day lost their lives because of bad gears. Although there were still some hunters coming for the help, she didn't want to take the chance.

"You come here." She called the woman from earlier. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Go, take them to the HQ and give them proper armour and weapons. Make sure they return the items after this is over. They are your duty to look over." Said the manager.

"Yes mam." Said the woman, while bowing. After that she led the people without proper armour with her.

Even after knowing there were enough people to contain the dungeon break, the manager was still very anxious.


On the other side of Busan inside the Choi guild, a man came running to a office.



"Come in" said a voice from inside the office.

The man came inside the room. He was covered with sweats; he knew the guild master was angry at him for being late.

"If you don't have good news, I will kill you right now." Said the man sitting in the chair. The other man knew he wasn't kidding.

"Sir, I found that guy's address. I heard his restaurant was destroyed some days ago but that is already fixed. They have started running the business again." Said the man.

"HAHAHAHAH...., finally go gather some civilians, and send 2 level 40, guild member with them. Make sure we don't get find out by anyone from hunter association. Kill all his family members. I want him to suffer the pain I felt, when I lost my son." Said the man after laughing maniacally.

"Yes sir." Said the other man and left the room.


Meanwhile Kang-Ho was unaware of the plot that was going on against his family. He was quickly advancing towards the deep part of the dungeon.

He was feeling a little uneasy, as he moved closer to the end of the dungeon. The more he goes in the colder he felt. Kang-Ho could feel the death energy that was inside the dungeon. It was as he had suspected this dungeon was something more than, what met the eye.

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