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Chapter 8: Rewards

'My body is still not used to being here if it was like in the hell, I would have never had gotten a scratch from this kind of weakling. I will need to level up fast to regain my speed' he said.

Hell was like a lion's den for Kang-Ho. He was like a rabbit living inside the lion's den, to survive he had to be fast on his feet. There were super strong lions present in every corner of the Hell, to hunt for food he always had to rely on his foot to be as quick and sift as possible. He trained his moving skills for 400 years improving nonstop. He never made a single sound wherever he went, he was fastest and swiftest in the hell, no one ever could catch up to him, he was like a shadow. He was also the strongest by the end every creature with intelligence feared him and shivered by the mention of his name.

He got ready for the next attack. He needed to finish it quickly. He ran towards the wolf lord.




He blocked the attack from the king and gave the king a push which made him fall to the ground. Kang-Ho didn't turnaround to check up on him as he knew this was his chance to strike down the lord. He advanced forward.



His dagger came down on the neck of the lord with all the power Kang-Ho had in him and before the lord could react his head was chopped off.




He made series of swing and took many of the dire wolfs down with it. They tried to retaliate but to no avail Kang-ho dodged every attacks. Only 4 dire wolfs where left now.





The king again tried to sneak a surprise attack on Kang-Ho. But Kang-ho was waiting for this moment to happen, right when king was about to land a hit on Kang-ho he sidestepped, then turning his body around Kang-ho used the king's downwards motion to his advantage and attacked the king with an upper cut on the unprotected neck.


He managed to penetrate the neck of the wolf and left a possibly life-threatening wound on the king.




Not giving the wolf a moment to recuperate Kang-Ho started his barrage of dagger swings which managed to injure the king further. Right now, king was covered with many deep cuts all over his body bleeding nonstop.

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Gathering all his strength king managed to attack Kang-ho once more, but still Kang-ho blocked it and pushed the wolf down. The wolf fell helplessly, Kang-Ho made his move and pounced towards the wolf.



That was it the king died with a dagger blade sticking out of its ear. One of the daggers broke after the last attack there was only the grip in his hand now, he threw the grip away and took the dagger on his left hand to his right hand. Now he turned towards the Dire wolfs and mad a quick work out of them.



He levelled up 5 times.

After that he collected all the monster stones off their bodies, he now had 21 class 0 monster core and 6 class 1 monster cores. He was happy with his gains. Right when he was done collecting the cores the system notification came.


[Congratulation on completing the purgatory mode in 26 minutes. Do you want to reveal your glorious results?]

"No" Said Kang-Ho

[Congratulation on accomplishing the impossible. You receive 2 level bonus and get a chance to receive an SSS rank class on reaching level 50.]

[On being the first person to complete this dungeon you get to choose one of the following weapons.]

After that a window appeared in front of Kang-Ho it contained all kinds of level one daggers with very good attributes. He searched for a while and finally found a good pair of daggers, the name of the daggers was blood daggers, the daggers had dark red blade and black grip. The looks were not the thing that attracted Kang-ho he was attracted by its attributes.

[Blood Daggers


Attack: +50

Description: A pair of Daggers that is cursed and will do 5 additional damage on enemy every second]

This dagger was 10 times powerful than the previous he chose this dagger.

[Are you sure?]

"Yes" replied Kang-Ho.

He got the daggers and tried to swing and see how it was, the dagger had a decent amount of weight, the dagger was useable for a little while.

[You also receive one bottle of major healing potion, one major stamina recovery potion and one storage ring.]

After three things appeared in his hands one red bottle, one green bottle and one jade ring.

[Level 1 Major healing potion

+200 Health

Effect: Heals a little amount of health ]

[Level 1 Major stamina recovery potion

+200 Stamina

Effect: Provides you a little amount of stamina]

[Storage ring

Level: 1

Uses: Provides 1 cubic meter of space]

He was very happy he never heard anything about these things, these were very handy things. The potions can become decisive element of a life and death fights it can turn the tide of a fight, he loved the potion very much. The ring was also awesome. The concept of storage ring only used to be a fantasy before but he now had his hands on a real one.

He wore the ring and stored the potions inside the ring.

"Status" said Kang-Ho he wanted to check the level he is at right now.

[Name: Yi Kang-Ho

Age: 20

Level: 21

Class: None


Strength: 110 Dexterity: 110

Agility:110 Deffense:110


Attack: (550+50)

Magic attack:550*




He gained 20 levels just today he was very happy, still if you looked at his eyes there was killing intent which was growing stronger as day passed by he wanted to kill Jo Ji-Dak so badly if he was in front of him right now, Kang-Ho would turn him into minced meat.

He quickly controlled the growing killing intent and contemplated on what steps to take next. The main problem bugging his mind right now was how to sell his monster cores without revelling he was the one who was selling the stones, he needs a reliable way of transaction the most right now.

After exiting the dungeon, he would search for a reliable source for him to do business with was his main goal right now.

[Do you want to exit the dungeon?]

Right when he was contemplating over some important things a window appeared before him and he replied.


He was done for with hunting for the day he planned to go out and learn more about the markets and sell his monster cores for a good price.

He was transported outside of the portal. Now that he came out, he suddenly realized he didn't have a proper place to hang the dagger pair, so he stored daggers inside his storage ring.

Kang-Ho didn't realize but a pair of eyes watched him from far, greed flashing on his eyes.

"Level one jade storage ring!" said the person in the shadow. He started to have a disgusting smile on his lips. He started acting like maniac.

"I need to inform this to the young master" he said as he disappeared.

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