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Chapter 67: Search

"Sir we can't seem to find the whereabout of your friend. Our men have been searching all over the city." Ku Chin Mae told Moon Jung with a serious expression as he didn't dare to neglect, as he knew that the situation was dire.

All of the bodyguards were thinking that the attack was targeted upon Moon Jung, they didn't think that there was any reason for some hunters to attack the Yi family as they were just a normal family. So, if Kang-Ho somehow died by the hands of Moon Jung's enemy they knew that Moon Jung would blame the incident on himself. They anyhow wanted to avoid that from happening, so they were giving their al to find Kang-Ho.

Also, the bodyguards knew about the friendship Moon Jung's father and Yi Man-Young had. So, if Kang-Ho were to die under their watch by the hands of the enemy, they couldn't dare imagine what consequences they would have to face from the situation.

"What? Have you used all the forces we have available? If so, just hire some mercenary hunter, post job on the official hunter association page as well as the black-market page. Offer a huge amount of reward for whoever finds him. Remember don't be stingy on rewards if needed take some of the money from me. I don't care what you do I want him Infront of me in one hour. Busan is not safe today; fights have broken out everywhere in the city, I don't think the situation would cool down anytime soon. if he were to stumble upon a place where the hunters are fighting or even if he goes home, he is not safe anywhere, remember he has just become a hunter." Said Moon Jung with a very grave expression.

Moon Jung was hell bent on finding where Kang-ho had disappear, he was well aware of the situation out of the city, so he decided to release a search order in the two major websites where all the hunters search for jobs.

These sites were used by guilds or individual to create a job request for the hunters. These sites were very popular among the guilds as well as rogue hunters. They all gathered here to get a great job request. In this kind of websites, it functioned like this, Party A would release a job request, and the pay for the completion of the job would be determined by party A while they post the job. Then the party B would look for the job and whichever suits their interest they would work for the job.

This system was quite simple and easy to use. mostly rogue hunters were the one who loved these websites, as some of the hunters would not get a chance to join a guild or wouldn't want to join the guild, they would use these websites to gather party for dungeon hunting and others.

"Yes sir, right away." Said Ku Chin Mae, after saying that he didn't have anything else to report on so he moved towards the office they had temporarily set up for the situation. he then provided with the request Moon Jung made.

Seeing the moving back of Ku Chin Mae, Moon Jung was lost in the thoughts. All he could think of right now was how his father would react if he found out that he couldn't even protect his friend. When he thought of that thing, Moon Jung's eyes were filled with horror.

"Have you Found him yet?" a voice approaching from Moon Jung's behind asked with a worried tone. Moon Jung was jolted awake because of the voice.

"Not yet uncle, but I don't think it would take much more time. All of men are searching for his whereabouts right now." Moon Jung replied as he turned round. He didn't even have to look behind to know who the man with that voice was.

Moon Jung had seen Man-Young countless times with his father drinking alcohol even after the Dungeons appeared. But it has been 1 year since he had last visited. Moon Jung didn't know why he had not visited in a long while but he never dared to ass directly to his father. Moon Jung was well aware that their meeting should be secret and he shouldn't have known about the meetings but, one day while playing he had accidently seen Man-Young and his father having drinks as they discussed abut some things. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He had that day eavesdropped on their conversation, but he never dared to speak about that in the pubic or anywhere as he knew ho serious the meeting was. There was an emotional change on his face when he saw Moon Jung walking towards him, he suddenly had awe written all over his face, but he immediately changed the emotion to that of a neutral one.

'Phuuueeewwww, that was close' Moon Jung sighed and thought inwardly.

"I hope we can find him soon." Man-Yong was too worried on his son's situation he didn't notice the emotional change on Mon Jung's face. All he could think of right now was the well-being of Kang-Ho nothing else mattered.

Man-Young slowly made his way towards thee mini bar. There was no bartender so, after he went there, he started to prepare himself a glass of alcohol. Moon Jung just watched him, while he did so. Moon Jung also wanted to have some but he had a lot of things to do so he controlled himself. He didn't dare be careless or else god knows what his father would do to him.


On the battlefield on the other hand, after killing the mages Kang-Ho found out that the strength of the Crow Guild increased significantly. They were not being pushed around by the Choi Guild anymore. Seeing this kind of development Kang-Ho was elated. He suddenly decided to take out all of the mages. Kang-Ho believed that if all of the mages were to be killed Crow Guild and the Choi guild would have an equal footing.

So, Kang-Ho stuck around and started to give all a mages nightmare. Kang-Ho hid himself and waited for the opportunity to arise, whenever any of the made a mistake or gave him a chance, he wouldn't miss it he would strike the mages whenever they were very vulnerable. He would always only attack only one of the mages and whenever he attacked, he would make sure the mage was dead. He would finish killing a mage in just under one-minute every time. The way he killed them made it seem like he was swatting a fly.

If he laid his eye on one of the mages, he would make sure that they died anyhow. On the process he would get hurt, but he would always heal the injuries with potions. He used potion as if they were water, he didn't care about the money he was wasting on the process.

Kang-Ho followed the same rules when he attacked any of the mages, first he would attack the vulnerable, second he would kill them quick, and the third and the last one he would never stick to one location he would use his speed as an advantage to dodge the attack as well as to hide from enemies.

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