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Chapter 54: Shadow

The members of Fighter guild portrayed themselves as very nice guild, they used to help people around the area. The area they lived in was far more unlawful than now few months ago there would usually be guilds fighting with each other every day.

The only reason they fought for was to gain control over the markets around the small area. But then suddenly one day the Fighter guild appeared, they somehow managed to subdue all of the guilds under their flag. Some days after they gained the trust of the people, mysterious disappearances started to happen all over the small town. The fighter guild then caught the culprit responsible for the incidents and brought them to justice, at least that was what the fighter guild told the people.

But even after that the disappearance and murder of people kept happening, then came the monsters attacking the area. The fighter guild made the people of the town believe that the monsters came from dungeon break, they were the ones who escaped. The people believed even that as there was no hunter association office in the small town.

The Hunter association didn't have the manpower to spare for a small town as theirs, so the locals could only trust the Fighter Guild. The people didn't even bother to go to hunter association headquarter to file an complain, the innocent people living in the town wholeheartedly believed that as long as they had fighter guild protecting them, they were safe.

But, if that the two said was true then that meant that the fighter guild were the ones responsible for all of the incidents in the town. Ji-Won gritted her teeth and she finally lost her consciousness. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

When she woke up, she was in a cage, all chained up. She couldn't break free from the steel chains as she was only level 5 hunter, power of level 5 hunter and an adult human didn't have much of a difference, hunter were just a little bit powerful and faster than a normal adult human.

While Ji-Won was all locked up she could only think of revenge. She waited patiently to make her escape, she just wanted one chance she would slaughter everyone in her path to freedom. All she wanted was to kill all the scums of the fighter guild.

On the day of auction, she finally got her chance when she came face to face with fatty. She didn't hesitate to kill the fatty, and the body guard that came after him.

Next came the bodyguard leader, she knew she was not a match for the guy, but that didn't stop her. She didn't think twice, running away was not an option as she knew the man was faster than her, he would have caught up to her in just a moment. While he was making his way towards Ji-Won, she was thinking of a way she could fight against that guy. She couldn't see herself winning in any condition. But she still wanted to give it a try, she wanted to get her revenge. If she fought, she would at least have a chance of 0.001% chance of surviving, if she didn't fight there was no chance of survival at all they were surrounded by many people.

The bodyguard leader killed his way through the crowd to the girl in just few seconds, when he arrived in front of the girl the both sung their weapon at each other, the girl was aiming towards his eyes with the dagger. She wanted to stab him in the eyes for a quick death.

Seeing this the man smirked under his mask, he just tilted his head and dodge the attack, he deliberately timed his attack so that his came after the girl's. His sword was aiming towards the girl's neck, he wanted to cleanly chop the girl's head off. Seeing this the girl's face became pale, she knew that she didn't have enough tie to dodge. There was no way she could have dodge the attack from so close distance.

'This is how I die? No, I can't die like this I still have to avenge my parent's death.' that was what the girl thought when the sword was just few centimetres away from her neck.

Suddenly, the man's hand stopped in place, the sword that was about to hit the girl was mid-air. His hand was suddenly grabbed by someone.

"What the…." The man tried to turn his head back and was about to say something but he didn't get a chance to finish as he felt a hand grab his neck, and suddenly he felt a great amount of force pushing him down.

He man was unable to control his body as the power that pushed him was far greater than his. His was pushed downwards head first towards the floor, he didn't even see the man who was doing this to his body.

Before countless eyes the man was pushed head first to the ground, this was naturally done by none other than Kang-Ho himself. Kang-Ho used all his strength, he didn't feel pity for the girl, he just saw the determination to live and fight in the girl's eyes. It reminded him of himself when he first arrived in that hell like place. He knew the girl wouldn't survive fighting with the man as he was way stronger than her. So, he moved, he didn't care if he lived or died after this, this was all he could do for her. Everyone had to fight their own battle to survive, he wondered if the girl would survive the cruel world.



In front of everyone, when the head made contact to the ground, the skull popped as if it was a water balloon thrown from a height. The blood, brain substance flew everywhere, a piece of brain flew and entered mouth of one unlucky guy who was watching the scene with a wide opened mouth.


He started vomiting right where he was standing. The scene was like out of a scary movie, it was surreal no one would believe such an incident if they didn't see it for themselves. There was silence on the entire area for a while.

"GOD WE ARE DOOMED, RUN! IT'S THE SAE GUY WHO KILLED ALL THE CHOI GUILD MEMBERS ALONE, RUN RUN RUN!" one guy ran yelling, after hearing him everyone realized the same thing as they started to run away.

All of the them ran away, only one body guard remained, he attacked Kang-Ho, but he was just too weak. Kang-Ho just took one of the daggers out of his ring and pierced the guy's heart. He died on the spot. He took the mask of the dead bodyguard, and turned towards the girl.

The girl just stared at him; she didn't have any words in her mouth to say after witnessing the event. She didn't know who the man was, she wondered why he saved her.

"Live in the embrace shadows, until the world no longer dares to point it's fangs against you." Said Kang-Ho as he threw the mask in his hand. The mask landed right in front of the girl.

"What?" the girl finally snapped out of her trance after hearing Kang-Ho and asked. But he repeats himself or explained himself, he just ran towards his next target.

The girl thought of what Kang-Ho said for a while, then picked the mask up and wore it.

"Thank you, I will" then she mumbled to herself.

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