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Chapter 29: Skeleton Forest

Meanwhile inside the dungeon Kang-Ho wasn't aware of the commotion that was going on outside. He just entered the dungeon.

[Welcome to Skeleton Forest]

'The Fu*k?' Kang-Ho was very surprised.

He made his way inside the forest. The forest had an eerie vibe to it, the entire place was bone chilling cold. There were no signs of living in the vicinity. Kang-Ho didn't care about the surrounding, he just wanted to get this over with and get a class. He wondered what kind f class he would get.

After some walking he came across enemies.

[Skeleton Boar

Level: 40

Hp: 18000

Has extremely sharp fangs]

There were 4 skeleton boars in total. Kang-ho gripped his daggers tightly, then leapt towards the boars.

For dead boars, they had extremely good senses. They felt someone approaching, so they fell in position to fight. Kang-ho stopped a little further from them. When he saw them move to formation, he was extremely happy, he couldn't wish for more. They not just had extremely good senses; they were extremely fast as well. He wanted a fast adversary in the last dungeon he hunted but he they weren't that fast. But now when he saw the boars move, he was really excited.

He took a moment to observe the enemies. After he was done, he ran towards them.


Kang-Ho attacked with half of his speed, but surprisingly the boar dodged the attack. On the other side Kang-Ho was attacked by the two of the boars. Kang-Ho had a smile on his face.

'I am going to enjoy this dungeon.' Kang-Ho thought.



Kang-Ho used his daggers to quickly defend himself from the attacks, after blocking the attacks, Kang-Ho pushed the boars. The Boars fell to the ground, but before Kang-Ho could make his move they stood up and stabilized their stance.

Kang-Ho after witnessing this, moved back. He wanted to enjoy this fight. After they regrouped, Kang-Ho once again attacked them.




In this attack Kang-Ho didn't hold back, he attacked one of the boars with a full swing of his dagger. The boar didn't have time to react to the sudden attack, the dagger landed on the boar's skull. With a boom sound the boar was sent flying. The impact made by Kang-Ho's dagger was huge, but not enough to kill the boar. The boar stood up and started running towards Kang-Ho again.

Meanwhile other boars launched an attack Kang-Ho. He dodged just one attack. And he blocked the other two with his dagger.

Kang-Ho continued the fight for some time, He had fun toying with these fast skeleton boars.

After killing the boars, Kang-Ho started to move inside the dungeon again. He just gained 2 levels after this fight. On the way he saw many bones, after some time of walking the entire ground was covered with bones. The entire area started to be filled with fog. He couldn't see clearly inside the fog. But that didn't stop him from entering the dungeon. After some time of walking he finally came across some enemies. There were 4 boars and 1 Skeleton bear.

[Skeleton Bear

Level: 50

Hp: 25000

Extremely fast and strong]

Kang-Ho was happy with the description, at the same time he also pulled his guard up.

'Is this the end of the dungeon?' he thought.

He couldn't believe the dungeon would be finished just after killing 9 monsters. He was starting to feel that there was something fishy about the situation. He felt this dungeon was different from the level one dungeon he went earlier. He could clearly feel this wasn't the end of the dungeon. He couldn't explain that was going on but he put his guards up and became ready for any kind of situation. One should be careful while dealing with an unknown enemy.

He was still studying about the surrounding, he didn't want to be stupid and run towards the enemy while thinking he could take anything. He was very careful when it came to this kind of situations. That was one of the main reasons why he could survive in the HELL. There were many enemies who could kill him with flick of their finger, so he had to make sure he had a good exit plan if he went to kill a very powerful enemy.

Kang-Ho attacked the bear first to check its senses and reaction speed. He used 70 % of his speed and his power to attack the bear.






Surprisingly, the bear managed to sense Kang-Ho when he came within 6 meter of the bear, Kang-Ho was initially surprised. But he still continued with his offense. Kang-Ho was well prepared with his exit strategy, so he didn't have anything to worry about. When the bear got the wind of approaching Kang-Ho, it prepared itself for the contact. Kang-Ho swung his dagger towards the bear, it was prepared for the attack so dodging the attack wasn't a problem for the bear.

Kang-Ho wasn't so surprised at that point, but what made him surprised was, after dodging the initial attack form Kang-Ho, the bear made his own counter attack. Kang-Ho smiled, this was the first time, after returning from hell, someone had dodged his attack, at the same time made its own attack after the initial attack. Kang-ho brought his hand close to his body to block the attack from bear. He managed to block the attack from the bear with his dagger. The strength of the bear wasn't a big of a problem for Kang-Ho. The bear wasn't too strong. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Kang-Ho retreated a few steps back after, he checked the strength and the speed of the bear. Kang-Ho now planned to kill all the boars first, he wanted to get the nuisance out of the way. He wanted to fight the bear alone, although the bear wasn't that powerful, he did have some speed so, playing with bear might prepare him for what's to come later.

Kang-Ho once again launched an attack, but this time it was targeted to the boar. He completely ignored the bear.





He started to swing his daggers endlessly, targeting the boars one by one. Whenever his hits landed on a boar, he managed to crack the boar's skull. He couldn't kill one boar with one hit, but multiple hits did its job well.



Meanwhile when he was attacking the boars, he was constantly dodging the bear's attack. This process repeated for some time. Until there were no boars left on the field. After all the boars where killed Kang-Ho once again focused his gaze on the bear.

Bear was the one who made first move this time around. The bear pounced towards Kang-ho in full speed. Kang-Ho didn't dodge this time, rather he prepared for the contact.





This time around, when the bear swung its paw towards Kang-Ho, Kang-Ho blocked the attack using one of his hand, with the other hand, he attacked the bear in its skull. Kang-Ho was successful in landing the hit. after the bear was hit in its skull it lost its footing, which made the bear stumble.

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