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Chapter 13: Swift Claw Lord

He advanced forward into the woods, after a little while he came across 4 swift claws. He didn't have time to check if there were any other hidden swift claws, as they came charging straight to him.





He managed to dodge 2 but he didn't have time to dodge other two so he faced them head on. He managed to block them, then he successfully pushed them away which made them fall to the ground. Without wasting any time, he ran towards them and started his barrage of attack and successfully injured them.

He then moved some steps back to get to a better position for his offense. After he was in a better position he ran towards the injured swift claws.





Kang-ho targeted mainly their neck and swung his daggers, he managed to behead one of the injured swift claws. He attacked the other swift claw's neck multiple times until that swift claw also fell lifelessly his neck bone clearly visible. The other swift claws were enraged and stacked Kang-ho one of them managed to make a deep wound on Kang-ho's shoulder but he managed to dodge the other one's attack.

'I should be more careful when dealing with them, I was too careless.' Thought Kang Ho.

Kang-ho took some steps back to check the wound. The wound was not that deep so he didn't care too much about it. He attacked the remaining two swift claws with series of deadly attacks all targeted at their vitals. Because of Kang- Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Ho serious attacks they couldn't take anymore after sometime as they fell lifelessly on the ground.




He levelled up 4 times.

He tore off some of his cloth and covered the wound. After that he started moving. After some distance he came across a pack of 4 swift law and one huge swift claw.

[Swift claw lord

Level: 40

Hp: 15000

The swift claw lord can command up to 10 swift claws]

He didn't rush in as he wanted to catch them off guard so he waited a little. After some time two of the swift claws came near where Kang-ho was he didn't waste this kind of awesome opportunity. He made his attack; the swift caws weren't prepared so they couldn't react in time.




Kang-Ho ruthlessly attacked the swift claws with a number of strikes, each attack aimed at vitals of the swift claws. He wanted to finish the job but before he could do it the lord came rushing to him very fast.




The attempted to attack Kang ho with his claws but Kang-ho managed to block the fatal strike with his dagger. He made the lord stumble, but he didn't attack the lord rather he ran towards the injured swift claws. He attacked them again with numbers of fatal attacks again. They weren't as lucky this time as

the lord couldn't protect them this time. So, Kang-ho finally managed to kill them both. Kang-ho didn't stop at just that because he wanted to fight the lord without any distractions, so he made his way to the remaining two final swift claws.

He attacked them with series of attacks and managed to injure them a little. Right then the lord attacked. Kang ho had to face the lord, they clashed a little every time Kang-ho blocking the lord's attack. This time Kang-ho attacked the lord and making him step back a little. Before the lord could recover Kang-ho attacked the swift claws once more. All they could do was try to defend against Kang-ho and wait for the lord to save them. But they weren't so lucky as Kang-ho made a short work out of them.

Lord was enraged so he made a series of attacks which Kang-ho didn't have any difficulty to defend against, it made the lord snap out of the enraged mode. He realized that Kang-ho wasn't an easy enemy he had to think carefully before making a move against him.

Kang-ho took two steps back and launched an attack towards the lord, even so the lord managed to dodge it and launch his own attack in just a second. Kang-ho managed to dodge the attack, and they faced each other off. No one wanting to make the first move, both waiting for the other party to move first and take advantage of the opponent's opening.

After their little faceoff the lord finally lost his patient and charged at Kang-ho. Kang-ho took the assault head on, he blocked the attacked and before the lord could take his footing Kang-ho attacked the lord's vitals. He managed to seriously injure the lord


The lord roared in pain; he retreated a little. Kang-ho saw an opportunity to make his move. He attacked the lord with series of fatal attacks, he was successful in injuring the lord badly. The lord made swung his claws to attack Kang-ho but he dodged the attack and slashed the lord's claws off. The lord was in extreme pain so he finally lost his cool and went into berserk mode.

The lord didn't care about his own safety anymore, he started to attack Kang-ho. He just wanted to seriously injure Kang-ho, but the more he attacked the more Kang-ho got chance to counter the lord with fatal strike. The non-stop attacks from both sided went on for 5 minutes and finally the lord showed

signs of exhaustion. Kang-ho didn't let the lord catch his breath as it was his chance to take down the beast. He attacked the lord not giving the chance of fighting back to the lord.

After some time, he lord finally fell to the ground lifelessly.






He levelled up 5 times in a row.

Kang-ho was exhausted but without wasting time he started collecting the monster cores. He was able to gather 11 class 1 dungeon monster cores. Right when he was done collecting.

[Congratulation on clearing the Swift Claw hideout in 1 hour 30 minutes.]

[Do you want to exit the dungeon?]

"Yes" Kang-ho replied.

He was thrown out of the dungeon immediately. When he came out the people from Black-market were still there, he went to them.

"Can you call the miners and make them clear the energy core from the dungeon?" asked Kang-ho.

"The dungeon is cleared?" asked the mask wearing man from the black market, he was really surprised.

"I'm sorry for my colleague's rude behaviour sir." The mask wearing female beside the man said bowing. She also made the man bow.

"Its fine." Replied Kang-ho.

After hearing what kang-ho said she was relived.

"It will take about 4 hours for the miners to clear the dungeon off energy stones. Would you like to wait or should we send the energy stoned to the black market?" asked the female politely.

"Send them to the black market I will collect them from there." Replied Kang-ho.

He didn't wait there any longer. He made his way to the second dungeon. He wanted to complete both of the dungeons at one go. He had fun fighting the lord, he wanted the next opponent to be stronger, the lord helped him to regain a little of his previous speed which made him extremely happy.

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