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87.32% The Hunter That Returned From Hell / Chapter 62: Taking Advantage (2)

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Chapter 62: Taking Advantage (2)

Frontline hunters of Crow guild faced the barrage of assault without much of difficulty, they were like a steel wall no one could bend the wall no matter what they tried.

After the attacks stopped the melee hunters once again took the chance to attack the Choi guild hunters, but this time they were very unsuccessful. Those hunters that they managed to hurt, they were quickly healed by the healers, this gave major morale boost to the Choi guild frontline hunters.

Choi guild used hunters from other guilds as the frontline soldiers, for the Choi guild they were like meat shield. Using the hunters from other guild wanted to protect their main force to face the greater threat. Kim Min-Soo was holding onto his cards for the real threat.

They continued the fight for some time, both sides seemed to be on equal ground. Kang-Ho found a perfect opportunity to weaken the Choi Guild troops, he carefully went to behind the Choi guild hunters.

Kang-Ho was looking to kill off the healers first, he wanted to weaken the strength of Choi guild. if Kang-Ho managed to take down the healers it would deal a huge blow to the Choi guild faction. The tides of war would turn quickly.

The healers were placed in front of the mages to protect the from all the sides. Kim Min-Soo was way ahead, he was commanding the front lines so he was behind the frontline troops giving them the instructions.

Kang-Ho noticed that whenever Mages attacked, they needed to take a little break to resume the attacks, rather than break they seemed to be like mumbling to themselves, Kang-Ho thought that they were chanting spells. That was the only possible reason he could think of.

Kang-Ho soon reached another building near the healers and hid himself there, he was waiting for that pause to happen. Kang-Ho didn't have to wait too long as the pause happened just after they finished attacking. Without a hesitation, Kang-Ho came out of the shadow and pounced towards the healers as if they were his prey.


Kang-ho quickly dashed towards the nearest Healer and swung his dagger, before the guy could reach Kang-Ho left a deep cut on the man's neck blood quickly started flowing out of the wound like water. The healer tried to say something and tried to use his own magic to heal himself but all of that was futile. The wound was just too deep and lethal, on top of all of that the poison that Kang-Ho used made it impossible to heal the wound back. In just seconds the man fell to the ground while holding his wounded neck, his body remained twitching.

Everything happened so fast that even those people watching the situation were dumbstruck, they couldn't believe what just happened. Those who saw the event remained silent, not knowing what to do. Kang-Ho on the other hand didn't stand around there anymore, he had some more healers to kill.

Kang-Ho soon pounced towards the other healer who was showing his back towards him, they healer didn't even know what happened behind his back just now he was busy healing the troops at the frontline.

"Watch out!" Someone who saw Kang-Ho attacking the healer from the mage regiment yelled. Unfortunate for the healer he was just too busy, so he didn't even paid attention to the yell from the mage.

Kang-Ho didn't hesitate and stabbed the at the back of the man's neck, Kang-ho's dagger pierced the man's neck completely the end of the dagger popped out of the man's neck. When the man saw the bloody dagger which pierced his neck, he was horrified, he wanted to scream but he collapsed even before he could open his mouth. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"The masked man has appeared he is sneak attacking the healers protect them!" yelled one of the mages, this time all of the hunters present there noticed the sound. they all turned their attainting towards the healers, what they saw terrified them. Kang-Ho had managed to sneak in the middle of the healers, on top of that he managed to kill 2 healers. This was impossible, they felt like they were jolted awake by electricity. They all felt chills run down their backs.

"This is impossible how can that guy bypass us and attack the healer without us noticing. Attack him now take the guy down. Now!" Said Kim Min-Soo, his face lost all of its colour, this was bad loosing healer while facing the Crow guild and the masked man at the same time would be disastrous. He quickly ordered the troops to attack Kang-Ho.

'This is bad we need to take care of the Crow guild as quickly as possible and kill that guy, we can't afford to fight both of them at the same time. We are still unclear on what extent does the masked man's strength goes' thought Kim Min-Soo, the worry was clearly written on his face, he was clearly disturbed by the situation they were currently in.

"3rd, 4th, 5th hunting team attack the frontline troops of the enemy, take them down as soon as possible." Kim Min-Soo gave out orders in desperation, he was unsure on ho much strength Kang-o had so he had to take down the other threat first, later he could kill masked man by ganging up on him. Kim Min-Soo believed that even if the man was strong, he wouldn't be able to withstand attacks of entire Choi Guild at once, after all he was just one man.

Flowing his commands troops began to move towards the battle with Crow guild. Meanwhile Kang-Ho continued his attacks on the healers, while Kim Min-Soo was busy giving out his orders Kang-Ho was busy killing the healers. His hard work paid off, before the Choi guild members made it to him, he managed to kill 40% of the healers that the Choi guild brought.

Kang-Ho was still not satisfied with the numbers he wanted to kill all of the healers, so when the troops showed up, he didn't back down rather continued his attacks. Kang-Ho was very fast on his feet, when the mages prepared their spells and shot it towards Kang-Ho, he moved fast he dodged every attacks that the mages made, some of the attacks were hard to dodge as a result he was hurt a little, but none of the injuries were able to hit his vitals. Kang-Ho always protected his he would rather sacrifice an arm then get hit by a sword in his chest.

Fights were unpredictable, if you didn't manage to protect your vitals your winning chances would go down by 80 %.

The fight continued for a while, Kang-Ho managed to kill all of the healers, the level f the healers present here weren't that high, most of them were around level 50, so one swing of dagger was enough to take care of them.

"Kill him!" yelled one of the hunters chasing Kang-Ho, the hunters who came to kill Kang-Ho were very angry at the situation, only mages were able to hurt the guy a little while they couldn't even make a scratch on him. So, they attacked Kang-Ho with all they had.

Kang-Ho on the other hand had managed to finish his objective that he came for.

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