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Chapter 49: Teamwork

After seeing his men finally taking the initiative to attack Kang-Ho, Kim-Chul finally decided to stop where he was and see how things go from there. He wanted to just see the power Kang-Ho had as he had not seen him fight. He wanted to make sure he could handle the situation if push came to shove. Kang-Ho was being attacked by all sides, he blocked some attacks which he couldn't dodge in time and he dodged some attacks which he could dodge.

Kang-Ho also started his attack, after seeing that some of the hunters present there were weak, he decided to kill them first. They were all level 50 but most of them were very weak. It didn't take very long for Kang-Ho to kill them, he just needed to hit them once or twice in their vitals and they died instantly.

Seeing Kang-Ho kill his men Kim-Chul's anger was rising, he finally made his mind to attack. after seeing Kang-Ho's battle he suddenly realized something, even he wouldn't be able to take care of Kang-Ho alone. He knew he needed to attack with numbers if he wanted to take him down. He couldn't fathom Knag-Ho's movement.

Kim-Chul realized in a one on one battle Kang-Ho would surely be able to dodge his attack easily, by the would have a hard time to do the same as he wasn't as fast as Kang-Ho, on top of that he couldn't really see Kang-Ho's attack coming as he attacked very decisively and made it difficult for the opponent. In the end his opponents always fell victim to Kang-Ho's attacks.

Seeing Kim-Chul move some of the other men who were hiding and waiting for Kim-Chul's order also made their move, they were the member of Kim-Chul's hunting group. Kang-Ho finally saw all of the people decided to attack so he finally let himself loose and stopped holding back.

Kang-Ho was holding back his power this whole time because he knew that those people hiding in the shadows were there to measure his power, they wanted to make sure they could handle Kang-Ho by themselves. If Kang-Ho were to unleash his full strength they would have scattered and ran away. The one thing Kang-Ho hated the most was letting his prey slip away. So, he just showed a little bit of his powers and not going overboard.

Kim-Chul and his team of hunters finally clashed with Kang-Ho. They weren't that strong but their teamwork was on a different level. They attacked Kang-Ho without giving him a chance to recover. Every move they made was well calculated. They were in perfect sink with each other. They had a very strong teamwork, the type that came only after experiencing hundreds of life and death situation together.

After they joined in Kang-Ho was pushed back a little, because he didn't get a chance to retaliate. He was just busy dodging and blocking their attacks. After some time, Kang-Ho finally decided to take a step back. after regaining his foothold Kang-Ho decided to target all the remaining hunters around him avoiding Kim-Chul's team.

He began to distance himself from them while he battled. He was always 2 steps ahead of them, whenever they came towards him to attack him, he would leave that place before he was attacked by the group. This made Kim-Chul really angry, he always had pride in his group's team work and strength. He always felt they were comparable to Choi guild's main hunting team if not better that them.

"Keep your attacks going, I want to see until when the rat keeps running from us. He will fall prey to our bladed eventually if we keep going like this." Kim-Chul commanded his men, after seeing Kang-Ho running around avoiding them, he felt Kang-Ho was afraid of them. He felt if they keep on going Kang-Ho would eventually fall victim to their might.

But in reality, Kang-Ho was just trying to kill all the pest before confronting the them. Kang-Ho wasn't really afraid of them rather he was being cautious as you never know when he would make a mistake. In a fight if you were cornered you had more chances of making mistake, he wanted to avoid such situation as much as possible. he knew if he continued to fight them with so many other hunters around them, he was bound to make some stupid mistake.

Kang-Ho continued to fight like that sore some more time and managed to kill most of the remaining hunters as he was moving around. Most of the hunters remaining were very badly injured. They were barely able to stand on their feet let alone cause Kang-Ho any harm.

Seeing the hunters being killed in front of their eyes, while they could do nothing to stop hm, Kim-Chul and his men felt as if they were being toyed by Kang-Ho. After Kang-Ho had taken care of all the pests in the surrounding Kang-Ho finally focused on the Kim-Chul and others. They were fuming with rage at the moment.

Kang-Ho finally made his attack towards them, this time when Kang-Ho attacked them they were not as organized as before as most of them were filled with rage and lost their mind, the only thing they wanted to see now was Kang-Ho headless corpse. This made things much easier for Kang-Ho as there were many flaws in their attacks and if Kang-Ho took advantage of those flaws he could kill them quite easily.

Kang-Ho started his attacks on the now disorganized group of men, he without taking a break attacked them with his daggers. After some time of clash there were just about 6 men remaining alive in the group. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Kim-Chul was devastated after seeing his group of friends being killed by Kang-Ho so easily. He couldn't believe Kang-Ho could kill so many of his men, He was losing his mind, right now he didn't care about anything, there was only one goal in his head, that was to kill Kang-Ho.

Kang-Ho suddenly felt mana being the mana was coming from Kim-Chul it seemed he had used his skill. Kim-Chul suddenly pounced towards him when he was examining what was going on. Before he knew it Kim-Chul was right in front of him, it seemed that Kim-Chul's skill gave hm boost in speed, as his attack was faster than earlier and his speed also had a major boost.

This didn't change his situation though as he was killed by Kang-Ho in just some seconds. Even after boost in his speed he wasn't able to land a hit on Knag-Ho, he still couldn't follow Kang-Ho's movements.

After Kim-Chul died his followers tried to escape but Knag-Ho attacked them and killed them even before they do so.

With this Kang-Ho had destroyed one of the markets owned by Choi guild, he wanted to head towards the next market, he cleaned his dagger and put them back.

He was about to leave the market but before he could something interesting came in his view. After he started his killing spree in the market most of the people gathered there started running away but some started to cause havoc in the chaotic situation for their own gain. There were people looting things and shops. Most of them didn't even care if Kang-Ho was still there they just wanted to gain some benefits even if their life was in danger.

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