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14.08% The Hunter That Returned From Hell / Chapter 10: Total Despair

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Chapter 10: Total Despair

Choi Dong clearly felt the pressure that was coming from Kang Ho earlier, he felt like he was bounded to the ground with heavy chains, he couldn't move nor could he breathe, this was the first time he felt that way. At first, he planned to run away then he saw the legs of kim dong-gu being cut down by him, at that moment he gripped his sword tightly and ran to fight Kang-Ho. The only way to keep his life safe was to kill Kang-Ho.

"I will kill you." yelled choi dong.



Choi dong swung his sword but it was easily blocked. Kang-ho used his right hand to block the first attack. Then he backed away, he wanted to test the strength of choi dong.

It seemed choi dong's strength was slightly higher than him so he planned to avoid direct confrontation as much as possible.




Choi dong once again made his move, he wanted to get the upper hand on the battle so first strike was very important. He swung again, but this time Kang-ho dodged the attack and came to his side and he swung his dagger and with one slash he cut the left hand of Choi Dong from elbow down. It was so fast that choi dong didn't have any time to protect his arm or withdraw it.

"Mo**erfu**er, I will fu**king kill you" Yelled Choi dong again.




Choi dong attack once again attacked Kang-Ho, Choi dong was berserk with rage right now he just wanted to kill Kang-Ho right now he didn't think of protecting himself, which is a worst mistake a enemy can make while fighting. For Kang-Ho he saw it as an opportunity. This time Choi dong this time swung

his sword with his full power. Kang-Ho blocked the attack with his right hand and used his left hand to stab Choi dong's vocal cord, he used just enough force to pierce his vocal chord not enough to kill him.

"ahhk….ahhk….ahhk…..?" Choi dong couldn't believe what just happened right now he was in extreme state of shock. Now the initial rage turned into fear he was afraid now, but he knew he would loose his life if he didn't fight.

'I should be more careful right now if any more pressure he could have broken my arm right now' thought Kang-ho when he blocked he full force of choi dong's blade the raw power made his hand fell numb.






Choi dong once again attempted to attack Kang-Ho he failed once again kang-ho dodged his attack with ease. Then Kang-ho swung his dagger again, he didn't stop with one attack he attacked Choi dong multiple times. Choi dong now had multiple cuts in his body, each wounds were deep and blood was flowing everywhere from the wounds uncontrollably.

Now, it was clear that he could never win against Kang-Ho, so in an desperate attempt to save his life from the hands of Kang-ho he started to run away. He wanted to run far away, but his wish never came to light as even his legs was cut off by Kang-ho like he did to Kim Dong-gu. Now he started to get away from Kang-ho using one of his hand and other hand to signal to stop. But Kang-ho never cared for that.



After seeing that the fight was over Kang-ho moved forward and with a slash chopped Choi dong's head off. As his head flew in the air you could clearly see the terror and total despair being reflected in his his eyes.

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After killing Choi dong swung his sword and removed the blood from his blade. he then stored his daggers inside his ring.

When he was done, he turned to kim dong-gu.

"Please spare me I will do whatever you want me to do. I will even become your dog. Please don't kill me" Begged kim dong-gu as he was afraid, he will be killed next after choi dong.

"Shut up, and answer my question. Is there a shop where I can buy and sell monster cores without revealing my identity" asked Kang-ho.

"Yes, yes, yes, take this, mask you can wear this and go to black market and sell your stuff, it is the safest place of transaction your identity will not be revealed. You can do whatever you want in black market you can even book dungeons and hire dungeon core or energy stone miner. Every transaction is done by black market money card. This is a safe channel many of the powerhouses rely on black market." said kim dong gu as he handed kang-ho the mask with a creepy smile.

"Doesn't the hunter's association hold the monopoly over the dungeons?" asked Kang-ho.

"That's what's known only to the general public, many people don't know the fact that the association gathers all the information that is related to hunter's id, like store all your transaction details, your dungeon hunts and all that you have been part of. The big powers didn't like that fact so they pressured the hunter's association to let the third party like black market to control the dungeon distributions." Said kim dong-gu.

"But still 5% goes to the hunter's association from the hunt and extra 3% goes to black market. The black-market id works similarly to as the hunter's id the only difference is one has your details in it and the other does not." said kim dong-gu

"How did you know I had a storage ring?" asked Kang-ho.

"I saw you put that dagger away when you came out of the dungeon" kim dong-gu said.

"Is this ring so rare?" asked Kang-Ho.

"At a place like Seoul no, you could find on ground if you were lucky enough. But at place like Busan where there are not many high-level dungeons present yes you cannot find one in the entire market" said kim dong-gu.

After some more questioning he was done he found out all he wanted to know.



Kang-Ho took out his dagger and cut kim dong-gu's head off. He couldn't let a potential threat go it will just cause him endless trouble.

After doing that he cleared every evidence that could prove he was here. Then stated going towards the market while contemplating on many thigs in his head.

'It was a good idea to keep him alive for questioning, so it seems the hunter's association keeps tabs on everyone it's good that I got to know it sooner. I don't care about the fees as long as I don't have to deal with something annoying.' Kang-ho thought.

Next, he meat shop and bought some meat he had the urge to eat meat today. After he was done with buying meat he went and bought a lot of candies, he didn't want to be thrown out of the house by the little princess.

After he was done shopping, he headed towards his home. Tomorrow he planned to visit the black market and turn his cores to money. He also wanted to buy some new cloths the cloths he was wearing was too tight and small for him to wear.

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