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Chapter 46: Trouble


"Welcome sir Kim Chul, welcome, please sit down." Said one fat guy with a mask as he stood up towards a well-built man, with a sword hanging on his waist and was wearing a mask to conceal his identity entering a private cabin of a restaurant.

The man named Kim Chul didn't respond to the fat man, the fat man didn't take offense to that, he knew if he got upset and said something, he wouldn't leave this in one piece. The man then sat opposite to the fat man, after he sat down a knife suddenly appeared on the neck of the fat man. The fat man didn't notice anyone coming behind him, he was scared by the new development. He started sweating, suddenly his subordinates grabbed their weapons and wanted to attack the man with the knife, but he signalled them to stop immediately as he clearly knew that this was the work of Kim Chul.

"You know the reason we wear a mask when meeting right?" after maintaining a moment of silence, asked Kim Chul with anger apparent on his eyes.

"Yes sir, I am very sorry sir I will never do it again, if this repeat, I will cut my own tongue off. I hope you would forgive me for this mistake." said the fat man in a hurry, he knew if Kim Chul wanted him dead his guild members could have done nothing as he clearly knew the strength of Choi guild. they were basically the bosses of the underground in Busan. he knew if he offended them his guild would be wiped off the existence in matter of days.

"If your guild was not necessary for our plan of expansion you would have been headless before you could finish my name. Seeing that we need you for our plans I will spare you this one time." Said Kim Chul as he was angry at the fat man. In reality Kim Chul knew he couldn't hurt the fat man because their guild master had told them to not hurt the man, but he intimidated the man jut to let him know his position in their deal.

"Yes sir, I will do as you say." Said the fatty with a relieved expression on his face. The fatty clearly didn't know what kind of role he played in this deal.

"So, let's begin the talk fatty now tell me, what are you hoping to gain from the business deal." Asked Kim Chul directly as he didn't have time to beat around the bush.

"Si...." Even before the fatty could answer they heard a loud bang from outside the restaurant.

"Who the F**k wants to die? Check who is causing the trouble, and kill whoever it is without any exception. I don't care which guild they come from they must die if they cause trouble here. We already have too much trouble paying money to the money hungry ba***rds in the hunter association. If they find out we are causing trouble down here even they might not be willing to help us." Said Kim Chul to his guild members.


As that was going on inside the restaurant, outside right after Kang-Ho killed the guard with the sphere, all the Choi guild members who were hiding in corners, among the crowd and surrounding places came out of their hiding with their weapons pointed at Kang-Ho. Kang-Ho took a look around and saw there were many people surrounding the area it seemed everyone from the Choi guild were gathered here, he came to the right spot.

Just then all the guard present in front of the restaurant attacked Kang-Ho simultaneously. Kang-Ho easily beheaded them in an instant, after seeing this all the choi guild members were just about to pounce towards Kang-Ho. The stopped when they heard footsteps coming from inside the restaurant. After some time 2 guy wearing mask exited the restaurant.

"So, you are the one who is causing the trouble? Boys kill him sir instructed not to sphere anyone who causes trouble." Asked the man and quickly turned towards his men in the crowd as he didn't want to listen to Kang-Ho. After saying this he again entered the restaurant as if he had more important things to do rather than fight an insane guy.

Kang-Ho didn't stop the guy from entering the restaurant as he would die in his anyway later. He then turned towards the hundreds of the Choi guild members. Using his ability, he found out that there weren't many level 50 members among them it seemed that most of them were inside the restaurant. After hearing the man, they attacked Kang-Ho at the same time. Kang-Ho didn't just stand there like a statue to face them. He also ran towards them.




After Kang-Ho came face to face with a member of the Choi guild, he was attacked by a sword, Kang-Ho dodged the attack before it could hit him. after dodging he attacked the man, and killed him in one strike. Kang-Ho was about to attack the next guy, but he suddenly noticed some arrow and balls of fire coming down to hit him in a very fast speed. Kang-Ho dodged the attack successfully, after he dodged the attack Kang-Ho took a glance towards the area where the attack came from it seemed there were many ranged attackers gathered in one place.

Kang-Ho hated a group of ranged fighters when he was fighting close quarter battle, as he had to look around for the attacks from all the directions. So, Kang-Ho decided to take care of the ranged attackers first. He left the guy he was about to attack and turned towards the range attackers and started running towards them.

"Protect the ranged attackers, don't let the F**KER near them." One of the masked men yelled towards other. after listening to him some of the nearest people jumped in the way of Kang-Ho and tried to stop him by attacking him. But they could not stop Kang-Ho, as he was dodging their attacks, after dodging he attacked their vital parts and killed them in one attack. as Kang-Ho was making his way towards the ranged attackers he was leaving behind a trail of dead bodies. He killed everyone standing on his way. Seeing this everyone presents there in the scene started panicking. They couldn't believe a single person could do this on his own.

As he was making his way towards the ranged attackers they started panicking, as they didn't have much experience fighting a close battle. They just enjoyed hunting from behind the group, now that was coming back to haunt them. Some of them even wanted to runaway but just then. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Focus on the target he cannot hope to kill us if we attack him together. He is just afraid of us, he thinks we are threat to his that's the reason why he is coming to attack us, so just focus and keep attacking, he is not invincible." Said one of the mages.

The ranged attackers had their moral boosted after hearing the mage. He was a prominent figure in the guild so they believed his words. They all once again focused their attention on attacking Kang-Ho rather than running away.

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