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Chapter 18: Unholy Brothers

Kang-ho didn't let his emotions out. He suppressed his emotions. Turned to his father who was consoling his mother and sister. His father's hand was broken.

"Who did this?" asked in a worried tone.

"Oh, don't worry it was just some guy complaining about the quality of the food. We can repair the shop with the money I have left so no need to worry about anything." Said his father.

Kang-ho knew his father was lying. His father didn't want him to worry about the situation. He knew his father wouldn't talk even if he asked again. So, he decided to leave the topic be. He could also sense someone was watching them while laughing, so he decided he could get the information from that person anyway.

"Let's, go home." He said.

Kang-ho picked up his sister, and helped his mother up.

"Big-bwoder, that....... bad man kicked father." Said Hwa-young while still crying. She couldn't talk properly because of sobbing.

Kang-ho looked towards his father but later moved his gaze from him. His father didn't want to make Kang-ho worried.

Kang-Ho controlled his rage as much as he could. They arrived home, it turned out the one in the shadows was still following them. After his mother and father stopped crying. He stood up and went to his father. Took out the healing potion from the ring.

"Father, drink this it's a healing potion." Said Kang-Ho. He didn't know if the healing potion could heal his father's hand but still, he tried.

"How did you get it? Its precious I can't drink that you will need those for your hunt." Said his father.

"I can buy more just drink this." Said Kang-ho.

After many urging his father finally took the potion and it turned out that it did work. His father's hand finally became normal. His sister and mother finally smiled.

"Father is ok again." Yelled his sister happily.

They talked for a while. After making sure they were fine.

"I am going to call a friend for help. I think he can help about the restaurant. And while I am at it, I will also bring dinner for today." Said Kang-Ho.

"Alright, come back immediately after buying food." Said his mother.

Kang-Ho left his house. After a little walk, he made sure he was a little far from his house. He then ran in full speed towards the person he felt was watching his house from distance.


"I am going to get rich today. I just have to kill this family and I will get 100,000$ for that." Said a man who was standing in the shadow, as he watched Kang-ho's house from a distance.

The man was laughing while he saw someone exiting the house.

"Oh, one of the preys is coming right at my way, I guess I will start with this guy." Said the man. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He saw kang-ho approaching slowly, after a while he saw that Kang-H totally disappeared from his vison.

"Did I drink a little too much today? Am I seeing things?" asked the man to himself.

Right when he was thinking where Kang-Ho had disappeared, Kang-Ho suddenly appeared in front of him. He looked at Kang-ho's eyes, at that time all he felt was fear, extreme fear. It felt like he was standing in front of a monster. He dropped to the ground because of the pressure Kang-Ho was releasing.

Kang-Ho didn't say anything. He just grabbed the man by his neck, and he ran. He didn't want to continue with his questioning here. He ran towards a empty alleyway. After he came there, he finally stopped. He threw the guy to the ground.

"Please, don't kill me it wasn't me. I was paid, I was paid." Begged the man.

"Who paid you?" Kang-Ho asked.

"It was the Unholy brothers. They paid me." Said the man while shaking.

Kang-Ho knew who it was. From what he heard the unholy brothers belonged to his uncle. After finding out who it was, Kang ho took his dagger out and killed the guy.

After he was done, he went to a high-end restaurant and bought meals for 4. Kang-Ho went straight to his house after he bought all the necessary items.

"I am home." Said Kang-Ho as he entered.

After he came in, he started opening the food. The family enjoyed the meal. After they were done eating everyone went to sleep. Kang -Ho waited until everyone fell to sleep. After making sure no one was awake, he came out of his house.

Kang-Ho started heading towards the black market. After some time, he reached the black-market. He went Straight to the HQ. when he entered the HQ, he was greeted by the same woman who did his transactions.

"How may I help you sir?" asked the woman.

"I need to buy information o someone." Said Kang-Ho.

"Please follow me." Said the woman.

They went to a private room and started their talk.

"Whose information do you seek sir?" asked the woman.

"I want information on the unholy brothers, and where I can find all of them." Said Kang-Ho.

"As seeing the information is about a public guild it won't cost you a lot. It will just take 100,000$. Please, wait a moment I will bring you the information for you." Said the woman as she made her way out.

After some time, she bought the information about the guild, and handed it to Kang-Ho. The levels of the members were also mentioned. He didn't need those he just needed the information on where he could find them.

His uncle was level 55 he had a rank D class called swordsman.

There were a total 1,200 members of Unholy brothers. Most of them were of level 10-15. He didn't care about the low-level members he just cared about high ranking members of the guild. He took note of the whereabouts of these people. There were about 200 High ranking members in the guild.

This night Kang-Ho planned to attack the guild's HQ. he didn't plan to kill his uncle first. He didn't want him to die peacefully. He wanted to strip his uncle of everything like he did to his father. He wanted his uncle to feel despair. His anger wouldn't quell.

He gave the woman his card, the woman took 100,000 from his account. After he was done, he didn't open his mask. He didn't want himself to be recognize by someone while he was hunting down Unholy brothers.

He made his way towards the first location in the list. The list had accurate seen information on all the high-ranking officers. He was surprised by the ability of the Black-market's info gathering.

The High-ranking officers were in front of a dungeon that they got from Hunter's association. They were planning to enter the dungeon in 2 hours. He only had 2 hours in his hands he decided to attack them first because it was the second hunting team of the unholy brothers. They also played a vital role on running the guild.

There were 8 High ranking officers there waiting to enter the dungeon. he wanted to reach the location as fast as possible.

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