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Chapter 56: Voice

To Kang-Ho it felt like this was the end of his life. He knew he could never outrun the wolf. He had chills run down his spine, he regretted boiling the plant, he wished he could go back in time. He didn't want to die this early.

It felt as if his entire body was paralysed with fear when he saw the wolf, he wanted to run away but was unable to. The wolf stared at him for few seconds, maybe he was making sure that the surrounding was safe. Kang-Ho somehow gathered all his strength and turned around he wanted to run away, right then the wolf howled, the howl made Kang-Ho's blood run cold and he staggered for a bit.

Kang-Ho started running, the wolf jumped across the river, the wolf didn't chase Kang-Ho rather it ate the plant. Kang-Ho was relieved at least the thing didn't want to eat him, or so he thought. Right after the wolf finished the plant his gaze turned towards Kang-Ho, from the look it gave Kang-Ho was certain the thing was not full yet and wanted to eat him as well.

'I don't want to die yet please!' Kang-Ho prayed in his mind. He was extremely fearful of these beasts. He had seen them hunt in the night; he could barely sleep because of the noises these things made in the night. They howled for the entire night, Kang-Ho had seen one of the wolfs tear down an entire tree with one strike from its claw.

He knew if he was attacked by that claw, he would turn into meat paste instantly. He wanted to run to his cave, but the cave was on the other side of the forest, he was so scared that he started running towards the area he had never been to. When he realized that it was just too late to turn back. he didn't even have the courage to turn back now.

After some distance Kang-Ho turned around and he didn't notice the wolf following him, he was relieved. He thought the wolf spared him. Right at that moment, he saw the wolf dashing towards him with blood red eyes. It was as if the wolf wanted to shred Kang-Ho into pieces, he could see the saliva dropping from its mouth. Kang-Ho knew if he was caught up to by the wolf there was absolutely no chance of fighting back.

The wolf jumped towards Kang-Ho from a distance of 100 meters, when Kang-ho saw the move he was sure that he would die by the hands of this wolf, there was no way he could dodge the move.

Kang-Ho was just too scared to fight back for his life, he never wanted to fight these things from when he saw them trough the cave. Kang-Ho knew that if he could make it to the cave, he would be able to save his life, as none of these wolfs dared to come near the cave. Kang-Ho didn't know why but all the animals in the jungle were all very scared of the cave he was staying in, it was like a safe zone for him.

But going to the cave was not an option as he was just too far. He made a very serious mistake, now he would pay for it with his life he thought. Kang-Ho closed his eyes while still running, he didn't want to see the claw shred him to pieces. He thought if he closed his eyes, he would die without knowing how he died, at least he thought so.

The wolf made it to Kang-Ho, and swung its claw at him, right when the claw was about to hit, he felt as if there was no grown beneath his feet. Kang-Ho opened his eyes when he fell, it turned out that there was a hole in the middle of the jungle. He tumbled down the hole, he was badly hurt when he fell. He broke one of his hand, the pain was unboreable, he had tears filled in his eyes.

After tumbling down the tunnel, he fell in water. He tried to swim up with one of his hand, it was a little difficult for him to swim but he somehow made it to the surface. When he came out of the water, he looked around the surrounding to see where the hell he was. He had never been to this part of forest, so he didn't know where he was. He didn't worry about where he was, he was just happy that the wolf wasn't chasing him anymore.

After looking here and there, he confirmed that he was in some kind of pond, but surprisingly the water was giving off light that illuminated the entire cave like area. After looking around the area for some time he dragged himself out of the water. When he looked towards the pond after coming out of it he was awed by the beauty of the pond. He had never seen a place so beautiful. He admired the beauty for a little while. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Like the pond don't you little rabbit?" Kang-Ho was suddenly jolted awake by the voice, at first, he was scared by the voice. the voice sounded like a old man's voice. he couldn't find the origin of the voice, it felt as if the voice was coming from all the direction. But after a while he was extremely happy this was the first time; he had heard someone else's voice in a week. he wanted to dance in happiness, but he wanted to make sure that the other party didn't want to hurt him first.

"Did you come here to rescue me?" asked Kang-Ho was anticipation. Even after living in this place for 1 week, even after seeing animals he had never seen before, Kang-Ho still thought he was on earth. He knew that couldn't be possible but thought of him appearing in a similar place like earth by toughing some weird thing didn't make any sense.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA, what do you mean rescue you little rabbit? Although I was very entertained by seeing you run for you life moments ago." Said the voice, while laughing.

Kang-Ho was scared stunned when he heard what the voice said, he knew that the person wouldn't help him, he wanted to run somewhere and hide, but looking here and there was no way out from the place. He was stuck here; the only way out was from where he came in but reaching that place was impossible. The hole was above the celling and below it was the pond.

"Who are you what do you want? Do you want to kill me?" asked Kang-Ho couldn't see the man, he wanted to know where he was hiding and how did he see him running above I the forest. He was sure he was the only person who entered the pond. He had no idea what was going on.

"You don't need to know who I am. Why would I want to hurt a little rabbit like you?" the voice asked.

Kang-Ho was looking here and there to find the source of the voice but to no avail. He was still too afraid; he didn't trust want the voice said. Who would even believe that?

"If you were watching me run for my life why didn't you save me?" asked Kang-Ho. He was angry as the man didn't save him. If he really saw him running for his life, why did the person not save him?

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