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Chapter 36: Yeo Shik

Kwon Hyun had a very big smile when he listened to what mechanical voice had to say. He was contemplating all the plans that he could use to destroy the entire Busan.

Although, mechanical voice talked like destroying the entire city was very easy, Kwon Hyun knew the danger. They might not even be able to take down half f Busan if they weren't careful with the planning. One small mistake and their plan would be a failure.

Kwon Hyun knew that his life or his guild member's lives didn't matter to his majesty or his subordinate but that didn't stop him from his actions. He knew deep down if he was able to fulfil his duty properly, he would surely be remembered by his majesty. That was all that mattered to him.

The most important thing on Kwon Hyun's brain right now was that he needed manpower if he wanted to accomplish this mission.

"Are there any other questions?" asked mechanical voice.

"Sir, I don't have many guild members, I would need some more troops to accomplish this mission." Answered Kwon Hyun, the main problem with the plan was he didn't have many high levelled guild members. One of the main reasons of his guild not having many high-levelled guild members is that they have always tried to be a low-key guild in the Busan area. They never tried to contest with the other guilds in the area for resources and supremacy. They always tried to keep themselves out of the guild wars. The only thing they focused on was to stay hidden and build up strength to fulfil his majesty's goal.

So, all their guild members were the follower of his majesty. They were all believers of the new world; they also quite often referred this new world as a paradise. This in return helped them to maintain a cover in the city, being secretive helped them develop roots on Busan. they never came under the radar of the hunter's association. Because they never got into conflict, they were very close to the big guilds inside the Busan. they had a very large numbers of sources from where they could collect data about the current situation inside the city. This went to show just how much influence this guild had inside of Busan. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Although that might seem very nice deal, but this also had major flaws. Although Kwon Hyun was the strongest person inside the city of Busan. there was no one who could match him in terms of the power alone, but if they were to talk about the entirety of the guild, they were really very far from being called strongest. They could be considered just a middle-sized guild in the city if they were compared to the big guilds in the Busan.

And if they were really going to take on the entire Busan city, they at least needed to be comparable to a big guild in the Busan.

"I will also send some special teams from big guilds from Seoul at the time of the attack, although I won't be able to send a lot of them but that would be enough. We are under the target of the hunter association recently; they were able to pick up on our trails unfortunately. If the situation was normal, I would have myself came down there for the plan, one wrong move from our side we would be discovered by the hunter's association." said the mechanical voice, it instantly reignited the hope of Kwon Hyung.

Kwon Hyun was excited to know that the special teams would be soon visiting them. He knew that these special teams were very important assents of his majesty. The teams were very strong, there was no such person in the team whose level was lower than 100. The minimum requirement of joining the special team was to be 100 level, even that would never make sure your entry to the special teams. The criteria to enter was very hard. He himself tried once to enter the team but he failed miserably on the process.

The entry of the special team ensured two things, first was their success of the plan also the second was that his survival chances increased by leaps and bound.

From what the mechanical voice mentioned, he came to know of a very serious threat to their plans. He knew that his majesty and his subordinates were very secretive when they did things, even he who is believer of his majesty from the start of their plan didn't know who his majesty really was. This goes to show the level of precaution his majesty took. In this kind of scenario this could only mean one thing there was a mole among them. Someone must have sold the information to the Hunter association. But, on the other hand hunter association not knowing their plans could also mean that the mole was not a very important member, because the information about Busan attack was only known by his majesty his important subordinates and Kwon Hyun himself. This gave Kwon Hyun some sense of relief at least.

"Thank you, sir, that's all the things we need." Said Kwon Hyun. He didn't need anything else.

The mechanical voice hung up the phone. After Kwon Hyun placed his phone on the table, he once again started to think about something and mumbling.

Nobody had any idea what short of storm was brewing in the middle of the Busan city. Kwon Hyun had a creepy smile when though of a thing. He once again picked his phone up and started dialling the phone.



"What is it that you want from us?" asked Moon Jung. If it wasn't for Moon Jung Infront of the door trying to stop the people, they would have destroyed the entire house by now. As time passed by, they were getting more violent.

'This is bad, what is going on here? I need to take uncle and aunt to a safe place' thought Moon Jung.

A little distance from Kang-Ho's house two brothers were watching the situation. They had a very disgusting smile on their face while they watched.

"This is going to be a very easy mission. We could just kill them with one swing of our sword. Shin, go hide between the civilians, once you get a perfect opportunity strike attack them." Said Yeo Shik.

"What about that guy over there? Who is he?" asked Yeo Shin.

"It must be the son." Said Yeo Shik.

"No, its not the son I saw the picture of that guy earlier they do not look the same, he must be some other guy. Do you want to want and find out who he is?" asked Yeo Shin.

"There is no point in wasting the time. If he isn't the son just kill him too, there is now way someone influential would come to a slum anyway. So just go out there and kill them quickly and come back I will guard here and make sure we are not disturbed." Said Yeo Shik. He didn't want to wait, as seeing that the mission was not too difficult, they just had o kill some old people, it would be better to take care of that guy while they are at it. They couldn't afford the information to go out.

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