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42.6% The Immortal Mutant Teen / Chapter 47: Q & A

Q & A - The Immortal Mutant Teen - Chapter 47 by AinzOolGown0601 full book limited free

Chapter 47: Q & A

As I have said before this chapter is for answering your questions, if you still have more questions after this then put em in the comments and ill update this chapter with new questions



Q: Is this really a Harem?

A:Yes it is, if it wasnt already obvious.... the romance with Akeno, Kotone, and maybe Amazoness will stay how it is for now. As Acheron already stated that they are still too young for him. As for Rose, she barely qualifies to be old enough, her romance will be a hard battle since she is family and Acheron specially raised her unlike the others who had the previous generation teach them and inherited their positions in the family.

Q2: Will there be 18+ scenes?

A: Yes, they are currently in the works. Like all my chapters i tried to give my very best, so im currently doing research and perfecting my work. i wont upload one till i am positive it is worthy of you guys. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

But who is Acheron gonna be fucking?... it wont be with one of the girls in present day, it will probably be in a flashback... maybe Ancient Egypt or Ancient China, i dunno yet.

Q3: Do mutants live longer than humans?

A: Yes and no, mutants life expectancy correlates with their powers and if they get a vitality boost from them, for example, Herakles, his super strength also gave him the vitality to live well over 150 years and would had reached 200 if he hadnt messed with Acheron, remember that the average human life span back then was like 40 to 45, Helen lived twice as long as a regular person while Herakles lived around 4 life times worth. Present day, the average mutant lives between 80 to 150 years, that's the reason why mutants look younger than their actual age. A present day Herakles would be over 300 years old.

Q4: Why are the Vamp's skin tinged purple or violet?

A: the violet tinge of their skin will be most noticeable on Vamps with lighter skin. Since Vamps don't get sun, they get a sickly, pale, almost transparent skin. the arteries which are red and veins which are blue are most noticeable near the skins surface... red + blue = purple. and before you ask, no, vampires are not undead, their heart beats 1 beat per minute.

Q5: Why did Acheron appear so cold towards the Dean, Charles?

A: As some of you might have guessed, seeing friends and family die, either by natural causes or not, will always be a sore topic for Acheron, that could be seen in the way he is so overprotective of Rose by not letting her out of the base, even if she is one of the strongest assassins on the planet. the real reason for giving the Dean the cold shoulder will be revealed in his last meeting with him.

Q6: Could you explain more about the Limiters Acheron has in his body?

A: Acheron has hundreds of these microchips design to negate a mutants power. Now, the ones that he has in him are decades ahead of what the rest of the world has and that is still not enough to complete negate all of his powers, instead of being negated it just weakens them, to a level, depending on the power, that doesnt a effect him or those around him. Maybe some of you already guessed it from the Herakles flashback but mutant powers evolve into stronger forms, so it makes sense that their isnt a way to completely weaken Acheron. Immortality + hunger for power + power upgrades = OP of the highest degree. His original power cannot be negated or weakened at all.

Q7: Why did choose to have him go to highschool?

A: Well, originally Acheron was going to 21 years old but having him transfer into a university of something similar, i didnt feel like it would go to well since their will be hardly any character development, by him looking underage at 17, i can emphasize a little more of his mysterious life and gives me time to work on the characters and their development thru the years. it takes time for love to blossom the exception is Akeno, since i believe in love at first sight lol. Also, school isnt really the main focus, its the things that he does while attending or skipping school that matters, there will be time skips during his highschool years, for example this month in London, while things will develop slower once everyone, more importantly the girls, are of age and they have known and learned more about each other for a while.

Q8: Does Acheron have or had actual children, like blood related?

A: No he hasn't, i havent really gone over why yet in the chapters but if you really want to know, leave a comment asking for the answer, if i hardly see any requests from you guys ill keep it a secret.

Q9: how come MI0 was able to facial recognize Acheron when all previous photos or videos of him have been deleted and wiped from the internet?

A:Historical Paintings of course! and 24/7 searching of his face! Acheron does not like the destruction of historical relics even if they have him in them, explains why he didn't buy or did anything to the Ancient Egyptian mural that was found with him in it.

Q10: Is Athena dangerous?

A: depends... towards Family? No, she could never hurt the Belaus.... women trying to still her husband? Maybe.... Rose is a major annoyance to her lol

Q11: Was Acheron insane before Ancient Greece?

A: Yes, it was the countless years unable to die, watching friends and lovers as they grew old and died that broke his mind, Helen was the first step in trying to piece it back together or at least whatever was left by then.

Q12: Can you explain more about his family?

A: When we had that small flashback while he played the zither, there were only 13 other family members with Acheron at that time dating back to 1100 BCE. the reason for the size is as a remembrance to his first family. His family has always been a mix of mutants and regular people, he doesn't seek them out for their powers or gifts but leaves it to fate, as you learn more about his family you will realize that most of the time he adopted someone it was because he happened to be there or was somehow involved in their rescue.

Q13: Can you explain more about the Ferrymen?

A: The Ferrymen are a team of 100 of the most dangerous motherfuckers the world has ever seen trained by Acheron himself, if the old man was any indication on how fucked up and dangerous they really are. The Ferryman are actually, in simpler terms, a special forces group so it contains both mutants and regular people. it is a given that Acheron would have an army as he has his own country (Spoiler) (Will not reveal name of country yet). The rank below "Ferryman" consists of the "Ghosts of Sparta", same outfit as the Ferryman, only they wear white. To rank up into a Ferryman, a Ghost will have to challenge a Ferryman for their position, purely martial arts, once they become a Ferryman, powers or not, you still need to challenge others for a higher position. Acheron's doctrine has brainwashed them into putting him above all else, making them a bunch of maniacal, fanatical, brainwashed sociopaths.

Any questions that need answering leave them below in the comments!

AinzOolGown0601 AinzOolGown0601

Im still not quite satisfied with the new chapter... ill upload it when i approve of it

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