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59.05% The Incubus System / Chapter 75: Chapter 73. A Demon Hunter and A Prostitute

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Chapter 75: Chapter 73. A Demon Hunter and A Prostitute

The Incubus System Chapter 73. A Demon Hunter and A Prostitute

Emma's PoV

Emma had been waiting for several hours for Damian to come out of the building. A neon sign Sea Devil Club with biting lips in pink hung in front of it. Emma stood by the tree and she was already wearing her demon hunter uniform. Every now and then, she turned her head towards the entrance. Yes, she deliberately used her Demon Hunter uniform because some prostitutes kept coming and offering their services to her. But once she put on her uniform and covered her face with her hood, no one dared to approach her because they thought she was on duty.

It was 08.06 PM, but Damian hadn't been out of there since he entered together with a Lamia. She tried texting and calling him but he didn't answer. Emma threw herself on a bench nearby as she let out a tired sign.

"Damian ..." she muttered unconsciously. She began to wonder that Damian forgot his promise because he was having so much fun with that Lamia. Or ... Maybe that Lamia was having so much fun with him that she didn't want to let him go.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard the giggling sound of two women who had just left there followed by their conversation.

"Is he Lady Pearl's favourite man? What's his name?"

"Yes, it's him. His name is Damian. He's really handsome, right?" answered the other in excitement.

"I need to admit that Lady Pearl's has good taste. This is the first time I saw a handsome and elegant prostitute like him." She exhaled slightly.

"I thought all prostitutes acted like a cheap flirt."

"He is indeed different from the others," said another as she kept walking.

"By the way, why was he with another woman?" she asked curiously.

"I heard that woman is Lady Pearl's acquaintance. Yesterday I also saw her enter the VIP room."

"I can't imagine if he has to serve a Kraken's descendant and a Lamia at the same time." Her surprise was evident on her face and in the tone of her voice.

After those words, Emma couldn't hear their conversation anymore since they were too far away from her.

Emma was silent, her mind sank into the girls' chat she heard a few hours ago, about Lady Pearl who liked to tie and torture her men with her tentacles. Her heart was pounding as her worries began to emerge.

'Is that why he can't get out of there?'

Emma tried to think positively.

'No, maybe his working hours haven't finished yet.'

She took out her cellphone and checked again but he hadn't replied yet. Finally, she typed a message to him again, at least if he needed more time he could text her, not disappearing like this.

Me: Where are you? I've been waiting for you in front of the Sea Devil Club.

After that, she waited for his answer.

The minutes passed, but Damian didn't answer her, he didn't even read it. Her worries kept bothering her and the women's words kept ringing in her head.

'Are they really tying and torturing him? That's why he can't check his cellphone. '

Driven by her worry and curiosity, she stood from her seat and walked towards the club.

Seeing her demon hunter uniform, two security guards immediately blocked her.

"I'm sorry. Is there anything we can help you with?" They said with a worried tone since if a demon hunter came to a place it meant that there was a demon hiding in that place.

"I want to check this building for a moment," she replied simply.

"Do we need to turn on the alarm and evacuate the guests?" asked the security again. All buildings in Vihrasil Continent had two types of alarms, the first was a fire alarm and the second was an evacuation alarm for a demon attack. The evacuation alarm would be connected directly to the demon hunter headquarters, allowing them to send demon hunters to that place immediately.

"I just wanted to confirm something."

The securities frowned since a demon hunter's presence without sounding an alarm could scare the guests.

"You don't need to worry. I'll finish my business quickly," said Emma as she pushed one of them to the side and walked into the club.

Emma stepped quickly, past the guests. Fortunately, with the darkness and the lighting that only relied on coloured laser beams, other people didn't realize that she was a demon hunter. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The securities chased her.

"Miss, please don't make a fuss here."

Emma's stopped her steps and turned around.

"Show me where the VIP room is." She remembered the women mentioned about that.

"VIP room? Did you have an appointment with Lady Pearl?" asked the security in doubt.

Emma sighed in exasperation, she didn't like a place like this so she wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible.

"If you don't want to show it I will report that you are getting in the way of a demon hunter's duty," she threatened. She actually didn't have the authority to report anything to headquarters because she was still on her suspension period.

The securities gasped since that violation could lead them to prison for one month or more, depending on the court's decision.

"Tell me where the room is," said Emma again.

"Just go straight and turn right at the end of the corridor."

"Thank you," said Emma, stepping her feet.

"Wait. We will escort you." The securities chased her.

"We'll report your arrival," said the security as they got closer to the room.

"There's no need." Her only purpose was to check and make sure Damian was okay. If they reported in advance, her effort would be in vain.

"Miss, our boss will scold us if you barged in like that," said the security again.

"I said there was no need," said Emma as she hastened her steps.

"Miss!" they chased her.

Without further ado, Emma immediately pushed the door hard as she stepped into the VIP room.

- Brakkkk!

Her eyes widened, her shock was clearly visible on her face at what she saw and her hand moved to remove the hood that covered her head slightly so she could see more clearly. What the previous women said was true. Damian was tied to a large table with a Lamia and a Kraken's descendant by his sides. Their tentacles and tail were spread out over his body and not a single piece of clothes covered them. Even though that Kraken's descendant and Lamia had slept, it was clear they had just raped him.

"Miss, you can't barge in like this!" the security said in a panic while Damian raised his head to look at her. His surprise was clearly visible on his face.

The securities started to pull her out but she didn't budge.

"She's my friend. Let her go," Damian said to the security. The securities let her go and looked down.

"You may leave," he said again.

They immediately followed his words and left.

Emma was still stiff in shock. Her heart was beating hard, she could hear it clearly in her ears. She knew she had to help Damian but her legs felt heavy as her guilt ran through her heart.

After spending time patrolling with Damian last night, she thought he was a selfish man because Damian had the ability to fight demons but he refused to become a demon hunter. But now ... She felt sorry for him.

What made him allow himself to be tied up and serve two hybrid-beasts like that? Because of money? Because they forced him? But whatever it was, he shouldn't be treated that way.

As Damian untied one of his hands with his teeth, Emma returned to her senses. She walked over to him and helped him. His muscular body with eight packs with lean muscles was clearly visible, making her face flushed. As one of the belts was untied, a faint red mark was clearly visible on his wrist, proving that the two hybrid-beasts had bound him tightly. But even then, he didn't look panic, sad or embarrassed, as if he was used to it.

When the belts that tied his hands were untied, Emma intended to untie his legs. But as she turned around, she could see his cock clearly. She startled and quickly turned her face the other way. Her face got even redder. This was the first time she saw a man's in flesh.

"Thank you for helping me. I'll put on my clothes and take care of this," Damian's voice came from behind her.

"Okay, I'll wait for you." Emma walked over to the sofa as she kept looking away. Seeing Damian's reaction, she came to a conclusion.

'It seems true that he doesn't want to be a demon hunter because he feels unworthy for it. '

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