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Chapter 78: Chapter 76. Her Distrust

The Incubus System Chapter 76. Her Distrust

Note: I will call the Imp as she/her since she take a little girl form.

My heart was pounding in tension. That explained her emotion status and why she hadn't checked her Demon Compass earlier. I knew she was in danger.

The imp raised her head, looking at Emma imploringly, showing her face which was full of tears with blood and dirt on either sides of her cheeks.

"Scary monster - Sniff, sniff - has taken my mommy ..." I could see the Imp's nails starting to extend, so I was guessing she was going to attack Emma.

"Where is your mo-"

Before Emma finished her sentence, I grabbed her hand and pulled her. My eyes stared at the Imp sharply. The Imp fell onto the ground as her nails returned to normal. While Emma fell into my arms.

"Waa --- Waa --- Waa!" The imp was crying loudly while Emma immediately struggled, trying to get away from me, but I held her tighter.

"What are you doing?!" she snapped angrily.

"Are you crazy ?! She could be a demon!" I said with the same tone as hers.

"What are you talking about? Demons just took her mother! She needs our help! " Her voice was getting higher and full of anger as she continued to struggle, trying to get her hand off me.

"She could be a demon in disguise!" I warned her once again.

"What nonsense is that ?!" she screamed in disbelief.

I lifted her hand and lowered her sleeve, showing her bare wrist in front of our faces.

"Nonsense ?! Now, tell me - Where's your Demon Compass? How do you know she isn't a demon if you don't wear it?!" Yesterday, she was mad because I was rushing to the Imps without waiting for any cue from her, but what she did today was even more reckless than what I did .

She stopped struggling and raised her head, I could see her eyes glared at me.

"Damian --- You won't understand what it feels like to lose a mother. How it feels to see the demons kill your own mother and eat her alive before your eyes."

In an instant, I realized why Emma insisted on helping the Imp because right now the Imp looked just like her when she lost her mother.

"Waa --- sis ... Please help my mommy!" the Imp's cry grew louder.

Emma pulled her hand away from me, releasing herself from my grasp. Her eyes were still staring at me sharply.

"It turns out what Theo said about you was right. If you're scared, you don't have to follow me. You can go back to the club and have fun with those women. Maybe that profession suits you better," she said with a displeased tone.

She went over to the Imp and helped her to her feet. While I was silent as I held back my anger. I tried to help her, warned her but she insulted me. Even though I knew she got carried away with her feelings because she felt the Imp had the same fate as her, but I couldn't accept this.

They walked away at a slow pace and careful steps. While Emma supported the Imp since she pretended to be badly injured.

I shifted my gaze to them and lunged at them, snatching the Imp from Emma. Once I was able to grab the Imp's hand, I slammed the Imp to the ground with all my might.


[You have hit a Foul Imp for 51 HP. ]

"ARE YOU CRAZY?!" screamed Emma furiously.

Even though I knew she would definitely get angry, but I was determined to do this with the hope that the Imp would change to her original form soon. But it turned out my guess was wrong.

"Ahh ... Sis ... Help ... Me ..." said the Imp, extending her hand to Emma. Blood came out of her head, mouth and body, making her acting even more convincing. Her half-opened eyes stared at Emma in tears. Her blood flowing between her fingers dripped onto the ground.

Since the Imp didn't intend to change into her original form, I planned to kill her as soon as possible. If she turned to ashes, our misunderstanding would end. I raised my leg, trying to kick the Imp's crotch since I remembered it was the Foul Imp's critical point, but the Imp bent her legs and arms to protect herself.

[You have hit a Foul Imp for 14 HP. ]

The Imp blocked my kick. I could see her sly smile from between the gap of her hands.

At the same time, Emma dashed as fast as she could to rescue the Imp in rage. Her hand reached out to me and her palm glowed. A white chain came out from there, hurtling towards me.

Sensing a movement behind me, I dodged to the side. While Emma kept running towards me and moving her hand, making her chain chase me.

My eyes caught all her movements well.

"Tch!" I clicked my tongue in annoyance since I didn't expect her to attack me with her skill. What I knew, demon hunters were prohibited for using their skills when fighting with ordinary people. I shifted my body to the side. Her chain flew over my shoulder.

She moved her hand, controlling her chain. I gasped as I could feel the chain approaching from behind me. With agility, I leapt backwards. I could feel her white chain gliding, sweeping, over my back. As my hands landed on the ground, I pushed my body one more time with my hands and jumped.

I landed as I folded one of my legs, my knee touching the ground and my eyes fixed on Emma who was standing in front of the Imp, blocking me to approach that demon. Her eyes stared at me filled with anger. Her Holy Chain was still in front of her.

While the Imp was lying on the ground, her face turned to me and a sly smile on her lips.

"YOU ALMOST KILLED AN INNOCENT CHILD!" screamed Emma in anger.

I stood up.

"Get out of there! She's a demon!" I warned her as I swung my hand, ordering her to move aside.

"Sniff, sniff ... Sis ... Help me ..." the Imp's cry came back. But despite the sound of her wrying cry the sly smile on her face widened. Whereas Emma did not budge.

"No! I won't let you hurt her!" Again, her anger was clear in her voice.

'Dammit!' I cursed internally. I knew she wouldn't believe anything I said. My feet took another step toward the Imp but Emma's Holy Chain moved to block me. I retreated to avoid it. My gaze returned to her.

"If she's a human she should be dead after my first attack!" I convinced her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After hearing my words, Emma seemed to start to notice the oddity. But the Imp was pretending to cough.

* Cough * * Cough * * Cough *

Blood came out of her mouth. Her breath looked heavy.

Emma turned her gaze to the Imp in worry.

The imp extended her hand to Emma.

"Sis ... It's ... Hurt ..." she said in difficulty.

Seeing an opportunity, I dashed towards them. Emma returned her gaze to me and moved her Holy Chain again.

I gritted my teeth and ducked down without stopping my steps. The chain passed over my head, the wind from it combing my hair. My hands were clenched into fists ready to finish off the Imp.

Emma pulled her chain again. I could feel her chain chasing me from behind while she was standing in front of me. Her arms stretched out to the sides, blocking me from reaching the Imp.

Our eyes locked onto each other. When I nearly crashed into her, I ducked down and slid under her arm. She gasped in surprise and turned towards me, while I raised my fist, preparing to hit the Imp's critical point. Meanwhile, the Imp also looked shocked and did not expect me to pass Emma that fast.

[Critical hit!]

[You have hit a Foul Imp for 154 HP. ]

My fist landed on the Imp's critical point. I could see the Imp gritting her teeth as she endured the pain from my hit. While I clicked my tongue again after seeing my damage. Without my Demonic Energy, I could only make half of my damage. I could not kill her quickly.

I also couldn't use any offensive skills since apart from my manipulation, dispel, observation and charm skills, all of my other skills required a gesture that proved I was the caster.

Another blow flew towards the Imp, this time since the Imp felt in danger, I could see her nails starting to grow again. I knew she intended to return to her original form.

But before my hit landed on the Imp, I could feel a movement behind me. I knew it was Emma's Holy Chain, I ducked down and rolled to the side to dodge it but the chain turned and came after me. As I stood up, the chain almost tied my body. Quickly, I brushed it off with my hand. The chain wrapped my wrist up to my hand.

[Warning! You are in The Holy Chain effect.]

[Your speed will decrease by 5%.]

I could feel the heat from it and my body started to feel heavy. Now I understood why Holy Chain was a must skill for Demon Hunters. Because this skill was able to reduce speed and limit the demon's movement.

Emma pulled on her chain, trying to pull me toward her. While I also pulled my hand to the opposite direction, holding back her force. We stood facing each other, neither of us moved from our position. Meanwhile, I saw that the Imp had returned her nails to normal and smiled slyly behind Emma.

I glanced over the Imp's head.

[Name: Foul Imp]

[Level 24]

[HP: 298/516]

[DP: 129/129]

'I need two more critical hits.' But I knew I had to change my strategy. Because at this rate I would only look like a villain to Emma. Even though I tried to help her, but she saw me as a psycho who wanted to kill a dying child. And I needed to admit I was provoked by my anger earlier.

'Then I'll change my ways.'

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