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Chapter 79: Chapter 77. True Appearance

The Incubus System Chapter 77. True Appearance

"HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?! " shouted Emma again.

I was speechless, I knew she would not believe anything I said. I was just grateful despite our fuss, no one came even though we fought on the side of the street. But I guessed maybe because they saw Emma's Demon Hunter uniform so they decided to avoid our fight since they were able to conclude that this was a demon attack.

"If you no longer believe whatever I say. Why are you asking me?" Finally I opened my voice. Even though my tone sounded calmer but the traces of my anger were still clear.

"Without a Demon Compass, we can't confirm anything. At least we should check her mother first. We can conclude whether she's a demon or not from there." There was a trace of regret in her tone because she had made a mistake by patrolling without her Demon Compass.

"Good idea. That way, we'll fall into their trap and die together," I said sarcastically. Well, I couldn't possibly die if my opponents were just a bunch of Foul Imps like her, but to fight them I had to use my skills or my Demonic Form, which means I had to expose my true identity to Emma.

Emma pressed her lips. She knew it could be a trap.

"Now I will ask you one more time. When she came to us, that kid was already badly injured. Now, I've hit her twice and she is still alive. You already saw how I fought when we were on patrol yesterday. Do you still think that kid is a human? " I tried to remind her how I defeated the Imps with just 2 hits yesterday, which means that kid was a demon that was stronger than yesterday's Imp.

Hearing my words, Emma gasped, it looks like she started to realize that what I said made sense. She turned her face towards the Imp but rather than attacking her, the Imp crawled with great difficulty towards her and grabbed her leg.

"I'm ... not a monster ... Sniff, sniff. I don't have ... Big teeth and claws ..." said the Imp with a face full of tears and a pleading look.

Emma stared at the Imp for a moment.

"No ..." Obviously she felt sorry for her and doubted my statement. She turned her gaze to me.

"If she is a demon, won't it be better for her to change to her original form and fight you than to become your punch bag? But she doesn't. That means she's not a demon."

I tilted my head slightly and snorted in annoyance before returning my gaze to her. Was my evidence unclear? I slammed the Imp in front of her eyes and hit that demon hard. There was no way an ordinary child could survive an attack that could kill a demon like that.

"Can't you see it? She's pretending to get us into her trap, " I tried to convince her again.

"I can't trust you anymore," she said in a cold voice. She moved her hand and her chain moved to tie my body. I was silent and didn't move, let the chain tie me. Instead of continuing to argue or fight her, I'd better put myself as bait. Besides, I was sure that Imp must have targeted me first since I knew her identity.

Her chain tied my hands, bound my body tightly.

[Warning! The Holy Chain effect has increased.]

[Your speed will decrease by 30%.]

I could feel the heat from her chain that wrapped me. At the same time, my body felt much heavier. I tried to move my hand, making sure I could use my skills if the situation got worse. I could see the sly smile on the Imp's face.

"Are you satisfied now?" I said in a sarcasm tone. My eyes were on the Imp.

The Imp responded with sobs.

"Sniff, sniff."

Emma pulled me roughly, forcing me to walk toward her.

"We'll take this kid to the hospital. After that I'll take you to the police," she said as she held back his anger.

I threw my gaze the other way irritably.

She knelt down and was about to carry the Imp, but as she was about to do it , she looked troubled. While I glanced silently at them with my palm open. If that Imp tried to attack Emma, I was planning to use my Demonic Spike. But I predicted she would take us to her friends.

The Imp grabbed her clothes.

"Sis ... My mommy. Please save my mommy ..." she said with a pleading look.

"We'll save your mother after we drop you to the hospital," Emma replied.

The Imp shook her head side to side and looked back at Emma with a sad face. Her tears were flowing again. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"No ... Please ... Save my mommy..." The imp begged again.

I sighed in exasperation as I watched them, my forehead creased. I didn't expect that demons actually good at acting and the Demon Hunters actually depended on their Demon Compass. Without a Demon Compass, they couldn't even tell the difference between a demon and a human, just like ordinary people.

"I will save your mother later, now we have to treat your wounds first." She tried to lift the Imp again but the Imp was too heavy.

The Imp tugged at her clothes and looked at her imploringly.

"Please ..."

'As expected...'

Feeling sorry, finally Emma nodded.

"Okay, we will save your mother first. But you must hide when I fight them." She supported the Imp while the Imp stood up in difficulty and walked weakly.

While Emma's other hand pulled her chain, asking me to walk following them. I sighed in exasperation once again. She was carried away by thinking the Imp was a kid who had the same fate as her to the point she ignored the oddity that she could not lift such a small child even though she was a demon hunter. Of course, she couldn't lift her, the Imp was lv 24 and her true form was much bigger than Emma's, there was no way Emma could carry her.

We walked slowly, soon another stinking stench pierced my nose along with an announcement in a red box in front of me.

[!!! Warning !!! ]

[Other Demons detected!]

Feeling close to their trap, I pretended to fall.

- Bruk!

And I grimaced in pain and rolled on the ground to convince my acting.

Emma turned to me.

"What is wrong with you?" she said curtly.

"My chest ... hurts ..." I said breathlessly. I pretended to get a Demonic Curse just like her.

"I know you're just pretending! Get up!" She pulled her chain, forcing me to get up but instead I grunted in pain.

"Urggg ..." I glanced at the Imp. It looks like she was confused with my act.

I lifted my hand in difficulty and pointed at an alley not far from us.

"Demons ... There are too many demons there ... I can feel it ..." I said to clarify why I was suddenly in pain.

The Imp's eyes widened in shock since I could guess their place, even though she hadn't shown it yet.

"Stop pretending!" said Emma angrily. Meanwhile, behind her, the Imp began to return to her original form.

I kept pretending as my eyes were watching the Imp. My palm was open and ready to shoot her with my Demonic Spike if she attacked Emma from behind. But just like I thought, the Imp jumped at me. I was expecting it because she must think I was more dangerous than Emma since I could detect demons.

Note: I will call the Imp as he/him starts from here since he already returned to his original form.

Emma's expression turned shocked when she saw the Imp leap fiercely past her. The Imp's claws pointed at me. The rest of the child's clothes that were still attached to his back showed clearly that the Imp was the child from before.

As fast as I could, I rolled to the side to avoid his attack.


The Imp's claws perforated the sidewalk and created a hole there. Quickly, I returned to my feet as I turned to Emma.

"Release me! Now!" I shouted.

The light in Emma's hand dimmed as her chain that tied me started to fade. I wasn't completely free yet, but the Imp turned to me and waved his hand. Five dark purple spikes flew towards me.

'Shit!' With great effort, I shifted my body from side to side and rolled over, avoiding the spikes that almost pierced my body.

-Ttrak, ttrak ,trak --trak ,trak

One by one, the spikes stuck to the ground behind me. Along with it, an announcement appeared before me.

[The Holy Chain effect has been neutralized.]

The heat from the chain that wrapped my body before disappeared as well as the weight that held me back. As my body condition returned to normal, I rushed at him.

Seeing me approaching him, he stepped forward and swung his claw. I could see all his movements and ducked down to evade. The Imp's orb was in front of me, quickly, I punched it with all my might, venting my anger with that punch.

[Critical hit!]

[You have hit a Foul Imp for 155 HP. ]

The Imp opened his mouth. I knew he tried to attack me with his Acid Splash, I immediately retreated to dodge. As expected, the Imp vomited a disgusting slimy liquid in front of him.

- Shhhh ...

A hissing sound along with a thin, foul-smelling smoke rose from the ground where the liquid landed.

I moved forward once again to finish him off while the Imp almost swung his hand, trying to cast his Poison Spikes again. But suddenly, a white chain bound and pulled him. The Imp fell to the ground.

Without looking at the caster, I knew it was Emma's Holy Chain. With all my strength, I stomped on the red orb on his crotch.

[Critical hit!]

[You have hit a Foul Imp for 151 HP. ]

In an instant, the Imp's body turned to ashes.

I let out a sigh of relief, my plan was going well. This way, our misunderstanding was resolved. Besides, I was glad neither of us was hurt. Although there was no announcement that my fight was over but I suspect it was because I hadn't take care of the demons in the alley.

Author's note:

Like my last announcement, my ******* member agreed to release an image to the public. I've uploaded several images in my discord channel (Ethan, Damian, Celia, Camila and Lilieth). Other images will be uploaded about 1-2 times a month. For ******* members, they will still get an image faster and be able to vote on exclusive polls.

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