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57.04% The Incubus System / Chapter 85: Chapter 83. A Demon Hunter Who Fell In Love With A Demon

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Chapter 85: Chapter 83. A Demon Hunter Who Fell In Love With A Demon

The Incubus System Chapter 83. A Demon Hunter Who Fell In Love With A Demon

Emma's PoV

Emma lay on top of him comfortably as she caught her breath. Her virgin blood flowed from her heat and soaked her thighs. Her smooth skin felt his slightly rough skin, her ears pressed against his chest, listening to his heartbeat clearly.

* Thump * * Thump * * Thump *

The wind coldness tickled her legs but her body remained warm. He covered them with his wings that were shaped like large black bat wings, blocking the night wind to reaching their bodies. While his hand hugged her waist and his other hand stroked her hair slowly.

'He's so warm ...' she thought. It was weird since she always thought demons were evil creatures but in the end, she found the warmth from a demon and fell in love with him. Especially after she found out what he had been through and his true identity as her mentor's son. But apart from all that, what made her fall in love with him was Ethan's persistence to keep fighting even though he had turned into a demon. He fought his own race while the other races opposed him and forced him to hide his true identity from the public. If it happened to her maybe she would be depressed just because of that change, but he didn't ... Instead of giving up on his bad luck and fate, he chose to fight in the shadows.

Emma tilted her head and stared at him, her hand taking the side of his face and making their eyes meet one another.

"What is it?" he asked in a soft voice.

"Nothing ..." she replied. Her eyes met Ethan's red eyes with feline-like pupils, a demon's eyes. Eyes that usually filled her with anger, fear and hatred when she saw it. But even though Ethan had the same eyes as the other demon's, but somehow she didn't feel any of it. Those eyes looked so beautiful, as if she saw the best ruby and rather than hatred, she could see gentleness from it.

She lifted her finger, touched his eyelid gently and rubbed it lightly.

"Your eyes ... are beautiful ..." she whispered.

"Are you not afraid of me?" he asked again. She didn't know how many times he had asked her, but Emma could clearly perceive his bewilderment in his tone and his expression. From there she could already guess, it seemed like this was the first time he had shown his true identity to someone and this was also the first time someone accepted him completely.

"No ... You've protected me. Why should I be afraid of you?" Emma's finger circled around Ethan's eye.

He responded with a smile.

Seeing Ethan's sweet smile, Emma lifted herself and kissed him on his lips.

"Now, you're not alone anymore. Just tell me if you need my help," said Emma, looking deep into his eyes. She knew Ethan had struggled and endured everything on his own, so she wanted him to share his burden with her.

Ethan's eyes trembled with emotion.

"Thank you. As long as you keep my identity as a secret, especially to the association, that's enough for me."

Hearing the word 'association', Emma's face turned sour. She knew she had to keep her mouth shut regarding the association's secrets but somehow she felt she had to tell him about it.

"Ethan, you gotta be careful with the association," she warned.

"Why?" He frowned in confusion.

"Although I am nothing compared to you. But there are still many demon hunters who have powers far beyond mine," she warned.

"You mean like Theo and Larry?" he asked.

"Right, but even though they are top demon hunters they are still in the intermediate level."

"Intermediate? Is there another level above them?" he asked curiously.


"How many levels are there?"

Finally, she decided to explain it.

"The members who just entered will be called trainees. They will be trained for several months before being tested whether they are worthy or not to become a demon hunter. After that, they will become novices. It is a term for beginner demon hunters. Usually, they will be assigned to assist senior demon hunters. Once they can handle the demons by themselves they will become rookies. That is my position now. We have earned the trust to patrol ourselves even though our patrol area is still very small. The next level is Intermediate top demon hunter. Only a few people can reach this level, since the test is very difficult. "

"May I know what the test is?"

"They have to fight 20 demons by themselves and defeat them in less than 15 minutes."

"Are they using real demons?"

"No. They only use holograms designed like real demons."

"I see ..." A smile started to appear on his lips. Then he bit down his lip to hold back his laughter.

"Why are you laughing?" she asked in confusion.

"I thought it was a written test. So I was surprised Larry passed it but you didn't." From the tone of his voice, it was clear he was still trying to hold back his laughter.

Well, she didn't deny, because even though Larry had made great progress, his childish attitude was indeed worrying. And since Ethan was his childhood friend of course he knew this very well. But she also realized what she had done by trusting that demon in disguise and went on patrol without her Demon Compass were making her worse than Larry. If Ethan didn't save her, she would be dead by now.

"You shouldn't laugh at him like that."

"I know." He cleared his throat.

"Then what's the next level?"

"The next level is advance. There are only 10 people at this level." She paused as she remembered the best member of this level. Her mentor, Mr Renart.

"Your father was one of them. The best demon hunter ..."

They were silent, she could see his eyes were filled with emotion and sadness, but just like when she told him about Mr Renart the first time, but he didn't say anything.

"I heard the association has a senate and a chairman? Can you tell me about them?" He broke the silence between them.

"The senate's members are the heads of state and the kings who finance the association. While our chairman is responsible for our management. He is a mysterious person. I have never met him before. Many say he was a former strong demon hunter and some said he didn't have any strength. " The Demon Hunter Association was an international association. Therefore the senate members and the leader were not ordinary people.

"Apart from that we also have Shadow," she added.

"What is that?"

"It's the association's back office members. Those who prepare our needs and inform us of demon attacks."

After her short explanation, he seemed deep in thought. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"You have to be careful with the advanced demon hunters. Those ten people are very strong and sharp. There are so many rules designed to prevent them from using their power at will," she continued. She needed to admit that even though many demon hunter rules sounded absurd and annoying, including her current punishment, but it was due to previous violations. And usually, these violations had caused many victims until the association decided to create rules to ensure that the incident did not happen again.

He smiled.

"You seem so worried about me. You even don't hesitate to tell me everything about the association," he said in a teasing tone.

Emma turned her flushed face to the other way.

"I - I just wanted to warn you. It would be bad if we lose a good fighter like you." She knew she shouldn't say this to the others but she was so worried about him, she was even afraid the association would find out his identity and arrest him, so she warned him. She had to admit ... Without realising it, she had fallen in love with the incubus in front of her.

Ethan chuckled and clasped her head to his chest.

"Thanks for your warning. I'll be more careful for now."

Her ear was pressed against his chest. Again, his loud heartbeat sounds were clearly heard in her ear.

* Thump * * Thump * * Thump *

His hands moved around her body as she snuggled comfortably and enjoyed his warmth. Unconsciously she whispered.

"Ethan ... I love you ..." This time her heart also skipped a beat after that confession left her mouth.

"I love you too ..." he whispered. His hands hugged her body tighter.

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