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100% The Inhuman CEO's Sex Assistant / Chapter 4: Chapter 3

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Chapter 4: Chapter 3

Playing with my hair for the millionth time, I anxiously waited for the mysterious car to appear. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I should be running for the hills or hiding out in my room, but here I was waiting to be picked up to be interviewed for a job at a porno company. I didn't even know what the position entailed. I could only hope it wasn't sex related.

A dark gray car rolled up, and the driver inside asked, "Are you Ms. Brown?"


"I'm here to pick you up for your interview. Please get in."

I gave a stiff nod as I went around the back to get in the passenger seat. He waited until I was buckled up before driving off. My eyes darted between the road and driver. I wanted to ask him about the interview, but the words were stuck in my throat. What should I say? I don't even know his name. Would he know more about the job that I had apparently applied for? He didn't look like he wanted to talk to me. I ended up keeping silent the whole trip.

"We're here, miss."

Stepping out of the car, I was shocked to see the driver drive off. I stood there in disbelief before staring back at the large building. It certainly didn't look like a porno company. If I hadn't looked up the company, I would have thought it was just a regular old company like all the previous ones I worked. Staring at the sign stating it was the headquarters for the Smith Corporation, I finally walked inside. It was surprisingly busy with people moving in and out.

Ignoring all of them, I walked up to the front desk. "Excuse me, I'm here for the interview."

The receptionist glanced up at me. "Ms. Brown, yes? Please take a seat. Mrs. Wilson will be with you shortly."

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Doing as instructed, it didn't take long for a gorgeous woman to walk up to me. "Ms. Brown, it's a pleasure to meet you." She held out her hand for me to shake. "I'm Mrs. Wilson. I apologize for such short notice, but we have a position that desperately needs to be filled, and we're hoping you'll fill it. Please follow me."

She led us to the elevator that she had just exited out of earlier. Once inside, I saw her press the button for the top floor. My eyes bulged at the sight. Why were we heading for the top floor? Isn't that where all the important people worked? Why would an interview take place there? What was the position I had applied for? I couldn't find the record for it anywhere.

"Thank you." Brushing a blonde strand that had gotten loose, I said, "I have to admit that I don't quite remember the position I applied for."

"Oh, you didn't apply for the position. You were recommended."

Recommended? Who on earth would recommend me? It certainly wasn't anyone I knew. If anything, I expected people to recommend against hiring me. I mean I didn't exactly leave a good impression on any of them. I wouldn't be surprised if they cursed my name behind my back. Now I definitely wanted to know what the job was.

"By who?"

"By Mr. Smith of course."

I really hoped that Mr. Smith wasn't anyone of importance, but I had a bad feeling considering the name of the company. Please don't be like the boss or relative of the boss. I couldn't even think of how I could have met either one of them and impressed him enough to want me at the company. I was beginning to regret showing up for the interview.

"May I ask what the position is?"

"You'll be an assistant."

That didn't sound too bad. I mean all an assistant had to do was help out. It's what I did back at my old job before I got fired. Technically, they called me a gofer, but they basically did the same thing, right? It couldn't be that hard to keep the job. At least for a month. I wasn't going to keep my hopes up too much. Better to keep my expectations low and be happily surprised than to have high expectation and be disappointed.

"What will my duties consist of? Who will I be working with?"

Before she could answer, the elevator door opened. Mrs. Wilson stepped out and I quickly followed the redhead. Studying my surroundings, I saw that it was a long hallway with only one door at the end and two guards on either side. Since this was the top floor, I could only assume she was taking me to the CEO. I broke out into cold sweat. Why was my interview with the CEO of the company?

She stopped right in front of the door and turned to face me. "Before we get right into your duties, I must inform you that you must sign a confidentiality clause."

"A what?"

"A confidentiality clause. You can't tell anyone about what you'll see. If you do, the penalties will be quite unpleasant."

I swallowed. I took what I said earlier back. What on earth did they do that needed a confidentiality clause? None of my previous jobs had required it. Well, I thought they didn't. I couldn't remember too much about the paperwork I had to do before I started my jobs. I had mostly skimmed it before signing it, grateful that someone was willing to hire me.

"What happens if I don't?"

I didn't get an answer. Instead, she smiled at me as she handed me a piece of paper and pen seemingly out of nowhere. Her smile didn't reach her shining green eyes. Staring between her and the paper, I signed it. I might as well since I got this far. I mean I was already at the top floor of the building about to have an interview with the CEO of the company.

"Now that's settled," she said as she took the paper and pen from me. She faced the door and knocked. "Mr. Smith, I'm here with Ms. Brown for her interview."

Instead of waiting for a response, she opened the door. I didn't know what I was expecting. Maybe an intimidating man diligent working on paperwork or the back of a mysterious man as he looked out the windows. Certainly, not a handsome man fucking a woman into the table. Neither of them even looked ashamed of what they were doing. Well, the man at least. The woman didn't seem to notice us.

"Step in you two," he said as she continued to pound the woman into the table.

Mrs. Wilson stepped in, but I hesitated. I couldn't tear away my eyes from the obscene scene even as my cheeks burned. One hand was keeping the woman's head pinned to the table while the other was holding her wrists back. No matter how I looked at it, I couldn't imagine how anything about it felt good. In fact, the position looked quite painful, yet I felt myself transfixed on the pleasure on the woman's face.

"Ms. Brown, please come in and close the door."

I quickly followed Mrs. Wilson's request as I tried to block out the woman's moans and failed. Forcing myself to look only at Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Smith, I couldn't help this nagging suspicion that I'd seen him before. He had gorgeous black hair and radiant black eyes. Considering what was happening right in front of me, I wouldn't be surprised if he starred in some pornos.

"Your job will be assisting Mr. Smith."

The squelching sound of his cock sliding in out of the woman' pussy was slowly getting to me. "What exactly will I be assisting him with?"

"You'll be his sex assistant."

Excuse me? What? I stared at her expecting her to say she was joking, but her expression didn't falter even for a second. This had got to be some sick joke. I've never heard of a sex assistant. What she really meant was prostitute, right? There was no other way for me to interpret her words. I felt rage well up inside of me. That was just sick. I wasn't some kind of whore. Who did they think I was?

"There must be some kind of mistake. I'm not a whore."

This time Mr. Smith spoke. "Of course not. If you were, I wouldn't be offering you this job."

He slammed into the woman beneath him with a grunt. She came with a cry, arching back into him. Pulling out of her, he released her. He nudged the woman with his foot even as cum spilled out of her hole. She didn't seem to mind as she knelt down to clean him. I couldn't believe how shameless the woman was. There were other people around.

I really did try to look away, but I couldn't keep my eyes off. I should have turned around and left this madness. Instead, I found myself unable to walk away. I actually wanted to hear what he had to say. I wanted to hear how he was going to convince me that he wasn't looking for a prostitute despite how Mrs. Wilson said they were hiring a sex assistant.

"Mrs. Wilson, please explain to Ms. Brown what her duties will be."

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