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100% The Journey of Kaguya Otsutsuki / Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - The Journey of Kaguya Otsutsuki - Chapter 2 by Glazing_Donuhts full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter 2

My writing updates won't be the most frequent if not once every week I will at least get a chapter out once every two weeks as I'm quite lazy to be honest but I completely blame that on my young age.

Well anyways this is the second chapter that I am finally glad is done. This had taken a considerable amount of time at least two or three days of writing witha few days spent editing but I'm honestly not the best editor so if their are errors I apologize. Well anyways I hope you enjoy the next chapter and as I've said before I respect any and allcriticism I'm looking to improve my writing and I know I have many flaws but can't quite pinpoint them.
"What the hell happened to you Naruto!" Blurted out Kiba as he rushed over to examine her.

"Yeah what Kiba said" Shikamaru yawned as he looked at her, though even his eyes slanted you could see the gears turning inside.

"I know!" Sakura shouted, gaining the attention of everyone in the room. After seeing everyone's attention on her, Sakura proudly puffed up her chest and said, "She obviously went and applied for a gender change, most definitely because she wants to steal Sasuke-Kun from us!" Sakura paused before she muttered to herself. "But I don't know why he chose to look like a weirdo.."

"Sakura…. That is the dumbest idea I have ever heard" came Kiba's dry remark.

"Why you! Dog breath!" With that, another round of insults began to circulate through the classroom as both parties male and female, went off on each other.

Looking around naruto ran up and took Hinata's hand after clutching Sasuke's other hand and took off. Leaving a surprised and angry Sakura behind.

"Where do you think you're going!" resounded throughout the entire academy, as all three of them rushed out.

Naruto's destination was Ichiraku ramen. But she stopped for a second and looked at both of her new teammates and asked "where do you wanna eat?"

Shaking off her hand, Sasuke scoffed and said, "hn" causing them to sweat. Of course, why would she think that Sasuke Fucking Uchiha would listen to her for once?

"A-a-ano?" came a shaky reply from Hinata, "iwouldlovetogetsomecinnabon"

"Ah yeah Hinata sorry I was busy thinking, whaddya say?" Naruto asked. Oblivious to the red and shaken look on Hinata's face.

"I-i-i!" plop* a loud bang cane from her side as Hinata dramatically fainted, causing a cloud of dust to float up from the dirt sidewalk.

"Hinata! Hinata are you alright?" Naruto was panicking, was there something wrong with her? Did her new look cause this? No, it can't be that come to think of it no matter what Naruto did Hinata always fainted around her. Whether it was just trying to talk to the poor girl or just hang out around her. Perhaps she just has a bad smell? That would make sense if it were a few days ago but she's been clean for four days!

"Heh" sitting out a wry chuckle, Naruto picked up Hinata from her awkward position and handed Sasuke some Ryo. "Sasuke, do you mind running to the store and picking something up for the three of us? I think I need to bring her to the nurse"

"Hn" she would have taken that as refusal if he hadn't snatched the Ryo from her palm so fiercely. "Che" Naruto clicked her tongue as Sasuke walked away, 'Stubborn Bastard' she thought. After Sasuke left she made her way to the academy's Nurse office with Hinata in tow. Surprisingly she weighed nothing, last time she carried Hinata she was heavy, not that she means she was fat or anything. But she has much more strength now than she did before. Which wasn't completely a bad thing. But she will probably need to talk with her Jiji or her new Jonin sensei about it to see if she needs to get it into control somehow.

Many things have changed in the past few days that it's honestly terrifying. Yes, Naruto the Uzumaki was afraid of something, can you believe that? But she wasn't afraid because of how things changed so quickly but more fearful of how 'Right' it felt. She never felt so complete her whole life. She imagines she has this sort of feeling once the villagers came to accept her and not when she had an unexpected gender change.

If she hadn't changed so quickly, with both physical and mental attributes then perhaps to this day she would be freaking out. Thankfully however it's not just her body that has changed but also her way of thinking or Iq. Let's just say she feels more intelligent and in control of her actions.

But there was another thing off, Sasuke that is. He felt more and more familiar… Yet unfamiliar as time went by. Just being next to him caused her to want to find out the secret behind his chakra. It was like finding a long-lost family member but at the same not too sure if they are who they say they are. If that made any sense at least. It made perfect sense to Naruto.

She still thought of him as a bastard though, and that will never change. Even Kina was more acceptable to her and this is Kiba she's speaking of. "Unforgivable mutt" came out of her mouth.

Before long she arrived back in the Academy, and the weird stares she was receiving from the Nurses brought the idea that they don't know who she is or at least don't remember her. Which was perfectly normal by now.

"Hinata fainted, could you check on her for me?" Naruto asked.

"Of course, Hyuga-Sama, would you like to wait for her while she is recuperating?" the nurse asked. 'Hyuga?' that's Hinata's last name right, this was going to be tiresome if she kept getting mixed up for them. But it may have some unexpected benefits as well.

"No need to send me out, I'll wait for her to wake up. We have our team placements today and I think we'll need her for that" Naruto said, sitting down on the guest chair and she watched the nurse's hand glow in a great light as it ran over Hinata's body.

'Interesting' Jiji had explained it a few days ago for her, as he wanted to make sure she was prepared for the shinobi life after finding out she was being severely sabotaged. He spoke in all subjects from Ninjutsu to Kinjutsu. As to make sure I was Knowledgeable in all subjects. He also explained all taijutsu to bukijutsu. Essentially Other than adapting to her changes, her past few days were spent improving herself.

And to say the least, now that she had those lectures no matter how tedious they are. It made her more confident in herself now that she knew. It also showed how ignorant she was and how much trouble she could have been in if not for Jiji's teachings.

"Ano, Hyuga-San? Hinata-Sama has awoken and is ready to go" the nurse said, breaking Naruto from her thoughts.

"Oh, alright, come on Hinata let's go to the lunchroom Sasuke's probably looking for us right now" Naruto smiled, and was going to take Hinata's hand but decided not to. She didn't want to waste more time waiting for Hinata to wake up again if she decided to faint again.






Three hours, Three painfully long Hours. Every time the clock ticks on its longhand, Naruto's patience grew thinner and thinner. Now Naruto in no way was going to react how she would have had she still been a blonde idiot. But with her chakra spiking and Byakugan flaring. You could see she was about to go to war with some Konoha Jonin.


The pencil in Naruto's hand broke in two as she slowly sat up.

Confused by Naruto's sudden movements both Hinata and Sasuke gave her a side glance before shuddering. It was like watching a lion ready to pounce on its prey. Needless to say, her current posture was terrifying.

However it caught Hinata's attention that Naruto was using the Byakugan, and while she's heard that Naruto was hit by a Jutsu this was her clan's most prized object… So how could a Jutsu give someone the Byakugan?


The classroom door slid open revealing a man, almost completely covered to the point the only skin you could see was a quarter of his face on the right side. Unfortunately due to that Naruto couldn't guess what his age was but by his spiked silver hair, she was going to call him an old man from now on.

"Maa~ what a scary face you've got there… meet me on the roof in two minutes," The man said before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.


The broken pencil in Naruto's hand flew and embedded itself into the wall beside them. Causing the awe to rise in Hinata and the disbelief of Sasuke.

"He smells like a dog" came Naruto's surprisingly calm reply to the man's words.

It didn't take long for them to arrive at the top of the building, but it was eerily quiet the whole journey up there. They couldn't even hear a single footstep Naruto was making. Causing Hinata to be confused and Sasuke to be intrigued and somewhat… envious?

"Oh! You're all here? Good, I was beginning to think I'd have to drag you up here myself" came the man's voice. His words may have sounded enthusiastic but his tone was deadpan. "Why don't you three introduce yourselves? Shall we?"

"A-Ano, s-sensei… could you g-give us an example?" Hinata said as she fiddled with her fingers.

"Why not? You see, my name is Kakashi Hatake, I like multiple things and dislike hundreds more. My hobbies are… hehe…. And my dreams are none of your business" the man named Kakashi said. "How about… you go emo" Kakashi pointed at Sasuke.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha, I don't like anything and I dislike everything. I don't have any hobbies or dreams, I have an ambition… one to kill a certain man…" Sasuke said leaving everyone cringing, not that anyone had a problem with his ambition but more of the way he acted.

"Next is you, rabbit," Kakashi said, pointing at Naruto.

"Hmm my name is Naruto Uzumaki, I love eating ramen and training. My dislikes are traitors…" for some reason the thought of traitors left a bitter taste in her mouth even long before Mizuki betrayed them. Though she couldn't ever understand why. "And the three minutes it takes to wait for the ramen to finish, my hobbies are training and hanging out with Jiji. While my dream… is to figure out what happened to me" by all means Naruto wanted to become Hokage but that was a long-term goal and she was hoping that her case would be short-term. That is why she set it up that way.

Looking down at her hands and back at Kakashi Naruto began to clench her hands together, it was keeping all she had not to blast this man through the moon for being late.

'Hmm interesting' Kakashi thought before pointing at Hinata and saying, "next Cinnabon"

"A-ano, my name is Hinata Hyuga, my likes a-are Neji-nii and my family… My dislikes are my family tradition… and my h-hobbies include crochet and gardening… and my dream I-is to reunify the Hyuga clan!" Hinata said mustering up any the courage she could before deflating like an untied balloon.

"Interesting, you've all got your differences which makes you quite the versatile team, well that is if you pass your genin test" Kakashi's eye smiled.

"Hn, what do you mean, we've already passed" came the longest answer anyone has heard from the Uchiha in a long time.

"Oh, you don't know? The academy Graduation exam isn't for making you genin but for weeding out the week and seeing who is qualified to go through the genin test…" bam, bombshell sent.

"So… you mean we have to do another test before we can become an official Shinobi?" Naruto's hands slowly opened from their gripped state. She was going to kill him, then go to her Jiji and kill him too.

"Maa~ Maa~ I'm sure you'll be fine, it's just a survival test, make sure to meet me at training ground 7 tomorrow at 5:00 am sharp…. Oh and make sure you don't eat breakfast… you may throw up" Kakashi said, once again disappearing but this time in a tornado of leaves.

He must have sensed the hostility burning in Naruto's eyes. As she glared at him every passing second


Naruto's palm strike missed its target as he had already left in a swirl of leaves. Leaving two mildly pissed shinobi and a confused little girl.

"I'm going to kill him" came Naruto's flat response.

"Like you could ever harm a Jonin Dobe" came Sasuke's reply.

"A-Ano maybe we should have a meeting…. Just the three of us?" Hinata said as she poked her two index fingers together. Causing the two teenagers to look at each other. One blackhead and one white head nodded before they sat back down.




Late! Late again! The mutt of a sensei better be there in another hour otherwise he was I. For a world of pain.

Naruto glanced at the sun and then back down at Sasuke who was leaning against a tree and a noticeably tired Hinata who was nodding off in her seiza position.

"Did you guys eat?" Naruto asked as she pulled out two apples from her training bag. She brought them just in case they hadn't.

"M-my O-Otou-San said I needed to eat, so y-yes" Hinata mumbled.

"Hn" Naruto was going to take that as a no, so she threw both apples at Sasuke, and began to ignore them again.

It wasn't until several minutes later that Kalashi arrived in a leisurely manner that caused everyone to sigh. He didn't even look one part of the guilty man he was about to make himself appear to be.

"Maa~ maa~, I'm sorry I'm so late. I happened upon a black cat in the middle of a road and had to take a new path. Which was unfortunately the path of life. So I hope you can understand why I got lost on it" Kakashi's excuse was astounding.

Gritting her teeth as her face remained calm, Naruto said, "Kakashi-Sensei, when we pass this test we are going to have a long talk. So don't even think about running away as your future has already been decided"

"Maa~ how scary of you Naruto-Chan, alright you see these two bells and this clock?" Takashi said as they all nodded. "To pass you have to take these bells from me before the alarm goes off. And every person with the bell gets to pass!"

A-ano, sensei… There are only two bells?" Hinata pointed out.

"Why! How astute of you Hinata, you're right. Only two of you will be passing this test while the last member will be going back home to cry to their mommies" came Kakashi's cheerful words, but again deadpan tone.

"You know sensei, I'm beginning to think you a sociopath" Naruto said wryly

"Hmm, I never really thought of that? Maybe I do?" Kakashi said bluntly, breaking her concentration. "Well, you don't have all day let get going," Kakashi said impatiently like he's the one who's been waiting hours to start this.


Immediately all three genins disappeared from their spots and hid all in separate areas.

'Hmm, why only two bells? Hadn't Jiji say that genin teams are made up of three genins and one Jonin? I thought that it was a four-man squad… and wait did he say go back to the academy? Only the Hokage can decide that. Jiji said most people who don't pass the test get relocated into the genin corps. Ahh, this doesn't make any sense!' Naruto began to clutch the sides of her head as she glared down at Kakashi, via Byakugan. 'Wait… this is just a distraction from the real point… he's trying to pit us against each other… but what for? Aha! The answer is teamwork! I can't believe I didn't think of it earlier!' Naruto began to smirk before she used her Byakugan to locate Sasuke and Hinata.

'Kage Bushin,' she thought as two clones appeared beside her.

"You go get Sasuke, and you go get Hinata. Quickly" she whispered. Before creating more clones and having them go distract Kakashi.


'Hmm?' Kakashi hummed as he looked at the swarm of clones rushing toward him.

'The Hokage hadn't told me that Naruto changed… and this drastically either' he thought as he eyes Naruto's horns. 'She's much calmer than her past self, and gives off the sense of… dignity.'

Simply dodging the flimsy taijutsu strikes flown his way he began to assess her, 'she is at least low Genin level if not borderline mid-Genin. Unfortunately not much other than gender and looks have changed. Her taijutsu is still a mess and her clones are not organized'

'Although… her strength has certainly been enhanced' he thought as he eyes the Small crater that had formed on the ground after a clone had missed its mark. 'And her strategic mind has improved by leaps and bounds' he thought as he avoided the Ninja wire that had been set up god knows when.

'Interesting' was Kakashi's last thought before he began to annihilate the clones.


"Tsk" Naruto clicked her tongue as her head began to throb, it seems all her clones have been defeated. All at once as well.

"Why should I work with you?" Sasuke jeered, but It was only natural as of right now all Sasuke could see her as was the 'Dead last' with no future.

"Ano… Sasuke-san I believe Naruto-kun has a reasonable explanation" Hinata chipped in, God bless her heart!

"Ahem! As I was saying, my Jiji said that most teams were usually made up of three genins and one jonin making it a four-man cell. So this test has to be about teamwork!" Naruto announced, giving Sasuke that 'you better believe my face'

"Why would I believe your grandfather? He probably doesn't even have a clue of what he's talking about" Sasuke sneered and began to walk away. "Even if that Jiji of mine is the Hokage?" and then halted. With a sudden change of attitude, Sasuke looked at her and said, "perhaps you're onto something"


"Oh?" Kakashi let out a hum when he noticed the three genins begin to take turns analyzing his movements. 'Cute' he thought.

He simply watched as Naruto left her hiding place and went on offense of the bat, shaking his head at her ignorance he dodged the kick her legs had sent his way before simply poking his finger on her belly pushing her back. Only for 'Naruto' to pop into smoke as another Naruto rushed at him from within it.

His eye widened slightly as four shurikens had come flying from each direction causing him to jump up evading Naruto and the shuriken. The shuriken embedded themselves on the ground near where he stood As he descended, he attempted to step down on Naruto for a boost, only to slip right through as the illusion clone dissipated. That's funny as far as he was aware Naruto could never do that sort of clone technique.

However, due to that, he had momentarily lost his balance causing one of the shurikens embedded in the ground to poof into smoke as the real naruto reached for the bells. Only to clutch a first full of leaves from a chopped-up log.

"Plan B!" Shouted Naruto as she quickly sprinted for the trees.

However, Kakashi had appeared from nowhere clutching her foot-dragging her down into the ground. Tell only her head was visible. This however didn't seem to worry Naruto as a large fireball descended just above her towards her assailant.


Despite her usual shy behavior. One of the shuriken from earlier pooped into Hinata as she quickly rushed and pulled Naruto out. Leaving a grinning naruto and shy Hinata as Sasuke finished off his Katon Jutsu.

"Sasuke, stop we got it" called Naruto as she called up a pair of bells.

Kakashi's eyes widened, looking down at his waist where he left the bells he only saw a chain necklace with two mini shurikens connected to them. 'When did she….' Kakashi's eyes lit up as he looked at the hole. 'She must have switched it when I trapped her in the ground… What outstanding planning and teamwork!'

"Oh, why are you stopping? Aren't you going to fight for the bells?" Kakashi smiled. Well at last they thought he did.

"Sensei… We already have the bells there's no need… And only there's no such thing as a three-man cell; only a four-man cell can be applied to a genin team. Nice try though" Naruto smiled.

After getting the answer he was looking for, Kakashi said, "good you all pass. Meet up tomorrow here. Tomorrow we start your first day at mission taking" for the first time Kakashi had a real 'Joyful' tone lacing his words. But it did not by any means bring comfort. It brought despair. They hadn't known why yet but they would know tomorrow.


"You! How is this a mission! This is just chores!" Naruto yelled pointing a wet red paintbrush at her new sensei.

"Maa~ maa~ this is a real mission Naruto-Chan… One of patience and bonding" Kakashi said wisely.

"Patience and bonding my ass!" Naruto yelled, which had surprised her. She hadn't yelled like that since she'd changed.

"Naruto-Chan there are children nearby you need to be more controlling of your potty mouth" Kakashi snickered.

"Says the adult man reading porn in public!" Naruto said pointing at the book labeled "Icha Icha paradise"

"Why? Porn! No no no this is not porn but a masterpiece" Kakashi Announced.

Naruto was in disbelief at the amount of shamelessness this sensei had. They've been doing chores non-stop all month and not once have he tried to train them. What a lazy piece of shit!

"Kakashi-sensei, I promise that when you die I'll dance on your grave" Naruto said before pouncing towards him. Only to be held back by both Hinata and Sasuke.

"N-Naruto-Kun, please restrain yourself," Hinata pleaded.

"Stop being an Idiot dobe" Sasuke grunted as he held her back.

"Maa~ that's no way to treat your sensei Naru-Chan," Kakashi said.

"I'll show you how I'm going to treat you! Come here! Let me at 'em!" Naruto yelled, struggling in both Sasuke and Hinata's grasp. before she suddenly stopped causing everyone to be confused. At least until they saw that glint in her eye. The one she usually makes when she thinks of some sick prank to do. It seems like Kakashi's days are numbered.

"You're right, I'll be more respectful, sorry sensei," Naruto said, with a neutral smile on her face. But that struck panic in the jonin's heart for whatever reason.

"Cough, cough" Kakashi started coughing. " Would you look at that! It seems the Hokage's calling for me can't be late can I?"

"Hah?!" The fact he just said he can't be late was crap, "maa~ would you look at that, Hokage-sama is summoning me" Kakashi said again, his visible eye avoiding contact with hers.


With that Kakashi disappeared leaving a mildly annoyed genin team with brushes of paint within their hands.


"This is Rabbit, I have eyes on the target," Naruto said.

"This i-is C-Cinnabon, I am in position" Hinata stuttered.

"Emo, ready" Sasuke Grunted out unwillingly.

"Alright on my count capture Target T" Kakashi's amused voice came through the earbuds they were wearing. "Three… Go!"

Naruto scrambled forward the moment she heard go, ignoring the fact that he hadn't even counted all the way she kept in the air. As her hands rushed for her target.


In that second both Naruto's and Sasuke's heads slammed into each other as they both took hold of their target's limbs.

"Itai!" Naruto cried out as she tightened her grip onto the cat she had just caught. Causing a sharp cry to escape the cat's lips.

"What's the big deal!" Naruto asked as she glared at the one responsible for her pain.

"Hn" Sasuke groaned in pain as he rubbed his forehead. "Watch where you're going dobe"

"Sasuke…. I'm going to kill you" came Naruto's oddly calm reply. And for some reason, Sasuke couldn't help but shiver.


"I'm my goodness thank you! Thank you! thank you!" their client madam Shijime squealed as she and her massive amount of weight danced with the cat squeezed in its arms.

"Cat deserves it, " Naruto muttered as she glared at the cat, who was writhing in its embrace. This farce was annoying… If she gets one more D-rank mission she will graffiti the Hokage mountain again!

She was just about to complain about a C rank mission before Kakashi said, "Hokage-Sama I believe we are ready for a C-Rank now"

"Huh?" she was surprised she thought that Kakashi would never ask for them to do a C-Rank hot in a million years! The man was too lazy to do that sort of work!

"Hmm, I think they are ready to. Bring in Tazuna!" Jiji said. Causing her to rejoice internally, 'a real mission!'

Naruto immediately plugged her nose the moment the door opened. And a thick scent of beer wafted in. So much she could probably choke on it. "Huh? So these are the brats escorting me?! Hell, they look like they could hardly hurt a fly, especially the albino there, she looks as if she is royalty! Are you sure she's a shinobi?" Tazuna asked She didn't need to do anything as Sasuke sent a kunai to the man's beer bottle he was holding. Completely shattering it and causing the room to stink even further. 'Wow, way to go genius' Naruto thought.

"Maa~ Maa~ Sasuke, that's not how you treat a client. Go home and pack up, we leave today!" Kakashi said light-heartedly before dismissing them.

Taking one last good look at Tazuna before he disappeared from her vision, she left the room, followed by Sasuke. Having nothing left to do she asked "hey you two wanna go get some ramen later?"



"So Tazuna… What is the land of waves like?" Naruto asked as she walked side by side with the stinky old man.

"I-its a good place with lots of good scenery" Tazuna stuttered while speaking. She could tell something was up by the stutter but it seems he was being truthful. Odd.

"Hmm, is there any Shinobi there?" now she knew there wasn't but she did this just to get a reaction out of him. Which worked, the man's eyes shifted as he began to respond with a simple no.

"Maa~ Naru-chan Can't you see you're making the client uncomfortable? Give him some space" Kakashi said.

"Yeah, sorry" Naruto smiled before backing off.

Tazuna's body seemed to relax when he saw her back off, looking at Kakashi they shared a look before continuing off on the road.

'Hmm? A puddle? But it hasn't rained in weeks' Naruto thought as she glanced down at the upcoming puddle. Then back at her sensei who gave her a nod.

'A puddle huh?' Sasuke thought, before disregarding it.

Just as they passed the puddle, smoke began to burst out as two shinobi appeared from within it. Dressed in black cloaks and wielding a large claw with a chain connected to it. With that chain both shinobi quickly encircled Kakashi turning him into mincemeat.

"Hinata! Protect Tazuna!" Naruto barked as she ran forward. To be completely honest she had frozen for a second until her byakugan had activated and she caught a glimpse of Kakashi's chakra signature in the back of her head.

Rushing forward, she quickly shot a Kunai at the chains connecting the two shinobi, throwing them back and causing them to knock into each other. Sasuke jumped from over her and sent a Fireball hurdling their way.

Quickly disconnecting the chain from their arms they pushed off from each other. Having separated them, Naruto charged to the shinobi on the left. Sending a first into the unprepared Shinobi's face. As the man was hit she quickly struck the tenketsu in the man's throat. She had been allowed to learn under the Hyuga clan after some serious debates with the head of the clan. However, that was a story for another time.

After downing the man she quickly sent a few Kunai towards Sasuke's direction distracting his opponent. Leading Sasuke to be able to quickly incapacitate his opponent.




The sound of someone clapping their hands appeared as Kakashi walked into the road. "Great job you three, you performed excellent teamwork! I'm so proud, Kakashi said, bringing his finger up under his eye as if he were wiping a tear. "Naruto A you quickly formed a plan as well as showed great leadership in your actions. You quickly incapacitated your enemy and sent assistance to your teammate"

"Sasuke, you have a solid A you managed to quickly grasp your teammate's thinkings and used it to your advantage when engaging your enemy I'm proud of you," Kakashi said "And finally you Hinata you have a sold B, you listened to orders, and as the mission told protected the client from any foreign dangers"

"Alright now that's over, would you like to explain yourself Tazuna-San?" Kakashi said, giving the man an eye Smile.

After realizing he was caught, Tazuna immediately knelt and began to break into tears, going through his whole pity party story, which had affected the genin of team Seven.

"I'm sorry! I had no choice! My village is small and poverty-driven… we had no money to support us for a B-rank mission and only had barely enough for a C-rank!" Tazuna Cried out. "That doesn't explain why you have ninja after you Tazuna-San," Kakashi Glanced at the man.

"It's… It's because of…"



"You mean Gatō? One of the richest men alive? Suspected of illegal dealings such as slave trading and drug trading?" Kakashi asked. Naruto's eyes widened at the use of 'Slave'

"I don't know about Drugs but yes," Tazuna answered Truthfully. If he was telling the truth this was absolutely way above their pay grade. If it was Gatō then there was a chance he had employed an army of mercenaries. Although it posed no problem for Kakashi, it was for the three genins of his team…

"I'm Afraid we can't continue in this mission Tazuna-san '' Kakashi said, as he began to take a scroll out of his pouch.

"Wait! Please! I have a Daughter and Grandson waiting for me in the Wave! If I don't make it back home they may end up blaming Konoha for their grandfather's death" Tazuna said, bringing out his pity party plan.

"Sensei… let's continue" surprisingly it was Sasuke who spoke up first. "Yes! Let's continue sensei!" Came naruto's energetic reply.

"Hmm... What do you think Hinata? Should we continue or go back home?" Kakashi asked Hinata after seeing she had been silent. Although she didn't speak, her firm nod had told him all he needed to know. "Haa~" Kakashi sighed before taking another scroll out and writing on it.


After going through some hand signs a cloud of smoke appeared revealing a small pug. "Pakkun, I need you to deliver this to the Hokage," Kakashi said, giving the scroll to the dog.

"Got it, Boss!" Poof*

After the dog disappeared, Kakashi turned to them and said "although I have agreed to take you back it all depends on what the Hokage says in the end. If he says to 'abort the mission' we abort the mission… if he says to continue we continue. Do you understand?" after receiving some Nods he eye smiled and said " alright since it will take a while to receive a response we will set up camp here for now"

After receiving their orders each of the genins left to set up their tents while Kakashi continued to speak to Tazuna. Naruto looked up at the sky that had begun to darken and sighed 'it's going to be a long day tomorrow' she thought before preparing for bed.




"Kaguya-Sama preparations for the Ritual are ready," a voice said. Another strange Dream? Opening her eyes she saw that they stood under a massive tree, one that reached higher than the Hokage's Mountain.

"Hmm" A hum came from her mouth before she turned and was granted a new scenery. "Begin, we have little time to waste," She said as she stared at the man in front of her, this said man was wearing worn-out brown Haori and had his Hair pulled into two Ponytails styled to the side of his head.

"Yes, Kaguya-Sama!" after saying that the man disappeared and she once again turned and faced the divine Tree and muttered "Otsutsuki…"





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