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Chapter 32: Scene 31 : Bad Luck (2)

Michael did not accept that Lilian was under Logan's supervision rather than his. He pestered Arthur and followed him around, complaining how unfair they were choosing time to dividing their junior when he was absent. He had no choice when his presence was needed and had him summoned to the palace back then.

Michael had warned Ian to monitor Arthur and asked him to make Arthur put Lilian under Michael's guide. If Michael himself do that, he definitely sure Arthur would ignored him. So he needed Ian to help. Maybe, if Ian put his hands, Arthur would listen to him.

Ian, who was given the message, shrugged and muttered he had done what the second prince wanted and the result obviously.

He didn't have the authority to force Arthur to go along with their will.

They continue to argue until something loud interrupts Michael's words.

Michael pulled out his eyes when he saw the situation that was happening. What lay before him was like a scene from an opera.

A Count's daughter was on the ground clutching her cheek and a Duke's princess was standing in front of her.

To Michael's surprise, they accused Lilian for this. Michael quickly walked over to Lilian.

"Lady ... are you okay?" Michael asked worriedly. Lilian just looked at her brother silently.

"Your cheeks ..."

"Whatever you think, I didn't do it ..." Lilian didn't take her eyes off for a second from Arthur.

"... brother."

Of course Michael could see something fishy was going on here. Whatever the truth, Michael put his full trust in Lilian, so when Marianne said this was just a misunderstanding, Michael somehow didn't want to hear the reason. He gripped Lilian's wrist gently and pulled her from there.


Arthur analyzed the situation quickly. When he noticed that Lilian's cheeks were turning red too, anger was bubbling up without his noticing.

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Arthur broke his gaze from Lilian reluctantly and looked at Marianne who was trying to stop her flock from talking while crying.

Marianne's cries hurt his sensitive ears.

"Young Duke, Miss Lilian did something really disgraceful!"

"You must punish her. She shouldn't treat Miss Marianne this way."

"Young duke, this lady is really insolent--"

They took turns cornering Lilian. Marianne, while sobbing, tried to cover their mouths effortlessly. Arthur could not bear to cut the conversation any longer. Just as he wanted to interrupt their words, Michael striked first.

"And why are Lilian's cheeks turning red? Did they slap each other?" Everyone could see how angry he were.

"No!" the bitch one immediately denied it.

"Miss Lilian slapped herself before slapping Miss Marianne." The bitch two added it.


It wasn't just Michael who was glaring. Arthur and Ian looked at the two women in turn. Doubts began to creep into the two of them.

Lilian laughter escaped her lips. "Ha! Ridiculous! How dare you slander the Duke's daughter?" Lilian took a step forward.

Marianne gasped. She released her grip on her friend and walked around toward Arthur's side, pitying herself.

"Arthur, please don't scold your sister for this. She's young so she misunderstands too much."

Lilian wants to spit in her face!

"Misunderstood? Tch! Tell me what misunderstanding I have to slap you?" Lilian gritted her teeth.

"You think I cheated on Arthur."

This time Arthur stared at her in an incomprehensible gaze but Marianne didn't pay attention and continued to move her lips.

The lip that was now Lilian's target to rip off.

Lilian's lips smiled coldly. "Having an affair? What relationship do you have with my brother anyway?" Lilian took another step forward. If it weren't for Michael holding her arm, Lilian would have pounced on and stuck her nails in that fake face.

Hearing Lilian's words, Marianne froze. She could not clearly state her desire to side with Arthur. Marianne quickly changed the subject.

"Ah ... my cheek ..."

She held her cheek and groaned. The two conspirators immediately swarmed like flies swarming garbage.

"Miss, are you all right?"

"Let's hurry and treat your face first."

"That's right, what if this leave a mark?"

They were glaring openly at Lilian. "We will testify if Miss Marianne plans to sue Miss Lilian."

After saying that, they held Marianne, who kept on sobbing, and leave the scene.

Lilian made a fist. She should have seen this coming. But she did not know that Arthur and his gang would also be present.

Arthur's gaze on her actually made her gaze blur. Arthur did not say anything more after Marianne and her group left, but that was precisely what made Lilian feel judged in silence.

She took her hand away from Michael and turned around before saying,

"I didn't do it."

... just as she stopped talking, her tears fell down.

Lilian with wide steps left the forest. Ignoring Michael's call who kept shouting her name.

She knew she was framed.

With a cheap trap.

She knows what it feels like to be Marianne. Set up a little trick, corner the innocent and take advantage of it. She knew how the satisfaction grew when the cheap plan worked.

What she didn't know, no, what she almost forgot was what it was like to be in the victim position. Resentment bubbled up helplessly, without being able to prove herself.

No witnesses.

No cctv.

Just like that time.

The stares of those accusing her just because she couldn't refute the slanderous words, how could she forget that?

Lilian's tears fell one by one as a reminder of the unfair situation at that time. How a little girl was accused of stealing just because she looked dirty and wandered at the streets.

Marianne made her remember what she buried deep inside.

She would make Marianne pay for what she did to her. Lilian, no, In Ha would make her think her bad luck would never end.

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