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Chapter 44: Scene 43 : A Mistake (3)

"Before you say anything, I'll say this first. Think of it as an advice or rather...a complain from your sister to you. If you intend to choose her as your fiancé and end up marrying her, then I will reject it. That's it! I'm gonna put up her a 'NOOOO' banner as the next Duchess." Lilian threw down the glass whose contents had completely dumped down her throat.

It was better for her to confront Arthur head on. She felt that her path of revenge on Marianne would be wasted if Arthur got in the way like before.

" ..... "

Arthur blinked. Is his sister drunk? With a glass of cheap wine? He tilted his head slightly.

That eye light again.

Arthur saw the fearless glint he had seen when he first encountered Lilian in the office.

It's refreshing to see her complain about something he never thought about.

Why did he have to get engaged to Marianne? Where did his sister get such thoughts from? But Arthur didn't say it out loud. He just wanted to see Lilian continue talking to him.

"What would you do then?" Arthur continued eating, hiding the grin that he had subconsciously appeared on the corner of his lips.

"You have to find a noble lady from another family who is worthy of being your wife, Arthur!" Lilian supported her chin, "What a waste if you make that snake woman as a wife. You should see how she slaps herself and acts before accusing me of it. Tsk, I can't do anything if you don't believe me."

"Is that so?" Arthur didn't know if Lilian had noticed. She would say his name instead of older brother if she started talking informally to him. Arthur wanted to know if that had been her habit, but he abandoned his intention and let lilian say whatever she wanted first.

"Hmm hmm. Why would I slap myself? it was really a ridiculous act, right?" She shook her head. "I'm gonna make her pay for it!"

Arthur continued his activities. "And how are you going to get back?" it was really interesting to hear that his sister was going to take revenge. He did not know that Lilian could also hold a grudge against others.

Lilian looked at him and clicked her tongue. "I was in the running and you came to destroy it."

Arthur taken aback. "Me?" He didn't even understand where he was 'blocking' her plans.

"Forget it for now. Let's talk back about the business. I recommend someone else to be the Duchess, Mr. Arthur!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


"I don't know. Use your brain a little, would ya? Anyone is fine as long as its not her." Lilian tapped her finger. Her eyes wondered to the side and suddenly she claimed, "Oh! I know! Should I be that Duchess Lesnerg?"

Arthur's hand stopped. His eyes stared at Lilian's. Duchess Lesnerg? Everyone knows that the next Duchess Lesnerg is Arthur's future wife, because Arthur will be the successor of Duke Lesnerg. But if Lilian becomes the Duchess, doesn't that mean Lilian want to get rid of him?

Ian, who couldn't help hearing their conversation at such a close distance, removed his cutlery and drew closer when he felt Arthur's turbulent aura overcrowding the small restaurant. He saw how his master was about to cast a 'laser beam' from his eyes.

"What? You as Duchess Lesnerg? " Arthur gripped the knife in his hand tightly. "Are you planning a rebellion? To get rid of me?"

"Huh? Why do I have to choose such a troublesome thing?" Lilian frowned in displeasure and waved her hand. "It'll will be a pain in the ass. There's a better way than that!" Lilian folded her hands on the table and leaned forward. "That is .... marry you!"


Lilian's laugh was still ringing in Arthur's ears. His eyes collided with Ian which made Ian clear his throat. Arthur watched him scratch his nape awkwardly.

"You must be thinking about that, right?" Arthur pointed at him.

Ian who was struggling to hide his laughter pretended to cough. Every time Ian remembered that incident, he almost laughed out loud. Yesterday incident had passed since and he still found it funny. How come?

The aura of Arthur that was suffocating the rest of the restaurant, filled with the radiance of his killing intent turned frozen in a split second. The words that the young lady spoke at that time really left a huge wave.

'I will be Duchess if I marry you. I don't think that's a bad idea. You're handsome and I'm no less beautiful, right? '

Lilian left them with a flirtatious wink before falling on her stomach, leaving the rest of the people speechless. Moreover, Arthur's aura that was about to rampage disappeared without a trace like a land swept by a storm in an instant. He bet Arthur was so shocked that he froze in silence.

"To think that Miss Lilian could get drunk so easily is something new, isn't it?" Ian smiled and continued his report.


She really got drunk with just a glass of cheap wine. Oh my! Arthur nearly killed her and the whole room for something trivial. Who would have thought that this woman thought of a shortcut to get what she wanted?

Upon hearing that Lilian wanted to become the Duchess, his memories of Lilian made him sensitive and act without thinking.

"I bet if Michael was asked to do that, he wouldn't think twice." Ian muttered with amusement. He had more or less got a wind of Michael's special attitude towards Arthur's sister when she saw their interaction when Ian scouted Lilian one time at his master's request.

"What are you talking about?"

Speak of the devil, Michael entered Arthur's room without knocking. Ian just nodded to greet him. If Michael enters without announcement, it means that he was not there as Amora's second prince.

"It's very difficult to meet you. Do you have more duties than me who is the prince?" Michael took his place beside Ian, folded his legs and placed them on the table.

"Wuo ... be careful, you're going to ruin Arthur's state report!" Ian grabbed the file that was almost crushed by Michael's shoe as fast as lightning.

Arthur, who was sitting behind the table, didn't look up at all. "We can share tasks if you want."

"No, thank you."

"What an ignorant prince."

Michael chuckled. "Ah you must know what happened while you were gone." He lowered his legs and turned serious. "Your sister was framed."

Arthur gave Michael a quick glance. Just a glance.

"Why is your response so flat? You heard me, right? A Marquess daughter framed the Duke's princess on the orders of a daughter of the Count!"

"Sounds like a drama." Ian commented.

"I heard it firsthand. That day, the day we saw Marianne Epheryl being slapped by your sister it was just that woman's play." Michael explained excitedly but the response shown by his two colleagues was very dry.

"Aren't you surprised?" he asked confusedly to Ian.

"I do feel strange, because Miss Lilian could not possibly do it. Apparently so ... "

"That is all?" He turned to Arthur.

"Yes. after all, he's not one who will take complicated steps towards her goal." Arthur said lightly and he heard Ian giggled.

"I agree. It's too cunningly planned, isn't it?"

Michael looked at his two partners. He was so angry and even ready to destroy that family existence from the kingdom of Amora.

"I should have directly spoken to Lilian, not you." Michael clicked his tongue. "But it's very difficult to met her. Logan really got her under him." His resentment towards Arthur for putting Lilian out of his supervision returns.

"This is all your fault young duke!"

Arthur stopped writing and lifted his head.

"What are you saying, second prince?"

"Uhh, no. Please continue your work." Michael stands swiftly and waved. Provoking Arthur about assignments was a mistake. The look on his face was enough to make Michael shuddered.

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