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100% The King's Bastard Child / Chapter 9: Wise Sage

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Chapter 9: Wise Sage

He removed the mask he was wearing and his face changed into that of an old man who was in his sixties. His clothes also warped into something more luxurious. He then masked his aura so that no one could feel his strength. Even the mysterious coachman outside would not be able to tell that it was Roan.

Now his overall atmosphere turned into that of a wise and learned sage who was out to see the mundane world.

His long silver hair turned white and wavy, while his skin still looked fair. His face, on the other hand, looked to be that of a charismatic old man. There was not even a hint of wrinkle on his body, and only his face announced his old age.

The interior of the Alchemy Tower could be considered luxurious, but in front of Roan who had seen much grander buildings, the Tower appeared like crap instead.

"How low-class. What could I expect from this mortal world?" He muttered silently to himself after seeing the trash items displayed like it was some sort of holy relic.

"What the fuck? Do they actually preserve this kind of trash? This was only used as a back-scratcher in my world. Ay... I should close my eyes or I will die from exasperation." Roan rolled his eyes after seeing a glowing mineral encased in a glass box.

[Blue Jadeite]

- Commonly used as an ornamental object by some of the smaller empires.

He did not even bother to look at the paintings on the wall which was made by the most famous painters of the kingdom. He had seen paintings that were made by the gods. Those paintings even had effects on increasing one's cultivation level. So the ones placed on the Alchemy Tower's walls were nothing significant in comparison. He could even make something much better than those. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-bastard-child_15740067805798905/wise-sage_42806494135123208">;s-bastard-child_15740067805798905/wise-sage_42806494135123208</a> for visiting.

All his millions of years in existence were not just spent fooling around with goddesses. He also spent time cultivating all sorts of cultivation techniques. He even learned alchemy, weapon-crafting, array-making, the art of music and some others.

There was even a time when he was locked by the Celestial Emperor in a Heavenly Sealing Tower for more than several thousands of years. In his boredom, he learned the Dao of Painting and was able to make life-like arts that could increase one's cultivation level. His greatest work was when he painted a bird. The bird became a real living being for one day before it died. But he was only able to make that level of painting once.

"Ayy... Such shitty paintings, ughh my eyes hurt like hell." Roan rubbed his eyes exaggeratedly. He already knows that someone was there, but he could no longer stay quiet after seeing those crappy paintings.

"Old sir, did you actually say that these paintings made by the best painters of the kingdom are shitty paintings?" A man in his thirties spoke in a bit of annoyance. Although he had seen how luxuriously dressed the old man was, he still felt that he had to do something to save their Alchemy Tower's reputation.

And he was also thinking that no one would dare go against their Alchemy Tower. Even the big empires refuse to provoke any of their branches, so how could an old man dare act insolently inside their Alchemy Tower?

Roan who now looked like an old sage glanced at the man wearing an alchemist's robe. His face righteous and holy as if he was about to deliver a sanctimonious speech. "Young child, could you really blame this old man? I have been in deep meditation for countless years and the moment I stepped out to see the world, I saw these piles of rubbish. I have seen much better paintings than these that they can only be considered as waste. What has the world devolved into during my meditation?" Roan shook his head as if he was greatly disappointed.

"Tyler, what happened here." An aged voice traveled swiftly on the ears of the man who was wearing an alchemist's robe. He hastily turned towards the direction of the sound and bowed respectfully at an old man with a hunched back.

"Greetings, Grandmaster Munji. I am merely discussing some things with this old gentleman here."

Alchemists were divided into several ranks as well: Adept, Master, Grandmaster, Ancestral, Supreme, Earth, Heaven, Sage, and Saint.

Grandmaster Munji waved his wrinkled right hand and spoke benignly.

"You may leave. Go back and practice your alchemy, I will check on you in a week's time. Make sure to become a Master-Level Alchemist, you have been stuck at the Adept-Level for many years."

Tyler blushed in shame and he hurriedly replied in a helpless voice before he left.

"Yes, Grandmaster. I won't disappoint you."

After Tyler left, Grandmaster Munji turned to look at the old man who was looking at him with pity.

He was confused by the other party's gaze, so he could not help but ask him.

"Is there anything wrong, mister?"

Roan sighed and shook his head, before looking strangely at Grandmaster Munji.

"Stop acting in front of me, kid. You can't hide anything from this wise sage. Your body... You actually dared to consume a Profound Green Lotus. It might have been known to prolong your life, but something like that should be eaten when you are below seventy years old in age.

But after looking at your body, I am certain that you are at least eighty years in age already.

So instead of prolonging your life, the Profound Green Lotus that you have consumed became a lethal poison for your body."

Roan shook his head.

"How... How... did you know?" Grandmaster Munji's heart skipped a beat and his hands shook involuntarily.

"Is that supposed to be the question that you should be asking?" Roan smiled kindly at the old man.

Condemned Condemned

I will try to update regularly starting today. And besides, WN messaged me to continue writing this book. So how could I decline them?


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