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Chapter 5 - The Kink Life (Yarichin Bitch Club x Reader) - Chapter 6 by Melancholy_Sage full book limited free

Chapter 6: Chapter 5

It has been a little over a week since I joined Yari-bu, and I have gotten to know a few of the members better. Yuri and I have class together so there was no getting out of that one. I've talked with Toono and his friend some too. It's kind of nice to know some "normal" people, if there even is such a thing as normal. A few days after I arrived, we had the academic diagnostic. And today.. they were posting the scores. Normally I do well. Problem is I had so much on my mind that week, and with several months out of school before then not only was I behind but I didn't ever have a chance to study.

"(l/n), (y/n)," Matsumura-sensei calls, carefully I lift my head up from my arms before I step into the aisle. I storm up there and quickly snatch my scores from him. I don't dare look at them until I'm at my desk, but I can't help but see a few red marks out of the corner of my eye. When I really see them though I feel relieved. If anything, my results are average, but that isn't good at this prestigious school. I need to do better next time.

Yuri leans back in his chair as he sucks on one of his new vibrators. Don't ask me how I know it's new. Drool dribbles out of his mouth, he seems completely engrossed in his new toy. His eyes space out in my direction. Pointing over at my score sheet, he tries to say something. But I can't understand a word he's saying with that dildo in his mouth.

"Yuri, Ayato," the teacher calls him up next. I watch as he pops the toy from his mouth, smiling at me with that dorky grin and flushed cheeks. He casually walks up to the front, his pants sagging at his waist. I watch him carelessly making his way back with that foolish grin. 'I must have at least done better than him, right?'

When he plops down next to me, I lean over to take a peek. His score sheet is plastered in perfect marks. 'How? I mean, is this even the same Yuri?'

One more student receives his results before we're dismissed. Pulling my bag over my shoulder, I head out and into the halls. I glance at the clock on my phone. 'The club meeting will be starting soon. I'm in no hurry, but I don't want to wait for some dude to decide he needs to relax his sexual tensions.' Especially if all other members are in the club room and can't replace me.

'Why are the halls so crowded? I can barely make it through!' "(l/n)-senpai!" A familiar voice calls out. "How were your results?" Yacchan asks, making his way through the crowd and towards me. "I'm in trouble, I failed six!" He lets out a chuckle, but I know he's worried about it.

I hold up my not so pretty scores, "I'm in the same boat." We trade sheets as I take a closer look over the ones he failed, "Dude, how did you do so bad on these ones? They're so easy!"

"Wow, seriously?! I suck at them! They don't make sense at all!" He laughs.

"No sense, huh? Then how'd you get such a good math score? I swear it's like reading some weird ancient language. Nothing but gibberish!"

His face lights up as he bursts into laughter. It was like the crowd around us had disappeared. "What do you think about studying together until exams? It might be helpful for both of us. Besides, I'm good at maths!"

I hand his scores back to him before I shove my hand into my pocket with my own, "Sure, sounds like fun."

"Let's give it our best!" His smile widens, cheeks dusted with a faint hint of pink as he pumps his fists in the air. "Wanna go look at the rankings?"

"They do rankings here?" We push through the crowd of people gathered at the other wall. I could care less about my ranking; I'm just interested to see the top scores for the second years.

There's a lot of chatter surrounding the topmost score. Something about him getting perfect scores in everything. I draw closer, my curiosity peaking. "He's been in the best position since his first year! I heard even his entry test got the best mark." I'm just behind the group of guys talking about this mysterious genius.

"Woah, a perfect score! Is that even possible?" Yacchan exclaims. Then I see it, '1. Yuri Ayato (2-B)'. I should have known, especially after what I saw earlier.

"Yuri-senpai?!" I hear Toono yell from farther behind us. Yacchan and I both look in his direction.

"Do you know him?" Yacchan asks, pointing to the board.

I glance down at my feet out of embarrassment. "He's in the photography club with us. And.. I sit by him in homeroom."

I'm certain I sound dejected, but Yacchan seems to think it's cool to have such a 'smart-senpai'. "I didn't know that. That's so cool! He must be really intelligent! Why don't you try studying with him?" 'Yeah, just you try sitting by him.'

I glance over at Toono who's thinking the same thing as me. "No way," I force a laugh, running my fingers through my hair.

"Why not? He's got perfect scores on everything, and you're even in the same year!" He seems to look down though, "But I guess.. I wouldn't have anyone to study with.."

"Don't worry, it's not that. It's just-Nevermind! I'll tell you another time. I gotta head to the club, see you later!" I wave at the boy, dragging Toono with me in the direction of the club room.

"Okay! Don't forget about studying together sometime!" He shouts before we head around the corner. 'The others are probably waiting, we should hurry.'

We slow down as we make it away from the crowds and into the main building. "There's no way it's possible. I mean Yuri-senpai? We must be thinking of the wrong Yuri," Toono sighs.

I kick my feet against some trash, 'I would have been thinking the same thing except..' "It's definitely him. I saw his scores in class: a perfect score on everything."

We reach the clubroom, waiting for the other to get the door before I carefully crack it open. You'd never know what you'd be interrupting as I learned the hard way this last week. Tamura was flipping Yuri off, yelling is *ss off at the pink haired male. "Yuri, you bastard! You're a motherf*cking pervert! I can't believe you're number one again! Ugh!"

Yuri is laying back against the desk, dramatically posing as he flips his hair back. He's speaking nothing but gibberish as usual. Sticking his tongue out at the other male, he swirls it around in a playful manner.

"So it's true?" Toono glances between the blue and pink haired boys.

Everyone stops what they're doing and turns their head to the door. Shikatani messes with his glasses, eyes closed as he breaks the silence. "Yuri-kun can really study. He's even attending the advanced lessons."

"Speaking of studying," Akemi lights up, "We're all here together for the next tests!" He appears behind me and Toono, wrapping an arm around each of our shoulders. He grins at me, "So (y/n), how did you do on your exams?"

I squeeze my score sheet in my pocket, "I did okay. I have a few I really need to work on though." He then turns to Toono who has more red marks than me. At least I don't feel so bad now, but Kashima had the highest score after Yuri.

"Okay, it's decided then!" Akemi slams his fist into his palm, "Every member of Yari-bu must be present in the study meetings!" 'I guess that doesn't sound too bad. It's just studying after all. What could go wrong?' "Oh! Everyone come here! Let's get a photo!" He drags me in. I'm squashed between them all as I'm passed a pair of glasses. Everyone is wearing them, even Yuri grabs a second pair as he poses for the photo. "Kashima, can you take the picture?" The taller male nods, holding up his camera. "Okay everyone! Say 'JIZZ'!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Melancholy_Sage Melancholy_Sage

Hey y’all. Thank you so much all of you reading so far! If you’re here from my Wattpad thank you too! It’s only been a week since I started to put this on here but it’s been helpful to go through my chapters and edit them more in detail. Tomorrow we will be starting one of the many subplots. I’m pretty excited to see what y’all think of it, and I hope you’re enjoying your read so far.

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