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6.32% The Ladies Gang Puppet Leader (18+) (Warning: Explicit sexual content) / Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Natalie, Emily, and the unexpected task

Chapter 3: Natalie, Emily, and the unexpected task - The Ladies Gang Puppet Leader (18+) (Warning: Explicit sexual content) - Chapter 3 by Roeselawik full book limited free

Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Natalie, Emily, and the unexpected task

Currently, I am sitting alone in this dimly lit room, waiting for a woman named Natalie.

I am still tied up to the chair and there is a slight pain in my wrist where the ropes bind me.

Today was supposed to be the biggest day of my life, but here I am, tied up in an unknown place, a breathtakingly beautiful girl threatened to kill me moments ago and now I am waiting for yet another girl, who will give me some task that I cannot say no to.

Man…my life is really fucked up, isn't it?

This time by now, I would have already proposed to Lily and we even would have our first kiss together, probably.

But no, God doesn't want that, he would rather fuck me in the asshole.

Instead of giving me a girlfriend, he would rather give me a death sentence.

Well, there is no use crying over spilled milk. I should just do whatever these people ask of me and get the hell out of this place.

Though these people already know my address, maybe I can get some protection if I call the cops?

Yes, these people don't seem to that big of a deal anyway. I have not seen a single man since I came here.

This may be is some sort of cult or something. Maybe they kidnapped me to perform some ritual only a guy can do.

Well, I hope they don't ask me to sacrifice my penis to some devil or something. I would rather die than to let them do something like that.

Heck, what am I even thinking? I should really change the shit I am seeing these days on the internet.

Suddenly a sound startles me. I look back and saw the door in the back opening softly.

A woman walks in the room in a quiet manner. I couldn't properly see her as the brightness isn't right.

She moves towards me. Unlike Zoe, I couldn't hear this woman's footsteps.

She comes closer to me when the light illuminates her face.

God give me mercy! What the hell is this place?

First that redhead Zoe, such a tremendous beauty, now this?

This woman in front of me is so beautiful that I feel my heart failing. I am serious! She just looks that beautiful.

She has long, extremely straight, lustrous dark purple hair, strikingly bright violet eyes, and pearly white skin. Her breasts are tremendously huge, even bigger than Zoe (which I thought was not possible), in contrast to her thin waist. In her one-piece blue color skirt, I can make out the shape of her plump butt, which was again in contrast with her slender legs.

I hate myself for saying this but while Lily and Zoe may rival each other in looks, but this beauty in front of me outshines both of them.

I am seriously doubting my eyes right now, how can such a girl exist?

"Hello, you are Caiden, right? I am Natalie, Zoe must have told you about me... Are you all right?" the beauty named Natalie asks me, her expression shows a little concern.

"Y-Yes, I-I am fine," I tell her while stuttering. Man up, me!

"Fufufu, are you really fine being bound up like that? Let me help you" she said while laughing and moving her thin, delicate white arms towards me.

She bends forward to do so, giving me a glimpse of her cleavage. I am not feeling much resentful being tied up here, to be honest.

But man, even her voice is so beautiful. And she is showing some real concern for me, unlike that Zoe.

Natalie got me out of the ropes with ease and help me stand up. My whole body hurts, but I am free.

I look around, there no one here except me and Natalie.

What if I make a run for it? Natalie doesn't seem the kind of girl who would fight or restrain me. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Nah, they already know my address and can get to me anytime they want. And I don't even know the way out.

Natalie finished putting the ropes away and came back to me. Thought she is considerably shorter than me, her height is taller than an average girl. Like Zoe, Natalie also seems to be in her early twenties.

"Shall we go then?" she asks me politely.

"Yeah, let's get this done with," I answered.

She starts to move towards the only door in the room through which came she came in and I quickly follow after her.

We enter into what looks a tunneled corridor, with numerous doors on both sides.

"These are the bedrooms, where we usually sleep," Natalie informs me.

We walk till the back of this long corridor and exited it through the door there.

We arrive at a really small, square room with doors on all of its four sides.

Without any wait, Natalie opens the door immediate left to the one we came from. This door is connected directly to stairs leading down somewhere.

Natalie starts to descend and I trace her footsteps.

"You know, I thought you will ask me many questions, but you are surprisingly very quiet," Natalie says while giving me a side-long glance.

"I want to, but Zoe told me not to ask anything," I say in a rather accusing tone.

"Well, obviously Zoe won't answer your questions, but that does not mean I won't either. Aren't you wondering why are you here?" she asks me.

"Yes, please tell me, why am I here?" I ask her with a seriously desperate look on my face.

"Well, you are rather lucky, to tell you the truth. It's all because of Zoe, that you are alive. And she became our leader just a few months ago. If it were the previous head, you would be long dead" She tells me.

What? Zoe saved me?

This is getting even more confusing for me. Didn't she just threaten to kill me moments ago?

Before I can ask Natalie that, we arrive at a slightly big room directly connected to the stairs.

Like this whole place, this room is also really dimly lit. But I can still make out rows of chairs lined up in a neat fashion. All of these chairs are facing what looks like a huge mirror.

Natalie sits down on the chair closest to us and gestured me to sit next to her and I did.

I am so close to her right now that I can smell her faint, sweet smelling perfume whiffing off of her.

Fuck, this is no time to get distracted.

"Care to explain why I needed to be saved?" I ask her showing a fake irritated look.

"Well, while you are lucky that Zoe is the leader, but you are really unlucky as the fact remains, that this situation arises only because you were at the wrong place at the wrong time," she says with a rather grave tone.

"You see, we had nothing to do with you at all. We were in the area around your school for an important job actually. We even chose the time when we were sure no one will come. But unfortunately, you showed up. The job was so important that we could not have postponed it. And we also could not have any witnesses as well.

"So, the people who were there called Zoe asking for permission to finish you off. Now, if any of our previous leaders were there, you would have sure died then and there. But Zoe particularly doesn't like killing people that much, so she ordered them to kidnap you instead." Natalie says.

I cannot believe this! Can someone actually be so unlucky?

I came to school early because I couldn't sleep and wanted to prepare for the proposal. Who would have thought that I will be getting myself in this crazy ass shit?

"Okay, I get why you abducted me. But why am I asked to work for you? Why don't you just let me go now?" I ask.

Natalie took a deep breath and starts…

"You see, our organization is really big, in fact, it's international. Zoe is just the leader of our squad. There are many people above her and there are many other squad leaders in an equal position with her too.

"Our organization stepped foot in the city of Yreles just a month ago and our squad, with Zoe as the leader, was assigned here. So, you see, no one yet knows that we are currently active in this city. Not any politicians, not any local gangs and not even the police. And this has proven to be very useful to us till now and thus we cannot risk letting you free and have you blabbering about us to the police."

"This still does not explain why you are asking me to work for you?" I again ask her, getting a bit irritated knowing that these people won't let me go free.

"You think yourself; we cannot set you free, Zoe doesn't want to kill you, what option we have left other than to make you join our ranks?" she asks me calmly.

"I swear I won't tell anyone about you, not even my parents. Please let me go…" I begged her.

"Oh, I am sorry! But even if I want to, I can't. Not even Zoe can do that. But you know, instead of thinking about going free, you should fear more for your life. You know about the meeting Zoe is attending right now? She has gone there to persuade the higher-ups not to kill you"

What? Why they are debating about killing me or not? Aren't I already saved?

"Oh no, your fate is still not decided yet. It depends upon how well Zoe can persuade them" Natalie says, correctly guessing what I was thinking.

"You see, it's really difficult for someone like you to join us. More like impossible, if I must say" she says, again giving me that grave expression.

"What? Why is it impossible?" I ask her, suddenly feeling desperate again.

"Oh, clearly you haven't guessed till now but, you see, our organization is exclusive only for women," Natalie informs me.

"And it is strictly prohibited for our members to associate with men in any form. Whether it be dating, marriage or even talking. Only the squad leaders are allowed to converse with men, that too, business related. In fact, you are the first man I have talked to in the last 9 years. I remember last time I talked to a man was when I was just 12, before I joined here."

"But why? Why can't you let men join?" I ask weakly.

"Well, I don't particularly know but it's something to do with the leaders on top of our organization. I think Zoe knows, but I never asked her.

"But well, don't lose all hope, Zoe is really persuasive. And she even plans to take full responsibility for you. So, I guess you do have a little chance. In fact, we are just waiting for her message before you start your first job for us."

This Zoe seems a lot better now that I know she's trying so hard for my sake.

But sorry, even if you succeed to persuade your boss, I still do not plan to work for you forever.

I will run the moment you set me free…

"What exactly do I have to—"


Suddenly there is a sound of a door being slammed open. Sound of footstep came from the stairs.

I look back towards the entrance of the room and see a girl descend down from there.

Woah, another great beauty! Why are all the girls so beautiful here?

She has neck-length sea-green hair, beautiful dark pink, almost red eyes, smooth white skin. Though her breast is also fairly big, they are not insanely huge like Zoe and Natalie's. She gives off more cuteness than sexiness.

"You are Caiden, right? I am Emily. Nice to meet you." She says while cheerfully waving at me.

For a slight moment, I felt like there was a sort of hungry look in her eyes but it might have just been my imagination.

She bends down towards Natalie when she reached us and whispered something in her ears.

"Really!?" Natalie exclaimed.

She looks at me and gives me a huge smile. Her face looks even prettier than before.

"Welcome to squad 15, Caiden! You are our new member. "

"What? Zoe succeeded?" I ask, utterly bewildered.

"Well, yeah, but we must hurry, not much time is left. We should start your task as soon as possible."

Natalie quickly stands up from the chair and gesture me and Emily to follow her. We move closer to the large mirror and stand right in front of it so that we all can see our reflection.

"Now, this is a special mirror, if I press this switch"— she takes out a small remote with a red button on top of it"—we will be able to see the contents of the room next to this one."

"Wait for a second, is someone going to tell me what I have to do?" I ask slightly confused as Natalie rushes things in a great hurry.

"Oh, you don't know?" Emily asks me with her eyebrows raised.

"You have to a girl"

Before I can even understand her properly, I hear a clicking sound of a button and the mirror become transparent.

Inside the room is a girl is tied up to a bed. Light focused on her face and my body froze. I know this girl. I have known her since childhood.

It's the girl I was going to propose today; Lily Storm..

Roeselawik Roeselawik

Updated on 23/5/19

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