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2.32% The Lazy King Of The Monsters / Chapter 2: Chapter 2 Well... Can't have a peaceful life I guess

Chapter 2 Well... Can't have a peaceful life I guess - The Lazy King Of The Monsters - Chapter 2 by BlackbellDagger full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter 2 Well... Can't have a peaceful life I guess

The veins in my forehead were pulsing with rage at that moment, my first reaction was knocking them both upside the head. Wait why are you still drawing down his pants?" Asked a whispering like dead voice, "He hasn't done anything to us yet, that means he's still groggy giving us an opportune time to -". I immediately struck both of them left and right off the bed.

(Sfx Wam, pound!)

"Ouch!, that hurts you dumbass, is that anyway to treat your queen?" she asked in a demanding tone with a slivery voice , while rubbing the lump on the right side of her head that I just gave her.

She continued "Honestly... I fear for our future together, knowing this level of violence coming from you".

Hearing all that while sitting up straight on the bed, still kind of half asleep half infuriated, I could only give her a scornful look and replied as brash as I could get.

"I can't believe, you can say that with a straight face",

As I then got up off the bed and walked over her body, still lying on the ground..

I continued "You know, very well I don't want you around right now... if I had the choice. Yet you're thinking of a future with us together, in mind?".

As I made my way to the bathroom to wash my face. This annoying chick, happens to be the daughter of that said monster king from before her name is Ulia Tilith Efreed. And now thanks to her, just looking at my reflection increases my depression, my light brown skin is getting pale, there's wrinkles around my eyes, as well as dark bags.

(Mostly due from the lack of sleep, I've been getting).

Which I can barely see with my now overgrown messy, jet black hair, covering this wanly by default face I have.

I splashed water on my face, in an attempt to completely wake myself up. Has I was getting ready, all I could think of was,

( Well… can't have a peaceful life I guess).

"You guys know the point of us being here was for me to relax in peace right?" I said as I walked towards the door.

Standing at the entrance of the bathroom, to see if they were still listening.

"Well?" I asked.

Then jumping from the left corner of the bed onto it , the silhouette responded.

"My king, I tried my very best to stop her" she reply.

I gave her a demeaning look and asked "Uhmmm... by helping her pin me onto the bed, to have her way with me?".

She looked up at me then looking down to at floor at Ulia and replied with a slightly wry expression in a soft honeyed voice.

"Umm… no idea how I got there, must have rolled over in my sleep sir" has she shrugged her shoulder followed with a little sarcastic chuckle.

And a with a "Tsk" From me, I followed that with another hit

( Sfx Wam!)

Adding another small lump to the one that was on her head before.The other air head with a very thick skull I'm a add, is my bodyguard who I thought was one of my earliest as well as my most loyal subordinate. I will admit a bit excessive at time her name is Rizette Frostbyte. I can handle myself all right, but it was constantly annoyance has a king to have bodyguards around me at all times. But try telling that still to a thousand elite demon under you. Well to be honest when I was choosing I wasn't trying to be picky at the time, I just needed someone strong enough so no one could question there place at my side. But also not too ambitious or all that intelligence to betray or annoy me later on. Out of my original 10 she was the one that I took with me, not saying that she's dumb or anything of the sort. For a mostly expressionless person she's actually quite smart in a mischievous way, if you don't paid attention to her as u can see.

Yup she's a bit of a unique case, she's what called an the irregular Frost giant standing only 7'6'' ft tall in her teens, in contrast even babies are born at least 3'6" ft tall by around 6 months and adults are clocking at 16-19 ft tall. It didn't make it any better possessing the unique characteristics of a battle assassin type. A type never before seen in her tribe before, which are known for their Berserkers or tank types. As you can guess, her up bringing wasn't the best. She was condemned and ostracized by her own people as a bad omen, from her family whose father was so ashamed he did not see her as an heir but a curse and let her keep her mother's last name, and from the whole tribe as they saw her as a sign of disrespect and a sign of weakness in the tribe. And she was treated as such, only kept alive out of pity or mercy I guess. She was raised as a pet until she was old enough to be kicked out of the tribe without guilt, I happened to stumble upon her by luck on my journey in a small Cave.

I just happened to stumble upon her while I was looking for shelter, from the storm raging outside. There I saw her, too small to be the giant that I've heard were living around Aerlydust mountains to the North. Yet too tall to be an ordinary human with open wound all over her body, covered only by her paled white hair, signs of malnutrition, showing little to no muscle mass. Yet even in that sorry state, she was covered in blood that wasn't her from the fingertips going up to the elbow and from her toe tips to her knees with a emotionless expression on her face.

While she did pique my interest I figured she was probably all alone by herself and judging by the state she was in she wouldn't last a year. A few other events happened which lead me to bring her with me on my journey. I trained her and watch her grow into this beautiful airhead of a woman.

* I know, I know I sound like a father but she's actually only two years younger than me, and taller. Ahahahaha I sound like a old man... yea).

Super sad back story right, I didn't even go into details of what got her off the mountain. But here she is taking the side of the little lava princess, talking nonsense about a retired king needs an heir to protect his throne.

Because of them practically trying to **** me every chance they get, my struggling and they're load of crap explanations can be heard outside the house. While the people of the village Rengma do keep to themselves they still do gossip with each other once in awhile, and judging by what I've heard so far my little house seems to be an open debate with them. I've even heard they've given my house the title of the home of debauchery where all type of sinful deed are being done, S&M, Roleplaying, you name they've imagine it. And now you understand why the men of the village like to take me out for drinks, to annoy me on revealing my secret to a happy life they said, I've even gotten advances from a few married woman of the village.

(Not saying that I didn't accept a 'few')

When their curiosity was peak.

Well usually after refusing there advances I'll go out on with my usual routine for the day, but today seem like its intention is to throw out my last fragment of a peaceful life so far straight through the window. For to my surprise today of all days has I was making my daily trip for some supplies in town. As soon as I entered the store, I'm greeted with an eerie feeling, a cold chill crawling on my skin only to be a company by the rumbling on the ground as if an army was on its way in the Town's direction. The town bell rang, signaling to the Town's folk that's someone of importance was coming. It didn't take long to see over the horizon turn pitch black, Soldiers wearing black armor with the Beretta red wolf insignia on them.

Everyone could tell only trouble was coming. Remember what I said about different nation trying to one up each other they're all in the middle of a territorial war with each other. Even though this little village is still within the safe boundaries off the Kingdom of llam the land around it is in the middle of a tug of war. With both neighboring Kingdom of Beretta to the south West and across the black forest the Tohōmonai Empire to the north East.

Unlike the Holy Kingdom of llam the Kingdom of Beretta is known by another name the Capital of Thieves 'Latrones Urbis' Con artist, dark mage, mercenaries and uncommon Outcast flock to. Or are more commonly originated from there. Bordering on both sides the magical region of sizlion It's the kingdom build Upon the strong trampling over the weak. You are free to pivot, destroy and take what you want if you're strong enough to keep it's that is the law of its Kingdom. Corrupted to the very bricks that makes up their walls. And leading there fourths division army of over 500 troops, is no other than the red wolf tribe. And now they're heading to our very small village with a troop of over 60 soldiers?.

(Seems a bit excessive, if it's a just messenger coming to the village)

As I thought this while I ran out the store heading to the square.

(I really just hope it's just a messenger).

While I was thinking of all of this I just happening I noticed the bell stop ringing as I reach the square. And in the town had gone quiet with everyone in their home doors and windows shut. I then immediately remember I have to idiot at home that I would love to avoid causing a disturbance.

(Good thing the soldiers are coming from the west side of the village while my home is off so the Northeast, so I'll try sprinting my way back before the troops could step foot in the village) I thought to myself. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";t-have-a-peaceful-life-i-guess_47951033342684594">;t-have-a-peaceful-life-i-guess_47951033342684594</a> for visiting.

But then that bad feeling came again, so I went on top of a building nearby to get on overview. The troops are splitting up going three ways 20 right 20 left covering each side of the village in 20 including what looks to be the commander heading straight to the main building where the village chief reside. Which was just a few houses away from the square, while all of this is going on I was trying to get a look at the house from the distance. Praying nothing happens over there. At the house Ulia and Rizette are in a serious discussion,

"It seems your plan has failed again empress" said Rizette shaking her head with a smart smirk on her face.

"Yes, I can see that you ice block, every time I get close, he always seem to avoid my advances at the last minute. And apparently due to our repeated attempts, he's getting used to it. She said as she's scratching her head what's a frustration. And what's worse he's waking up more earlier as well as being more alert even in his sleep".

Then looking at her with a blank expression she replied "Well maybe you won't make as much mistake next time, princess" said Rizette.

"Wow!, funny you say that. When all the attempts seem to be failing due to your last-second slip-ups, don't you think iceblock" Ulia shouted irritated.

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