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Chapter 22: Downfall of the Wizards

A/N: This whole chapter is filled with the history of what happened to the Wizards. If you don't need this chapter, you can skip it.


Wizards. A sub species of Humans, who can manipulate the Universal Energies. Unlike the Sorcerers we're so familiar with, Wizards are born with their powers. While Wizards are completely capable of learning the Mystic Arts, the Sorcerers were unable to even cast the simplest of the Wizarding spells.

They could imitate the effect, but not the spell itself.

Since the beginning, Wizards used to live isolated, helping out only when necessary. They used to teach their own sons and daughters, how to create, Magic. But, this system was not available to the poor Wizards at first, and then the Wizards born to non-magical parents.

Wizards evolved from using Runes and their hands, to using staffs, to using wands. The practices split up into different branches, giving rise to Druidism, and Shamanism. Although the spells became more refined, the Wizards started getting weaker in terms of pure power.

For a time, everything was going alright. Then, the Mutants started appearing, making the religious mundane fearful of them. A few Sorcerers went bad, and summoned demons to do their bidding, making the mundane even more fearful.

They began hunting and killing, anything and anyone that looked even a little bit abnormal. They called them witches. Although a few Wizards had had bad run ins with the mundane, they either took care of it, or they... took care of it.

But, the hunting of witches forced the Wizards to do something. So, a few thousand years after the rise of Wizards as a race, four of the greatest Wizards and Witches of their time, Godric Griffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin, and Rowena Ravenclaw, built a castle. This castle, which they named Hogwarts, was to be a place where the young wizards can learn their art safely, and away from the hunting mundane.

This was in 890 AD.

Helga Hufflepuff, unknown to the other three, was the Avatar of Goddess Gaia. She was also a Mutant with the ability to manipulate weather, plants, and the Earth itself. She used that ability to become an exceptional Herbologist, and Potions Master. She was also an Excellent healer.

Godric, Rowena, and Salazar were exceptional in their own fields of Magic. Battle Magic, Charms, and Potions for Godric; Runes, Arithmancy, Charms, Transfiguration, and Dark Arts for Rowena; and Potions, Dark Arts, Runes, and Healing, for Salazar.

They taught at the school peacefully for decades, churning out many impressive students. But, tragedy struck in the 3rd decade of the school's establishment.

A former student of theirs, Ekrizdis, made a pact with two of the many Demon Lords of the Outer Realms. Ikthalon of the Cold Dimension, and Anubis of the Misr Gods. He promised to conquer the world for them, in exchange for a very dangerous breed of creature.

Deciding to work together for this short while, the two Lords together gave rise to a race so vile, that even Mother Earth, the Mother of all, felt disgust at them. Dementors.

Dementors are cloaked beings, that float around, and breed at cold damp places. They exhibit a cold aura, freezing anything they touch, while they also suck out Souls from any mortal. Dementors also make anyone feel despair, if they come close to one, bringing every bad memory they have to the forefront of the mind.

When the Dementors suck out a soul from the body, the soul itself gets sent to the domain of Anubis, while it's Magic goes to Ikthalon, satisfying both of them.

Ekrizdis used these Dementors, Ekrizdis began his reign of terror, by luring and capturing mundane sailors, and even Pirates, to feed the Dementors, and keep his Lords happy, while also experimenting on their bodies.

He then targeted the poor Wizards, whom had less chances of anyone helping out. Once a lot of these Wizards were captured, the Wizarding Council, which was the ruling power over the Lands of Wizards, decided to banish Ekrizdis and his band of Dementors to his Island.

This, while letting Ekrizdis do whatever he liked with the Mundane Sailors, left the Wizards safe. Ekrizdis was able to leave the Island, but his Dementors were not. So he left the island, and captured live Wizards, for the Dementors to feed upon.

As the captured wizards were insignificant, the Wizarding Council let it happen.

But, Ekrizdis was not satisfied. He tried finding bigger fish, both for his experiments, and to make his Lords happy. He experimented on Wizards, Sorcerers, Mutants and a few of the Magical Animals and Races he could find.

While he was able to take in the magic of the Wizards, Sorcerers, and even the other Magical Races, he was unable to absorb the gifts of the Mutants. One attempt to do so, had turned him into a lycan like creature, increasing his senses, and Strength, while also making him allergic to Silver. So he left the Mutants alone.

On one such outing to find test subjects, Ekrizdis found a place of battle. The Frost Giants of legends, were fighting Golden armoured humanoid beings. And the Humanoids were winning. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Ekrizdis quickly brought out his wand and stunned a few of both races. While the armours worn by the warriors were a bit magic resistant, Ekrizdis managed to get out of his shock, and stun only their open parts, like the face, or heads.

After capturing the alive subjects, Ekrizdis waited until the battle was over, and stole a few corpses, from both sides.

This new specimens, were very impressive, for him, and hence he experimented on both of them. Once his Lords had had a taste of Asgardian and Jotun soul and magic, they gave him an idea.

Ekrizdis used the magic of the Alive Jotuns, to give the Dementors the ability to use Ice Magic, while he used the magic of the Asgardians, to make the Dementors resistant to Wizard Magic. He also went through a ritual, sacrificing one of each races, to absorb their life force.

While the Ritual was faulty, and did not gice him the full benefits, it made his Strength increase ten fold, while also increasing his life span of 100 years, to 2000 years.

He then used the new Dementors, and tore through the wards protecting the Outside world from the Dementors. Now, no one was safe. He started hitting the rich Wizards, starting with the Wizarding Council who trapped his Dementors on the Island of Azkaban.

No one could stand up to him. Either his Dementors would kill them, or Ekrizdis himself would using his new Strength, in both Physique, and Magic. Once the Council was finished, down to their last of Kin, Ekrizdis moved on to the Magical races.

Dwarves and Goblins fell to Ekrizdis, who only kept a few alive to revive the race under his regime, while the Elves were forced to abandon Midgard, making them go back to the Fae Realm. Vampires were generally hard to find for Wizards, and so he did not bother with them.

The House Elves, were a servant race, and hence not worth anything to Ekrizdis, so he left them alone. After that, Ekrizdis started moving towards the most important Wizarding Establishment. Hogwarts.

He took all his captured races with him, forcing them to see him destroy the whole Wizarding world single handedly. Simply because he could.

By then, the founders had realized something was wrong, and raised the wards of Hogwarts to their highest settings. As the children of the ones being killed were inside, they swore to protect the kids till their last breath.

Unfortunately, it was not enough.

Ekrizdis tore through even those wards, by using blunt force, and then battled the founders personally. He kept the founders busy, battling them using both magic and might, while his Dementors ran rampant across the school.

Centaurs, Teachers, Students, Ghosts. No one was safe from the Dementors, and all fell to them. Helga, seeing that all was lost, asked the other three founders of Hogwarts to keep Ekrizdis busy. And they did, until they all died.

"Mother Gaia, answer my call. I summon you forth, to trap all of these Dementors of Azkaban in the Lands of Hogwarts. Take my soul, take my magic. But please don't let the Dementors get loose on the world." Helga whispered to herself, crying. It was not exactly a summoning spell, but her connection to Gaia made it possible for her to talk with her.

She felt a rush of Energy within her, and steeled her heart. She cast a spell, in an Olde language, which simply meant, "Contain" using her own Soul as fuel, and with the backing of Mother Gaia.

Mother Gaia, listening to her Avatar's plight, did exactly as she asked her to do. She transported each and every one of those Dementors, which were not already inside Hogwarts grounds, into Hogwarts, and helped her Avatar cast the spell.

The spell put up a barrier, an unbreakable barrier, about 10 acres around the Castle of Hogwarts. The barrier's key was with Mother Gaia, making it so that only she could give permission for anything to cross the barrier.

This happened in 978 AD. After this, Ekrizdis was forever trapped inside the Castle, unable to leave, while his Dementors were left to roam the lands of Hogwarts. All the while, the dozen Goblins and Dwarves were made to breed, while the House Elves kept the Castle in a good condition.

Even 150 years after his getting trapped, Ekrizdis was still young looking, thanks to his many experiments. He was 7 feet in height, a build large enough to make gorillas jealous. He stopped experimenting, but still fed the dying Goblins, Dwarves, House Elves to his Dementors, keeping his two Lords fed, but not satisfied.

He tried many times to break through the barrier keeping him locked up, but no matter what he tried, nothing worked. He tried punching the barrier, he tried blunt forcing his Magic.

He even tried to take over the wards of the castle, but the castle refused to follow his commands, and made it impossible for him to even find the Headmaster's chambers. After 30 years of trying to break out, Ekrizdis stopped trying, and got angry.

Angry at the Witch Helga, who trapped him there. Angry at the other founders, for stalling him. Angry at the Goblins, for defying him by smirking whenever they saw him angry. He was also Angry at himself, for being stupid enough to get trapped.

But he persevered. He knew that someone will stumble upon the castle some day. He hoped it, at least. Then, he could trick them into letting him out. If that didn't work, he could trick them into taking his place, or even take over their bodies.

For 150 years, no one even saw the lands of Hogwarts, except for Mother Gaia, who kept an eye on the remaining Magical races, and healed them whenever she could, hoping that someday, someone avenges her Children's deaths, and helps the still alive Magical races, find peace in their lives.

She spent those years manipulating the minds, making everyone forget that Wizards ever existed. Not even the Sorcerer Supreme remembered that he ever kept an eye on another race of beings, so powerful was her manipulation. She simply went from place to place, hiding her Magical Beings, like Dragons, Phoenixes, Thunderbirds, Griffins, and others, from detection by Mutants, Sorcerers, and Gods alike.

Except for a few Dragons that preferred to talk to humans once in a while. Although, her protection still failed sometimes, as evidenced by the killings her children had suffered through. She still protected them as much as she could.

Until, she saw an Asgardian walk the lands of Midgard, who was strong, and smart enough to hold back his Strength to learn properly. A few years of observing him later, Gaia also saw him save a descendant of hers, a Nundu, from the Tribal people.

So she decided to show herself to him, hoping against all hope, that he was the one she had been waiting for.


1137 AD:

Baldur kept the Black Mirror down, three days after he had met Lady Aditi. He had spent the last three days viewing the history of Wizards, from the beginning, till the end. He saw the first Wizards learn how to levitate a rock with awe in their eyes, and he saw the last witch sacrificing her chance of reincarnation, to trap the Dementors.

~~~MC POV~~~

Damn. Helga was a badass, alright. And she was hot too! Too bad she's dead now. But most importantly, she was braver than I could ever be. Using your own soul to power wards? Wards powerful enough to trap Dementors?

Heck, they could probably even trap Sorcerers, even if they have many tricks up their sleeves. And now I know how the Sorcerers didn't mention anything about Wizards. So they literally forgot about them. Not purposefully, but they did.

Can't blame Aditi either. If my nonexistent children were in danger, I wouldn't worry about morals to safeguard them. I would break every law there is to do it. So manipulating minds is a small thing.

Now, I also know how strong Ekrizdis actually is. While physically, he could give a problem to at most Spider-Man, his magic, and the Dementors, make him dangerous. I will have to have back up to deal with them.

While I can kill all the Dementors alone, Ekrizdis won't let me do it. So I'll need someone to keep Ekrizdis busy. Someone who's very good at stalling, and who can trick anyone into anything.


I smirk to myself, plan made up, and make a portal to the European plains. I look up, making myself visible to Heimdall once again, and shout, "Heimdall! Open the Bifrost!"


A/N: So how was it? Constructive criticism only.

Now, I changed a lot of things, Obviously. But you can ignore them for the sake of the plot.

People who want Baldur/Aditi, NO! NO STEP-DADDY EITHER! Sorry if it's disappointing, but it is what it is.

I won't stretch this saga out too much, so no worries there. Max 2 chapters until Ekrizdis dies.

Now, if you have any suggestions, drop them politely in the comments. Or don't. I'd prefer if you don't, but I might take ideas from the comments too. Taking permission first, of course.


HelloDarkness07 HelloDarkness07

Info Dump, Sorry! Drop suggestions please!

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