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Chapter 52: Hela Part 3: The Rescue

1386 AD: 422 Years(20)

Kamar Taj, Mirror Dimension:

Looking at the terrified and embarrassed Sorcerer Supreme Tilda, I ask, "What part of being a Sorcerer Supreme means you're allowed to steal energy from the Dark Dimension?"

"I had my reasons why I had to do it." Tilda says, gathering a bit of courage.

Rubbing my forehead, I mumble, "Two years and you've already begun making stupid decisions."

Not wanting to listen to her shouting her reasons, I simply go inside her mind, to see what pushed her on this path, and immediately frown. I ask, "So you used the Eye for that purpose, of course you did."

Tilda widens her eyes, not even having felt me in her mind, and whispers, "How?"

Smirking, I conjure a couple chairs, and say, "I am the Ruler of a Realm, and a Prince of Asgard. Most important of all, I'm a God, Tilda. Your barriers, while good for a human, are nothing for me."

Pointing towards the chair, I ask, "So what were your thoughts about this? Yes, I could get it out of your head, but it's better if you speak of it out loud so you can see how stupid you were."

Tilda, who had opened her mouth to ask just that, closes it, and starts speaking after a while of thinking. She says, "I used the Eye of Agamotto, to see how further in time I could see. The answer is 631 years."

Already knowing the answer, I ask, "And what happens after 631 years?"

Tilda whispers out, "I die. No matter what I do, what I try to change, the most I can live is 631 years."

Nodding, I explain, "Some things, are written in stone. No matter how much you try, you cannot change them. Some, are written in liquid, you can change them, but that one change will send out ripples throughout time. And lastly, there are things written in sand. You can change it as much as you like, and nothing too bad will happen. There will still be consequences, but they won't be too harmful."

Tilda nods, and continues speaking, "I tried to see who my successor was going to be, so I can train them properly."

"But?" I prompt her, waiting a second for her to continue.

She says, "There was no one strong enough to become my successor. Either they were in league with someone bad, or they invite Dormammu, Chthon, Set, Chthulu, or any one of the Demon Lords to the Mortal Plane, or they were just plain incompetent. I mean, they were strong enough to be a Master Sorcerer, but not strong enough to become Sorcerer Supreme."

"In each of those visions I went with the nature, followed all laws to my best, and I died on my time. It led to the world being dipped into chaos, Hell, or Darkness." Tilda pauses, and looks at me, resolutely, she says, "So, I decided to become immortal to prevent all that. If my magic, my soul being tainted can prevent any of the Realm Lords from taking over this Plane, then I will do it."

Sighing, after she finishes her talk-no-jutsu, short of shouting Dattebayo, I say, "You're an idiot." As she opens her mouth to argue, I simply shut her up using telekinesis, and repeat, "You're an idiot. Don't argue."

Seeing her nod, I continue, "You realized that you needed to become immortal and your first choice was Dormammu? There's other ways to become immortal, and you know that. We have some of the Chi techniques of K'un Lun, and I know you're smart enough to figure the rest out to become immortal, like Master Yao did."

As Tilda ducks her in shame, I continue, "But you didn't. The Book of Vishanti probably contains a spell or ten for immortality, and you could have asked them for help. But you didn't. Your first thought was stealing from a Realm Lord, who can use that connection to influence your decisions, and take over the Realm through you."

Tilda begins crying, and says, "I'm Sorry! I found no other way! I had believed Master Yao used the Dark Energy too."

Fucking idiot. She could have bloody asked him. He was still alive and kicking, roaming around Asia.

Sighing, I take out a page, and begin writing, while Tilda tearfully looks on. Once done I had her the contract I've written, and say, "I'll provide you with immortality, and as the contract says, I won't manipulate your decisions in any way, shape, or form. The only thing you have to do, is not tell anyone about how you achieved immortality. Let them all make their own theories.."

As she begins reading, I stand up and make a portal to Europe. I say, "When you sign it, the connection will be established, and you'll get a steady stream of SolForce in your body. Don't try and use it in malicious ways, it won't work. And, yes, I'll be keeping an eye on how you use that energy. Good luck, Sorcerer Supreme."

Having said that, I leave through the portal, back to the spot where I was searching the Berserker Staff for. I was somewhere in a forest in future Norway. About 5 minutes of looking around, searching for signs of Asgardian Magic, I feel the connection between Tilda and Solheim settle, and feel her getting a bit stronger.

Even if she uses the connection to enhance her body to the highest, meaning highest possible point for her, she won't be able to even harm me a little bit, so I wasn't worried.

Well, back to searching, I guess.

~~~8 Years Later~~~

1394 AD: 430 Years(20)

I was standing in the Room of Requirements, looking at the mirror. I could not kidnap Lord Njord in the past, as I'd just heard about him being alright, some 300 years ago. So, I was doing it 200 years in the past.

The image in the mirror, showed Njord a bit vigilant, as he was eating dinner with his daughter and Son in Law, the Prince of Vanaheim, in his own house.

As soon as Njord is alone, back in his quarters, he looks around, and shouts, "Come out, whoever you are!"

I still stay in my spot, knowing that he's either Seen me coming, or he's felt me looking at him for the past 10 years.

"I'm warning you now, I'll make sure you die quickly and painlessly if you come out now! If not, I'll make it as painful as possible." Njord says, putting up a brave front.

Snorting, I push my hand through the mirror, grab him telekinetically, and pull him through. I knock him out using Telepathy before he even knows what's happened. Knowing he he's a Vanir Seidhr, just like his brother, I keep him knocked out, and take the memory of the spell from his mind.

It can come in handy.

Opening the portal to Helheim, I step through, after one year for Hela, and bring Njord with me. Throwing him on the ground in front of Hela, who was glaring at the unconscious old man, I say, "He's unconscious, and doesn't remember the spells to exit the realm. Have fun."

"Wait." Hela orders, still glaring at Njord, and walks forward. Stopping in front of me, she says, "I will give that vow. The next time you visit. I will give the vow, and promise not to attack Asgard, Midgard, or any of the Realms under Asgard. Thank you.. brother."

Smiling at her, as this is the first time she's actually called me a brother, out loud, which also wasn't as an insult, I leave through the mirror, letting her have her fun torturing the man.

~~~ Time Skip: 1564 AD: 600 Years(23)~~~

Mother and I were standing in the Room of Requirements, as it was finally the day that she said she would meet with Hela. I have met with Hela every few decades, for me, and every year, for her.

And I have to say, she had mellowed out as soon as the Vanir had died. I had left the torturing for her, which she obviously was good at, being a War Veteran.

After that, was 18 years(for her) of fighting together, altogether improving ourselves. She was as strong as me, when I channel my SolForce through my body. Without it, she still kicks my butt. And that's counting the extra 162 years of growing up that I did, as compared to her.

Other than that, I'd done a few other things all around the Universe, but that's for later.

"Are you sure she will listen, son?" Mother asks, for the 7th time today.

Rolling my eyes, I answer, "Yes, mother. She has already given me her word that she won't attack you when you come to free her. She has also vowed on her Magic itself, that she won't deliberately attack anyone, or any Realm, nor any planet, without sufficient provocation."

Mother sighs, and says, "I'm just worried, Baldur.. I don't want her to try and kill Thor, you or Loki, because she wants to rule Asgard."

Holding my mother's hands in mine, I look her in the eyes, and say, "Mother, I am going to make sure that she stays as far away from Asgard as possible. And she will too. Neither of us want her to meet father. Now, can I open the portal?"

Mother sighs, and smiles. Putting her hand on my cheek, she says, "You have grown up well, my son."

"Yeah, when you're afraid of your father imprisoning you, you grow old fast." I mumble, smiling sadly.

Turning away from her, I turn the mirror on, and show Hela on her throne in Helheim, about 1100 years ago. Looking at Mother's sad, but wary face, I simply sigh, and pull her through the mirror.

Hela immediately looks up, as we enter, and raises an eyebrow looking at mother. She greets her, by saying, "Vanir."

Mother nods, and says, "Hello Hela."

Hela crosses her legs, and begins tapping on the arm of the throne. She asks, "So, you're going to free me? What do you get out of it?"

Mother tilts her head, and says, "Why do I have to get anything out of it? While your imprisonment was carried out with just cause, my husband was also responsible for your rampage. I get to correct a wrong by freeing you."

Hela snorts, and leans forward. She asks, "That's not it. What else?"

Mother looks hesitant, and her eyes snap to me for a second, which Hela catches, and smiles, understanding. She says, "Aahh.. You're doing this because your son asked you to. Or is it because you're going to ask me to spare your sons?"

This time I snort, making Hela scowl in my direction, and I walk closer. Conjuring a seat for mother and I, I sit down, and say, "Ignore her theatrics, mother. She will not kill me."

Hela simply rolls her eyes, and throws a dagger at my head, which I swat away with my hand.

Mother looks and simply smiles. She says, "I believe you son. This is just like how Thor and Loki behave."

Well, hopefully they haven't forgotten me, as I haven't gone there in a while. Turning to Mother, I simply wave my hand at Hela, and say, "You can ask her anything you want. I will tell you if she's lying."

Hela frowns at me, but stays on her throne. She says, "Ask away, Vanir."

Mother rubs her head, and sits down on the chair I'd conjured for her before. She says, "You can call me Frigga, I don't mind." Again, Hela snorts, telling us what she thinks of that suggestion, so Mother asks, "Will you attack Asgard once Odin dies?"

Hela taps the throne a few times, and hums. She says, "Depends. If this Thor of yours is a better King than Odin was, then no. I have no desire to rule a Realm that does not remember me. But, if I find him to be incompetent, I will challenge him for the Throne."

Rubbing my own forehead, I say, "She's not lying." I'd been keeping an eye on her using my telepathy, so I could tell when she lies, no matter how good of a liar she is. Then I add, "Although, if even after all the training I've helped him in, if he still stays incompetent, I'd personally kick his behind."

Mother smiles, and shakes her head. Looking at Hela, she asks, "What will you do once you're free? Where will you go?"

Hela quickly motions her head to me, and says, "This brute has offered me his Realm, Solheim, as a temporary home, until Odin dies or finds out I'm free. After that, I will either stay at this Avalon of his, or try and find some planet to live on. He did say, he's going to find me a Realm of Death to rule over, but that's after Odin kicks the bucket."

Yeah, I was going to send her to Solheim, as I couldn't keep her in Avalon. As soon as Odin lands on Avalon, he'll know Hela is free, and on Avalon, and attack both of us without any questions.

As for the Realm of Deaths, I still wasn't too sure of that. Whenever a Realm has a new ruler, the other Rulers know of it immediately. Not that this person is the new ruler, but that there is a new ruler. So, I could just give her a Realm directly, and ask her to not announce to the world that she's taken over it, and it might work.

Mother nods, and asks a few more questions, some of those needing confirmation from me, whether she's lying or not. About an hour after we'd come to Helheim, Mother stands up, and says, "Very well. I will take the tether off, and move it to something else."

Turning to me, she adds, "Baldur. I'll need something living, to move the tether spell to."

Sighing, I simply look at the mirror, and call out, "Blinky!"

The immortal House elf pops into the Room of Requirements, and then looks at me. She asks, "Yes Master Baldy?"

Hela laughs loudly, and walks down towards me, making me slap my face. She puts her hands around my shoulders, and asks, "Baldy?! Hah! That's what your servants call you?"

Blinky blinks at that, and snaps her fingers, sending Hela flying through the air, and back into her throne. Blinky yells, "You not be insulting Master Baldy! He's the bestest master ever!"

Hela simply stands up, and holds her gut, which was probably hurting a little. The elves were already OP, but after I gave them access to the SolForce, they're so far above the scales, it isn't even funny.

Hela grunts, and says, "Those little buggers are strong. How the hell did you enslave them?"

Rubbing my forehead, I ignore Hela and say, "Blinky, can you bring a goat or something. Alive."

Blinky nods, and pops out, so I turn to Hela and explain, "The House Elves were enslaved by a race of Midgardians that were capable of wielding magic better than us Asgardians, but on a smaller scale. They died off, and I freed the Elves from their curse. They still refuse to call me anything other than Master Baldy, though."

Hela nods, still rubbing her stomach. It'll heal in a while. Blinky pops into the Room of Requirements again, and floats the alive, but unconscious goat through the mirror.

Taking it from her, and thanking her, I make the goat immortal. Yup. An immortal goat that won't need to eat, and will never die. But, she'll also always stay asleep. I don't need a poor animal getting agitated because she can't graze or something.

Floating the goat towards Mother, I explain, "She's immortal. Unageing. She won't need to eat, and she'll sleep for however long the tether lasts."

Mother nods, and begins her work. Without saying anything, she waves her hand over Hela's head, which sends a golden wave of magic out of it. The wave travels from Hela's head, to toe, and shows the tether spell in the form of a Celtic knot, right on Hela's ankles, and wrists.

Mother, without any prompting, taps the spots once each, and then taps the goat on the legs. She casts a spell, which I'm pretty sure I will only be able to successfully cast if I was in my Realm God form, and moves the anchors from Hela, to the goat.

"Is that it? Is it done?" Hela asks, looking at the sleeping goat.

"It's done." Mother nods, and says, panting a bit.

Smiling at her, I say, "Not yet. Father will still realize she's not her, whenever he asks Heimdall to look in, or if he himself looks towards here. It's my job now."

Saying that, I wave my hand all over the room. Waves of SolForce are emitted from my hands, and they burn into the walls, carving runes all over it. There were runes on the walls, the ceiling, and even the floor.

Casting an illusion spell, showing Hela on her throne, sitting still, I frown. This looks to still. So, I wave my hand, and make it so she hums to herself, either tapping on the arms of the throne, or playing with her daggers, throwing them at the wall, once in a while.

I connect the illusion spell to the Rune Array I just burned into the wall, and connect the whole array to the Death Energy prevalent in Helheim.

"And, now we're done." I say, proudly looking at Hela, looking at herself. Her illusion was sitting on her throne, playing with a Necrosword. After a few seconds, she stands up, and walks around the room, looking out of the window.

"What- how?" Mother asks, as she looks at the Rune Carvings, while Hela was passing her hand through the illusion self.

Hela asks, "Okay, brother. You have me impressed. If you'd have used your illusions, you would have been able to kill me during our first meeting itself."

Smiling, I say, "I simply tied my illusion to the rune scheme. I learned how to do this from the Wizarding books. They are- were innovative like that."

Clapping my hands, as I had finally completed my objective, sue me, I ask, "Now, shall we leave? I don't know about you two, but I'm already fed up of this place."

Mother smiles, shakes her head, and walks through the Mirror, coming out in the Room of Requirements, while Hela stops right in front of it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Tentatively, she puts one leg forward, steps out on the other side. Turning back to me, wide eyed, she whispers, "I'm free?"

I simply nod, smiling widely, and Hela turns towards the mirror, and goes completely through. Looking at the goat one last time, RIP, I walk through the Mirror, and immediately get tackled by Hela.

"Thank you. For setting me free." Hela whispers, as she hugs me for the first time in these many years.

I simply hug her back, and pat it. I say, "You're my sister. Of course I would free you."

Looking towards mother, who has tears in her eyes, I smile at her, and mouth, "Thank you."

Mother nods, and walks out, knowing that even if she freed Hela, she was still a Vanir, and hence, not much liked by Hela.

Letting Hela go, I let her have a look around, but warn, "Don't go to the village that's north of here. The citizens are Goblins, and if they see you, they will definitely tell Odin you were here. You can stay here as long as you like, but I'll have to send you to Solheim soon."

"Thank you, Baldur. I would like to stay here for now." Hela says, looking out the window which just appeared in the Room.

Nodding at her, I summon Blinky, and have her show Hela to her room, which was filled with Midgardian clothes of various varieties, that she might like.

My sister was finally free, and I was going to make sure nothing happens to her ever again. Even if I have to fight against Odin himself to do it.


A/N: Now, only two, or maximum three more chapters, in which I'll have a few flashbacks showing what he did in these years, after which it's straight to Time Skip.

I promise. I want to get it over with too, but as you can see during this chapter, my mind becomes too creative when writing a story. Well, creative is not the right word. My mind is like an ADHD 6 year old, when I'm writing.

For those who will inevitably ask, how does Baldur age if he looks 23 at 600?

X= Age in normal years.(600)

Y= Age in human equivalent, meaning the age he looks.


Y=[(600-15)÷75]+15= 23(approx)



The final number is similar with negligible difference.

Anyway, Tata!

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