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Chapter 19: Relics

A/N: The people have spoken! Two relics recieved the most votes, by a large margin. So I'm going to make MC get them.

Now, I'd like to apologize in advance, because the way MC got his relics is not described properly, I mean I didn't explain it properly. I couldn't do it any more justice. Sorry.

1136 AD: 172 years(17 YO):

Taking a deep breath, I walk through the portal, leading to the Tribal Lands Sanctum. When I walk out of the portal, I am standing a few feet away from the door leading to the library of the Sanctum.

"Are you Apprentice Baldur?" A voice asks me in an accented Newari, the Nepali Language which was the most common language spoken amongst Sorcerers. Everyone at Kamar Taj spoke in Classical Newari too.

I turn to the voice, and find a Native of the Tribal Lands, wearing the robes signifying him as the Master of the Sanctum. I bow to him in greeting, and say, "Yes. Greetings. Are you Master Achak?"

The man nods his head and says, "Master Yao warned me you might come here. Come. I'll guide you to the Sanctum Treasury."

I nod and silently follow him, as he leads me to the basement of the Sanctum. The buildings architecture is very much different than what I'd seen in the movie, which was obviously because of the era. This Sanctum was made out of stones, and mud.

(A/N: I'm not good at finding the perfect architecture style for that eras, so please forgive my transgression.)

Once we reach the treasury, Master Achak opens the doors, and motions me inside. I look at him in askance, so he says, "Getting a relic is a private ritual."

I nod at him, and enter the door. I knew he wasn't lying, which is why I trusted him so much. Plus, Master Yao would not send me to be ambushed if he even suspected it a little bit.

Once I'm inside, I start roaming, examining the room, looking at different artefacts. There were the Vaulting Boots of Vaultor, The Wand of Watoomb, and the Book of the Vishanti, that I recognized. Then there was a collection of gems, which looked like the Infinity Stones, but were probably Merlin's Gems.

Yup, I look at the plaque, and it said the name. 30 minutes later, I had completely visited every artefact, and read the info on them all. I did find some interesting artefacts, like the Dark Sceptre, or the Cloak of Levitation, but none of them exactly clicked with me.

Disappointed, I exited the Treasury, and had Master Achak lead me to the Portal room.

"Don't worry. You'll find a relic. Every Sorcerer does. Someday, if not today." Master Achak says, patting my shoulder.

I smile and nod at him, and say, "Thank you for taking the time to show me the way, Master Achak."

Once I'm back in the Portal room of Kamar Taj, I take the portal to the Song Dynasty Sanctum, or as it'll be known in the future, The Hong Kong Sanctum.

45 minutes of stumbling around the Sanctum later, I finally feel something. A pulse, of Dimensional Energy, which while not exactly resonating with me, calls me to it. It's not like an allure of greed. But it is something like, regaining an old memory. I can't explain it better than this.

I walk closer towards the pull, and stop in front of an intricate mirror. It's black and dark blue in colour, which I did not see coming at all. Marveling at the feel of the mirror, and the design, for a few minutes, I turn to the plaque describing the Relic.

"The Black Mirror is a mystical mirror that allows individuals to view or to teleport to other dimensions, times, or realities. It can change it's shape and size to suit it's wielder's needs. Last known user- Lady Minoru, died 457 AD" I read out loud, and then pick it up.

As soon as I touch the mirror, it flashes a bit, in Golden light, and some of my own Light Energy gets transferred to the mirror. But it doesn't do anything to it.

Making a decision to test the mirrors capabilities once I'm safe in the Mirror Dimension, while Master Yao backs me up, I store it in my PD, and complete my round. Finding nothing else that clicked with me, I turn around and leave for the last Sanctum. The Londinium Sanctum.

Once I'm in the treasury, as soon as I enter, I feel an intense need to go towards the middle of the room. Knowing now, that this is my relic calling for me, I walk towards the source of the pull. Stopping in front a rocky relic, which looks absolutely unimpressive, and has a plaque naming it as "The Eye of the True North."

"The Eye of True North is a magical relic owned by Nina the Conjuror. The Eye of True North guides the user to anyone, anywhere, and anything they desire. It works only for the chosen Sorcerers. Last Known user- Lady Nina, the Conjurer- died, 698 AD." The plaque reads.

I touch the Eye and once more, a Golden flash occurs, taking a bit of my Light Energy. I smile a bit, as that feeling was kind of what I imagined Harry feeling when he got his wand.

I pick up the Eye of the True North, and put it in my PD. Finding no other pull after 45 more minutes of exploring, I exit the Londinium Sanctum, and take the Portal Express back to Kamar Taj, and go directly to Master Yao's office.

Knocking on the door to his office, I wait outside, fiddling with the Black Mirror, hoping to find something written on it, but unfortunately, I find nothing.

"Come in." Master Yao's voice says from the inside, making me enter the office. He looks up from the tome he was reading and says, "Ah, Baldur. You've returned? Did you find what you were meant to?"

I nod at him, and summon both my relics and gently place them on the table. I say, "The Black Mirror, and the Eye of the True North. I know what they are supposed to do, but I haven't tried activating them yet."

Master Yao examines both the relics, and nods. He says, "Good decision. You could have transported yourself elsewhere if you'd messed something up with the mirror. Whereas the Eye of the True North, is very much useful, and relatively harmless, and hence you'll have to figure it out by yourself."

I nod and without saying anything, wave my hand at my right, summoning the door to the Mirror Dimension, as I was pretty excited to try and view the past, or the future. It was basically a wall in the space, which looked like distorted images. I pick up both the relics, and transfer the compass, as I'm calling it, to my PD, while Keeping the Mirror in my hand.

Master Yao chuckles, and says, "Ah, youth. So impatient."

I rub the back of my head, start walking into the Mirror Dimension, and say, "Not impatient. Simply excited. This relic will help me a lot, you know." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Master Yao gives a hearty chuckle and follows me into the Mirror Dimension. He then points towards the Black Mirror, and asks, "So, Baldur. Why do you think? How will you activate the mirror?"

I look at the mirror for a while, and ask, "What do you know about this Mirror, Master?"

Master Yao scratches his beard, and answers, "Well, I know it's older than Kamar Taj. It was made by one of the Elder Gods, I don't know which, who made it so they can travel through time, reality, and space, within infinite Universes, within the Multiverse. I know of at least one Universe, in which the Sorcerer Supreme has used his own mirror to travel through Universes. He visited us to search for someone lost from his Universe. I know it can change sizes, so it can probably be big enough for you to go through. That's it."

I nod and think on it. This is a mirror, and it shows proper reflections when deactivated. Hmm..

I insert my Magic, which is a mixture of the Internal, Universal, and the Dimensional energies, into the mirror, while thinking up something I want to see. Knowing only one event on earth, that is in the distant past, while also not too far in space, I think of the battle of Norway, where Aesir and Jotuns fought.

Immediately, I see an image on the mirror, showing the battle, as it was when I'd seen it in the movies. Now I know this mirror is legit. Damn! I watched the battle happening for a few minutes, and then deactivate it.

"Okay, this is way more impressive than I'd thought. My Father didn't even detect the use of this Mirror!" I exclaim out in excitement, and awe.

Master Yao says from the side, "Of course he did not. The Mirror is older than him, and has been used by dozens of Sorcerers. If anyone with an ounce of magic could sense it's usage, it would have been discarded a log time ago. Although, if you'd have tried to enter the mirror, everyone would have seen the portal forming."

I nod, getting the sentiment. I put the mirror in the PD, and take out the Compass. I'll experiment with the mirror later, in private, now that I know how to use it.

"And what do you know about this?" I ask, showing him the Eye of the True North.

Master Yao becomes sad for a while, looking at the Eye, and says, "This.. is not from our own Realm. A Sorcerer Supreme of her own time, some 800 years in the future from now, but in a different realm, Nina the Conjurer, came to this Realm on accident. She was stuck here, probably by some higher being."

His eyes become a bit misty, as he continues, "I was a mere Apprentice when she appeared, dropped down right in the training grounds. It was only because the Sorcerer Supreme of the time recognised her as a fellow Sorcerer Supreme, that she was spared from death. She stayed with us, when all the routes back to her home Realm seemed ineffective, and taught us a lot."

"Alas, when an old danger, by the name of En Sabah Nur reappeared, Nina sacrificed herself to save a few other Sorcerers, who were about to be killed by him. This was about 500 years ago, I believe." Master Yao wipes his tears, and shakes his head. He turns to me and says, "Take good care of the Eye of the True North, Baldur. It can be the only thing that saves you from certain death."

I nod, not expecting this rollercoaster of revelations, and leave Master Yao to his thoughts, and turn to leave my room.

"Baldur." Master Yao says, stopping me in my path. I look at him, as he says, "Congratulations, Master Baldur, of Kamar Taj."

I smile and bow at him in gratitude. I'm finally a master! I AM A MASTER SORCERER! But then, I immediately scowl in the recent revelations.

Firstly, an alternate Sorcerer Supreme came to this Universe, and stayed because something kept her here. That something was strong enough to separate a Sorcerer Supreme from her Universe, which is incredibly hard.

Next, En Sabah Nur! Apocalypse exists in this Universe! Goddamnit. He's even scarier than Thanos! Fucking hell. I'd have to be prepared for a lot of new stuff then.

Apocalypse means Mutants, which means Sentinels, and Magneto. Then there's the clone dude. Mr Sinister. Fucking hell, man. I just want to live! I really hope this Universe stops at Mutants, and skips the other dangers.

Apocalypse is dangerous enough.


A/N: I was stuck between Eye of the True North, The Amulet of Agamotto, which is basically a weaker version of Eye of Agamotto, and the Clock of Ages.

I'll have him find the others later, while exploring, if you want him to have any of it. I just thought that the two I'd selected would work well for him, while also not being too OP.

Sure, The Black Mirror can be OP, but MC won't be using it too often. He will only look, if there's something he wants to see. And I'll add limitations to that.

While the Eye of the True North will only be used by him if he wants to find something urgently, and without any delay. Or else he'll try to find things by himself.

Yes, I realize people will be a bit mad that he doesn't have the Amulet of Agamotto, but it would have made him in a mixture of Thor and Dr Strange.

So, I hope these choices make everyone at least a bit satisfied.

Now, I'd just like to say that not every chapter is supposed to be the best chapter ever. So if one or two of my chapters are Mediocre at best, please tolerate it. That's it.

HelloDarkness07 HelloDarkness07

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