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Chapter 20: Finding Cats

1138 AD: 174 Years(17):

It's been 2 years since I got my relics, and earned the title of Master of the Mystic Arts, and I have to say. I was loving it. During these two years, I had a lot of fun with my relics. I found out how to use both of them, which is mostly by infusion of Magic, and Intent.

I also managed to teach the other Masters my healing spell. Obviously, I had to let them connect to the Light Dimension, and get the Energy from there, but as I was the Pseudo Ruler, being the first User to fully connect, I was able to "allow" them to borrow the power.

Their healing spells were a lot slower than mine, as I was intimately connected to it, while they were not, and yes, even Master Yao couldn't beat me in that.

A side effect, was that the Light Dimension started getting more detailed. Where previously, it was just endless void filled with light, now it had a few planets, similar to what I remembered seeing in the Dark Dimension. It was till endless, obviously.

And yes, I had started visiting the Light Dimension with my Astral Form, simply to meditate, and infuse my own Energy within the Light Dimension for a few years at a time. I think I can formally take over the Dimension within a century or two, at the rate I was going.

Other than that, I have also been studying relic making, or the art of imbuing the Dimensional Energies in objects. I haven't done anything with it yet, as I'm still learning, but I'm going there.

Now, speaking of relics, I used the mirror a lot of times, mainly to observe past events. Sort of like a TV. I saw the fight between Hela and The Valkyrior, and I have to say, Hela was brutal during that fight.

Another fight I saw, was the fight during the last Convergence. Dark Elves vs Aesir. That was an interesting fight, as Grandpa Bor was as efficient and cruel as Hela, or the other way around, when it came to fighting. I had really mixed feelings about Hela still, and haven't used the mirror to see if I can find her.

Yes, she's evil, and the Goddess of Death, and the Queen of Helheim. But she was also my sister. I think I'd like to give meeting her a chance, but not yet. She'll destroy me, if I go as I am now, and if she's so inclined.

I tried to see if I can find the Celestials using that Mirror, but was unsuccessful. Either the Mirror can't go that far back, or I'm not that proficient in it's use yet. Or most Celestials can actually hide from the Mirror.

And yes, I had already realized that I could only watch events from my own Universe for now. The mirror judges my worth, I think, and decides what knowledge I'm ready for, and restricts the others. But I didn't mind.

Although, I could only see the past events of this Universe, it was still a lot of knowledge. Amongst the Celestials, I only managed to see Ego, and only when he was on Earth a few times, creating baby batteries.

Speaking of Celestials, I did manage to verify that Apocalypse was still trapped under his Pyramid. Just as a curiousity, I went further back to see what exactly happened, as according to my memories, he got trapped under the Pyramid in 3600 BC. So how could have Nina the Conjurer fought him 600 years ago?

The answer was... she didn't. Yup. She didn't fight The Apocalypse. But she did fight An Apocalypse. Confused? I'll explain.

The Apocalypse was still trapped 600 years ago, and hasn't been unleashed since his last reign in 3600 BC. That much I remembered from the movies, and had verified using the mirror. What the movies didn't show, was that Apocalypse, for a short while, died.

The body with the healing factor that En Sabah Nur took over, rejected him initially. Unknowing, to Apocalypse, the body was thousands of years old, staying young thanks to his healing factor. And hence, his mind was pretty strong. So, the two minds fought, for a few thousand years, until finally, about 600 years ago, En Sabah Nur won. But he was still unconscious, and couldn't wake up, until the Celestial Technology revived him.

So, his soul, realising that it would take too much time, temporarily left the body, and his Celestial Armour, and took over the body of a human that lived in the place where the pyramid once stood, and took over Egypt, once again.

Thankfully, he was weakened due to the absence of the Celestial Armour, and hence, a few mutants, along with the Sorcerers managed to destroy the body, at the cost of the life of Lady Nina.

I cried when I saw her taking a hit for Master Yao, that would have killed him had it hit, and realized why he was so sad. The energy beam he had fired, was strong enough to pass through the Tao Mandala Shield Master Nina had put up, and completely destroyed her body.

Then, after a combined bombardment of spells, fire, lasers, rocks, and even lightning, from the Avatar of Gaia, the latest body of Apocalypse was destroyed. After one whole year of his reign. Fortunate, I know.

Knowing he had lost, and that any other battle might end the same way without his armour, Apocalypse went back into his own body, and waited for his followers to bring him back in his own body. He went into deep sleep.

How do I know all this, even with the Mirror? The Astral Plane. The Mirror could even see the events happening in the Astral Plane, that's it. The man, Maaruf, who's body En Sabah Nur took over, fought bravely, but he was simply unfortunate that his opponent was En Sabah Nur.

Anyways, I did not try and go to the buried Pyramid, yet, but I did plan on going soon. Not yet, but soon. I hadn't played with the Compass much. But thanks to the Mirror, again, I knew how to use it, so I simply practiced how to detect where anything is.

In these two years, I'd realized something. I hadn't deactivated the locket, for even a minute, since I'd first activated it during my initiation as a student.

Yup, I hadn't deactivated my Inhibitor since I'd started training. Ever. I was simply enjoying my life as a human, again. Except for the fact that I'm still connected to the Light Dimension, and that I don't age.

Other than that, I'd begun learning Martial Arts, truly learning it, and not just sparing, from Master Yao.

Master Yao was a master in Martial Arts too, having been one of the first students of Buddhabhadra, the founder of Shaolin Temple, and Bodhidharma, the one who brought Martial Arts to Shaolin, themselves. So, he had taught me a lot of the Shaolin fighting techniques, and to become one with nature.

Budhabhadra's techniques were mostly about calming the mind, connecting to the nature, and making the Mind and body, one and the same, by using the forms of Kung Fu. While Bodhidharma was the one who introduced the fighting aspect of martial arts to Shaolin Temple.

By practicing Budhabhadra's techniques, I used my Magic, to connect to nature, and feel everything around me. It felt exactly like I'd imagined Sage Mode to feel like. Enhanced senses, better instincts, a bit more power to your hits.

And by using Bodhidharma's fighting techniques, I learned to implement them in my fights. These are only the few of the many benefits of Shaolin Techniques. And Master Yao taught me all of them.

I can safely say that even in mortal form, I can evade any and all hits from the hardest hitters on Asgard. Obviously, I wouldn't be able to tank the hits. But evading them was no problem.

Well, enough reminiscence. I shout at a kid, who had messed up his form, for the umpteenth time, and gently correct it immediately, shocking him, and scaring the others.

Yeah, I had been the Fighting Instructor for the past year now. It was good, but not something I see myself doing even 5 years later.


"You enjoy scaring the kids way too much." Master Yao says, as we're drinking tea together, after the training session. Well I was drinking proper Indian ginger tea. He was drinking the stuff that the Chinese call tea. Bleagh! Tea, my foot!

Proper tea is the Indian Tea! Assam, Darjeeling, Masala, Ginger, and my most favourite, Irani Tea. No offense to the Chinese, but those are the only types of valid tea.

(A/N: No offense to any other tea drinkers, I simply like Indian types of teas more. I've tried Chinese, as well as Japanese tea, and did not like it one bit. Everyone who drinks Chinese tea regularly, other than Chinese people, say that the tea is an acquired taste. Indian tea simply tastes good. I haven't tried British Tea yet, so can't comment on it. )

I snort at him and say, "You dropped poor Alexandra in the freezing mountains of Himalaya, so she could get over her Christian upbringing and create a portal. I'm not the only one who likes to scare students."

Master Yao raises an eyebrow and says, "That, my dear boy, was just the extra motivation I warned them about. How are your studies going?"

I shake my head at his blatant subject change, sip my tea, and answer, "Well enough, I suppose. Although I still can't see farther than 100,000 years, I'm slowly increasing my range. What I want to know though, is how the Elder Gods managed to actually create the Mirror. I still haven't been able to see the Mirror's creation."

Master Yao nods, and says, "Agamotto was a Genius amongst Geniuses."

"Agamotto?" I ask, my eyes sharp. The mirror is millions if years old, and Agamotto was born a few thousand years ago. I know, my father met him.

"Ah." Master Yao scowls at his slip of tongue, and says, "Master Agamotto, when he discovered his heritage as an Elder God, went to a very distant past to meet his fellow Elder Gods, using the Time Stone, which he had found and already turned into what we now know as the Eye. Millions of years, I would say. It was then, that he built Kamar Taj, and made the mirror you use."

I nod, understanding the explanation. The Elder Gods had almost become extinct about 10,000 years ago, most either ascending to a higher plane, or taking over other Realms, like Chthon, or turned into demons, like Set.

By my guess, Agamotto was not from the few thousands of years in the past, but actually from the million or so years in the past. He must have found out from which time he hailed, and left to go to that time period.

When Father met him, he was probably only a few hundred years old at most. Then he went to the past, and established Kamar Taj to protect Earth Dimension, and then ascended.


I finish my tea, make up my mind, and say, "Master. I would like to study the Time Stone, and take a vacation while studying it. I think, understanding the concept of time, would help me in mastering my relic."

Master Yao simply pulls out the Eye of Agamotto, and the Book of Cagliostro, which are supposed to be accessible to only the Sorcerer Supreme, and keeps it in front of me.

He says, "I'd already seen this day coming. But be careful. When you mess with time, time messes back with you. And I'd need those back in a years time."

I nod, carefully lifting the two and putting them in my PD. Bowing to Master Yao, I say, "Don't worry, Master. I won't do anything with it that might be even remotely dangerous."


"YEEE HAWW!" I shout out, as I ride the back of a feral Nundu that I found in the African jungles, and yes, that had shocked me to hell and back.

African Jungles still had NUNDUS! I mean I knew they once existed, as Kamar Taj had books on them. But I didn't know they still lived!

For those who don't know, Nundus are wild felines, which secrete a poisonous breath. So poisonous, that if it wasn't for my healing factor, I'd have died 5 times over, within a minute of me trying to kill it. So poisonous, that there were 47 corpses spread around the Nundu, while a few dozen more had weapons trained on it.

So how did I get here? You see, I had taken off across Africa, to finally find me some Vibranium. After I'd kept the Book of Cagliostro, and the Eye safely inside the PD of course.

I had originally put The Eye around my neck, but I constantly kept feeling that this is wrong. That the Eye is not my relic, and I should keep it back. So I put it in the PD. Now I know how it felt when you don't earn a relic, and try to use it. You'll be able to use it, but the unease never goes away.

Knowing that Wakanda hadn't been established as a country yet, but that a few of the African Tribes had settled near the mountain full of Vibranium, I decided to go on an adventure.

Without consulting my memories of theories of where Wakanda is, or even the Black Mirror, I simply began at Egypt, and started walking south. I did consult my Compass, which pointed me south, obviously, and walked leisurely.

I could have simply flown, or used a portal, but I didn't want to. The path is half the adventure or something like that. So, about a week after starting my journey, I was warned by the Compass, that Vibranium was close by.

Hearing sounds of battle, or at least shouting, and a roar, I stalked closer, using all my non magical stealth skills, and climbed atop a tree, to see what exactly was going on.

There, in a clearing, I saw a big ass cat, as tall as me, when it was standing on it's four legs. It had spikes all over it's body, and concentrated especially near it's neck, and tail. I recognized the animal as a mythological Nundu immediately.

What I realized after a few seconds of admiring the beautiful creature, is that the cat was feral, and injured, thanks to a few spears sticking out of it's back.

I quickly deactivated my Inhibitor, as I could use the extra strength to fight a Nundu, and turned myself invisible, with the same ease that I used to. Placing an illusion of the Nundu running away on the poor African people, I send them on a goose chase, and finally enter the fight.

The Nundu had let the tribal men leave, preferring to focus on the new, stronger scent that had just gotten close. Ergo, me.

Not wasting any time, I quickly jumped off the tree, and landed on the Nundu's back, and send us both to the Mirror Dimension, to make sure the attackers don't see it, when they ultimately return.

Taking the spears and daggers out of the Nundu's back, and there were a lot, I store them in my PD. Why? Because no ordinary weapons can even scratch a Nundu's hide, let alone pierce it. Ergo, special metal. Special metal + Africa = Vibranium.

While I was taking the spears out of it's back, the Nundu was rampaging around the clearing, trying to take me off it's back, all the while breathing out it's poison, again and again.

Thanking my lucky stars, that I'd chosen to become a God again, I once again shout out, "YEEE HAWW! MOTHER F*CKER! YEE HAWW!" and try and calm it down. I even said Yee Haww, why's it not calming down?

This is so much fun! I should do this again. But with an uninjured Nundu, next. Hmm.. Knowing that it's still hurting, and probably won't calm down until it's safe, I put my right hand on it's back, supporting myself with my left, and imbue the Nundu with the Light Energy, casting my healing spell.

2 minutes of rampaging later, the Nundu realizes that I'm not trying to harm it, and am in fact healing it. And yes, it did take that much time for the healing to kick in. Nundu is magic resistant, like that.

5 more minutes later, the Nundu is completely healed, and is now calmly sleeping. Letting it sleep in the mirror Dimension, I use the sling ring and exit into the same clearing, collecting all the weapons I can see.

You see, all the weapons that the attackers were using, were made out of Vibranium, which I confirmed when I saw it's shine. It was still a rock, and not exactly forged into weapons, but it was still effective. So I send all the weapons I.. liberated from the dead, to my PD, to study later, or to use in some way.

"Thank you for helping my child, Prince of Asgard." A soft, sensual voice says from behind me, making me turn and summon Ljosgeirr and fire a beam at the voice, deciding to stick to my Asgardian powers, for now. If I couldn't detect the person, they were very much dangerous, and hence I'm not showing all my cards yet.

The beam travels quickly, and hits a female figure, passing through her chest, and blowing the tree behind her into smithereens, and causing the woman to fall on the ground, on her back. Oops.

I walk forward, to examine the female, checking if she really died.

"That was rude. What if I had actually died?" The female says, standing up, and again, still alive, despite the hole in her chest. In fact she was scowling at the hole. It did make her look cute though, sans the hole.

Said hole immediately begins healing up, and a few seconds later, not even the dress she's wearing has any signs that I'd attacked her.

"Who the hell are you?" I ask her, still guarded. The lady was black haired, brown skinned, with an almost Indian look to her. I say almost, because she was glowing a bit calm green. She was also wearing a dark green gown, that hung from her sizable bust.

Also, she was a lot stronger than me. Her healing factor was also superior to mine, in the sense that I'd take a lot more time to fill up fucking holes in my body.

The lady smiles, and says, "Me? I have many names. You can call me Aditi."



Firstly, I'd like to say that the limitations I added to the mirror are only temporary, and it'll give him more access as he gets a better understanding of Time. It made sense to me, so I implemented it.

Now, Nundu. How'd you like this small surprise? I took inspiration from my old book, Harry Potter-The Angar, from I started the book good, but made it more like a summary. There's only 6 chapters, if you want to read on ffn.

Apocalypse, that story was something I invented, because I made a mistake in writing Nina's death by his hands. I didn't want to change anything, so I added this small deviation to the timeline. The rest would have happened the same as the 2016 movie.

Those who have guessed who Aditi is, please stay quiet and don't spoil it for the others. Those who don't know, you'll learn in the next chapter!

HelloDarkness07 HelloDarkness07

Sorry for the late chapter. I had my last Masters exam today! I'm finally going to get my Masters! Well, if I pass, but I probably will.

Well, next chapter within 24 hours. Probably. Or not. Ciao!

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